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Thrill Makes Gala Music Debut, dropping “Touchdown Sexy AMF”

July 2, 2024
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Get ready to feel the vibrations as Thrill, the dynamic duo composed of Kumasi and Chyno Soul, makes their electrifying debut on Gala Music. Thrill brings together frequencies of the stars that light up any room, sending chills and thrills through all who listen. Residing in Los Angeles, Thrill is here to elevate the vibrations of earthly beings, bringing their unique sound and star power to the forefront. Thrillionaires unite as one!

The NFT track sale of “Touchdown Sexy AMF” starts tomorrow, July 3rd at 1pm PT. Limited to only 100 digital copies, this track is your chance to join Thrill and share in their success as they start their Gala Music journey!

“Touchdown Sexy AMF”

Thrill defines sexy with confidence in their debut track “Touchdown Sexy AMF.” With a confident frequency beam that shines brightly, this track embodies the essence of being Sexy AMF. Dive into the world of Thrill and experience a blend of hip hop rap and world music that will leave you captivated and wanting more.

Listen to “Touchdown Sexy AMF”” now on Gala Music

Join us in welcoming Thrill to the Gala Music family. Don’t forget – When you own a Gala Music NFT track like this one, you can unlock daily $MUSIC platform rewards simply by pairing your track to an active Jukebox Node, powering the network and empowering your account at the same time!

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