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Join us for a Live Mirandus Town Hall – May 9th at 11am PT

Join us for a Live Mirandus Town Hall – May 9th at 11am PT

Watching the evolution of Gala’s massively ambitious MMORPG has been almost as exciting as the adventure itself. There’s something magical about watching such a passionate project come to life. The seemingly endless obstacles overcome, the often tedious but fascinating details and all the little victories along the way have been laid out in our wake like a masterfully built brick road that leads to the fantasy wonderland of Mirandus.

If you are among the privileged minority that has been part of this journey since the beginning, you’ll remember the earliest visions of Mirandus. We’re extraordinarily pleased that these visions are constantly coming to life as the game gets closer and closer to launch.

Today, you’re all invited to a live Mirandus Town Hall on the Gala Games Youtube channel, where members of the team will share the latest news and address some questions from the community.

The Town Hall begins at 11am PT– We hope to see you in the comments!

Please set a notification at the link below:

If you cannot attend live, please watch the live replay so you do not miss out on the latest Mirandus excitement! We can hardly wait to bring you the legendary next generation fantasy simulator MMO that is Mirandus.

Thanks for being part of this community!