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Gala Partners with PlanX to Build on GalaChain, Forging a New Era in Blockchain Gaming

Gala Partners with PlanX to Build on GalaChain, Forging a New Era in Blockchain Gaming

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Gala Games

Gala is thrilled to announce a monumental partnership with PlanX, a pioneering force in blockchain gaming development, to usher in a new age of community-driven and ownership enabled gaming experiences. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the digital gaming landscape by fostering the growth of a game public chain ecosystem prioritizing fairness, transparency, and innovation.

Empowering Gamers with True Ownership and a Rich Gaming Experience

At the heart of our partnership with PlanX lies a shared vision to transform the gaming industry. Even when GalaChain was still just a vision in the minds of Gala’s blockchain wizards, we knew that gaming was one of the most important applications of this revolutionary tech. That’s why we started sharing the vision as Gala Games.

PlanX is an on-chain Steam platform that aggregates high-quality gaming projects and asset transactions, aligns with Gala Games’ mission to build a public game chain that serves as a foundation for a more equitable gaming world. Together, we aim to enhance the gaming industry by integrating the unique functionalities and advantages of the Gala chain into an array of game projects on the PlanX platform.

Our collaboration with PlanX will explore the vast potentialities of the game public chain ecosystem, leveraging Gala Chain’s technical prowess to deliver a gaming experience that is not only secure and efficient but also enriches player engagement through true digital asset ownership and seamless asset circulation.

A Revolutionary Step Towards an Innovative Gaming Future

Gala Games believes that blockchain technology holds the key to unlocking a new dimension of gaming. This partnership with PlanX is a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize the gaming industry, signifying how far we’ve come. 

This partnership is not just about technological integration; it’s about building a community and an ecosystem centered around incredible gaming experiences. PlanX and Gala Games will work together to organize community-engaging activities (both online and offline), and to launch innovative products and services. Our collective efforts aim to cultivate an open, inclusive, and innovative digital gaming realm, offering unparalleled gaming experiences to players worldwide.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Gaming

Gala Games and PlanX invite gamers, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts to join us in this exciting venture. Together, we are not just creating games; we are crafting a new future for gaming – one that empowers players and celebrates community and ownership. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this journey to revolutionize the digital gaming space.

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Last Expedition – A Web3 Economy Overview

Last Expedition – A Web3 Economy Overview

Gala’s extraction FPS will employ a complex meta-economic system to ensure a truly unique player experience, no matter how you choose to enjoy the game.

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The mysteries of Aura run deep. Hunters risk life and limb there to extract priceless resources and bits of tech. But under the terrifying surface, they can tell that nothing on Aura is as simple as it seems. There is more to this story than meets the eye.

Similarly, players of the cutting edge extraction FPS are tempted to get lost in the fight for survival as frightening predatory creatures threaten to rip them to pieces at every turn. They must cooperate with their team on each expedition, knowing that only a single team can escape alive from the hellish yet ore rich alien wasteland. To the survivors go the spoils. If players get the idea that the planet itself is conspiring against them, they may be onto something.

In-Game Currencies

Thanks to the power of GalaChain, many minted in-game currencies with a variety of purposes will be used to ensure a gripping player experience with virtually endless combinations and strategic choices.

With the recently released GalaSwap platform, it will be possible for users to swap various currencies for one another, and even for $GALA. This allows the in-game currencies to act as a system of rewards for the game. Dedicated players will be driven to increase their skills and extraction prowess by sinking their in-game rewards back into upgrades and items like new characters, new weapons and ammo, skills, skins, emotes, and more.

Some currencies are rewarded as  seasonal or daily missions are completed and used to make crucial upgrades that will enhance your ability to survive and extract cores in increasingly difficult servers. Others are more important on a meta level, gradually revealing the secrets of Aura in a thrilling Last Expedition narrative that will unfold.


In today’s overview we’re focusing on Notarium, the most desirable resource that can be found on Aura. Notarium is named for the Notari, a cryptic race whose unimaginably advanced tech has invaded this previously harmless colony planet, changing the landscape into a fiendish death zone inhabited only by bloodthirsty killers.

The amount of Notarium that can be extracted from any instance of Aura is dependent on the threat level of that server. A threat level is assigned to each server based on the number of Creature Mods used by the server’s OP–Essentially, as the PvE element in a mission grows stronger, more Notarium is available for harvesting.

Using Notarium

Other than trade within GalaChain, the primary use for Notarium is purchasing minted items (NFTs). Its secondary use is for crafting higher level Meta game recipes.

For OPs, this means purchasing new OP Mod NFTs for their server, increasing the threat level and, as a result, increasing the amount of Notarium that can be harvested by players in that server. Types of OP Mods include:

  • Creature NFTs
  • PvE Mods
  • Server Mods

For Hunters, Notarium is used for high level meta game crafting. Look for more information about crafting in an upcoming blog. In the current Early Access build, players enjoy access to a plethora of killer items and supplies, many of which will require crafting when the final live version of the game is released.

Only One Team can Make it Out

When 4 teams take on Aura in an attempt to extract with the Notari Core, only one can make it off the planet alive. This means that while every player can harvest Notarium and other resources during the expedition, only one team gets to keep what was harvested – the team that successfully extracts.

On top of that, if the server’s predators are victorious, no one escapes alive with the precious alien tech gathered. In these cases, the server OP gets to keep the Nortarium, along with the other resources sought by hunters of Aura.

Different Perspectives

Last Expedition looks very different to average players than it does to OPs who manage their own servers. Everyone is equally interested in gathering Notarium, and how you do it depends on your role. 

The Player Experience: Grinding for Glory

Remember, the hunter characters looking to get rich on Aura have nothing to lose. They have traveled to a remote mining platform at the furthest reaches of known space in hopes of getting their hands on some of the most valuable tech resources in the known universe. With Aura so full of such precious resources, these brave (or foolish) hunters have looked past the danger to the rewards at the mission’s end.

Players are looking to enhance their ability to emerge from Aura with more resources. Therefore, they will continually enhance their arsenals and collections in order to win more matches.

Many aspects of the player experience will require strategic resource hunts. Weapons, ammo, and even characters will require resource expenditure to unlock as you make your way on Aura.

The OP Experience: Controllers of Aura

A huge focus of the Last Expedition experience is for those who operate Nodes (OPs) and run their own servers in the game. In many ways, operating a server is a game of its own, requiring strategic attention and rewarding those who are most effective.

“Victory” for an OP means that every team was destroyed by Aura’s predators and no one escaped with the Notarium that was harvested. Node operators work for the Notari AI construct that is programmed to terraform the planet of Aura. Therefore, OP’s are direct beneficiaries of failed extraction missions, taking the harvested Notarium for the Notari in their continued mysterious efforts.

When you create an Aura with your server that is enticing but also punishing, you’ll draw the bravest hunters into your trap and clean up everything they manage to harvest. As you collect the Notarium that came from the spilled blood of hunters, you can use it to increase the threat level and difficulty of your Aura.

Next to Come

Over the coming weeks, we will release a series of articles with more information about Last Expedition’s economic nuances, including details on things like crafting, storage and rewards. Look for more details about:

  • Meta Game recipes (crafting)
  • Blueprints
  • The backstory of Aura
  • StashCoin, CharacterCoin & XP
  • Minerals (LEMIN), Fragment Chunks (LEFC) & Core Chunks (LECC)
  • And more

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Legends Reborn–Launch Date Announcement

Legends Reborn–Launch Date Announcement

Legends Reborn Store

Recent Article

In the fantasy world of Tolkheim, peace abounds and battle takes on new meaning. Nearly all disputes can be settled across a card table, through the massively popular game of Chance, which embraces the strange remnant magic of the land’s ancestry. Players go head-to-head in a game that allows the creatures, spells and strategies to come to life in front of them on the table. A Chance player in Tolkheim may speak a big game, but they’re only as good as their deck building strategy.

Legends Reborn allows Gala players to take on the persona of a Tolkheim “warrior,” collecting creatures and actions and using them to build decks worthy of opponents from all over the world. Its immersive and narrative driven gameplay lets TCG lovers go deeper and experience the life within the cards. The brilliantly unique strategy mechanics created by developer Clash Craft Studios will ensure that players live on the edge of their seats, and the power of GalaChain levels up the entire experience to something rich in ownership and reward opportunities.

Legendary Launch

Legends Reborn is set for official launch on Monday, March 11th, 2024. 

Keep in mind that the world of game development is unpredictable, and if last minute bugs appear, we will take the time necessary to squash them. Therefore, additional delays are always possible. Still rest assured that soon you’ll be battling in the taverns and arenas of Tolkheim to your heart’s content and building your best decks.

Ownership Opportunities

Legends Reborn is always free to play, but players can choose to enhance deck building with owned NFT Creatures. Venues are another set of NFTs players can use to engage with the game.

Creatures are a core ingredient to strategy, used in all Legends Reborn deck building. When players own Creatures as NFTs, they will become eligible for seasonal gameplay rewards. Higher rarity creatures amplify the potential seasonal rewards. Look for more info next week when we share the Legends Reborn Litepaper, with all initial game economy details.

This Uncommon Grimtotem Cyclops has his eye on you.

Venues represent the players’ opportunity to own land in Legends Reborn. When matches take place in player-owned Venues, the Venue owner also receives rewards. As several different rarities of Venues exist, these rewards will vary based on Venue rarity.

While the primary Venue sale is concluded, look for more opportunities to become a Venue owner in the future. Or browse the secondary market listings on OpenSea.

This Dive Tavern will generate a modest share of rewards for its owner when PvP brawls take place here.
This Ancient Grand Coliseum is sure to draw a crowd, and a massive share of rewards for its owner for matches hosted here.

Get ready for the TCG challenge of a lifetime, as players all over the world are preparing to go head to head in one of Gala’s most highly anticipated titles.

Next up, the Legends Reborn Litepaper, coming next week.

Latest and Greatest: PokerGO Play

Latest and Greatest: PokerGO Play

A Strong Start

When we had the opportunity to team up with poker video legends at PokerGO last summer for a web3 card game, we raised the bet with the first of many interactive and immersive casino game experiences within the Gala ecosystem.

Our partners at PokerGO gave early supporters six months of free access to PokerGO’s exclusive poker content, which included live events from the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) that were not shown anywhere on television. Later on, when various final tournament events were shown in replay, our game was featured on the chair backs of some of the greatest players of our time, along with ads and mentions from the event announcers.

$GALA Sweepstakes

It was time for a new form of player empowerment that did not sacrifice the thrill of the game’s crucial betting components.

This is how our web3 econ and reward team came up with the concept of Weekly Sweepstakes. Players are rewarded with a number of no-purchase-necessary Weekly Sweepstakes entries corresponding to the amount of chips they won during each 24 hour period. You can get in on the Weekly Sweepstakes now, with the prize chances listed below. All you have to do is start playing for free!

Sweepstakes Terms & Conditions

Play now to gather as many entries as you can in the current Weekly Sweepstakes, ending Thursday morning at 6am PT!

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Upping the Ante

After digesting tons of community feedback and deeply analyzing the player experience, PokerGO Play decided to move in a new direction.

First, we removed the daily chip reset that leveled the playing field every 24 hours. This update went live on February 8th as announced in this blog post. Instead of taking players’ hard-won chips, we started taking a house share from Sit-n-Go entries and a rake from every ‘cash” style game pot won. Now, players are free to strategize on a longer term, thinking past the 24-hour sprint and stacking as many chips as possible.

New Revolution Incoming

Before the end of Q1 2024, we’ll drop some big news about the future of PokerGO Play. This will include a mission and vision for the future of casual casino gaming with Gala, as well as a completely new model for ownership and rewards in PokerGO Play. A new Litepaper and a new token will soon be introduced, so get ready.

For now, this is what we’ll say:

You deserve rewards for playing, and that’s what we intend to deliver.


There are several ways to own items in the PokerGO Play ecosystem, and more will show up throughout the rest of this year.

Avatar Frames

Now that we’ve removed the daily Chip reset, owners of Avatar Frames get a daily login bonus of chips straight to their account. That bonus is upgradeable as your Frame is upgraded, and it varies based on the rarity of your Frame.*

*Ancient Avatar Frames have the largest daily chip bonus and upgrade potential.

Avatar Frames are also GalaChain minted NFTs that owners are free to trade or sell p2p within the Gala ecosystem or even bridge to another blockchain.


Players can always stack up by buying chips directly from the Gala store, or within the app. While these chips were previously displayed as a pack of Chip Markers, now they’re simply rewarded to your chip balance automatically with your one-time purchase.

Play the Game

We can hardly wait to show you what PokerGO Play has in store for the coming months. For now, it’s time to get good, learn the rules and prep that poker face. You’re gonna need it, or the sharks will sense your excitement like blood in the water. 🃏

We’ll share some tips and tricks in upcoming blogs, as well as some general poker advice from some of our in-house experts. Time to hit the tables!

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