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Mirandus: The Road Ahead

June 21, 2024
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The journey takes you far… ever closer to Mirandus.

The wild and untamed land continues to grow more vast by the day as the team works diligently to craft Mirandus. A lot of progress has happened since the last time the community got Exemplar boots on the ground, and there’s going to be even more coming next week in our Town Hall!

Internal Playtest

Many of us at Gala Games hopped into an internal playtest recently! It was an absolute blast. I wish we could say that we’d prepped a bunch of material from it, but we were mostly laser focused on critical feedback.

That having been said, some little clips and snips of a few players’ experiences:

Just minding their my business – the beauty of the hills around the citadel! Then,

…Then, of course…

Running around getting eaten by wolves is fun… but are reasons that we test behind the scenes!

Bugs need killing, and one of the best things at Gala is that we can get such great feedback from other teams when we need it.

Just Chillin
They call me the Long Thumbed Stabber of the Beating Heart Clan” Deathlicious

Other Mirandus Updates

We’ve been working on compiling and standardizing our entire catalog of assets for buildings, settlements and enemies. An MMO world needs to be diverse and engaging, and this leans heavily into the assets used to fill out the world. In a player-driven world like Mirandus, many assets need to be fine-tuned so that they work as intended and look like they belong in a wide variety of environments.

We’ve been doing a lot of work under the hood on systems. A full replacement of the asset loading system has solved multiple issues, and we’ve started crafting a new analytics system to really track behaviors better in game.

A lot of long work continues, as detailed systems require detailed efforts. Big strides have been made on designing the progression system and mechanics for armor and weapons. We’re exploring new concept art for animals, weapons and Purgatory.

The style and feel of armor is crucial to the gameplay experience of an MMORPG.

Not only does the armor need to enhance the player’s identity and fit in with the world, but it has to be designed to accommodate all the actions and animations that any Exemplar may need!

On the Horizon…

So, what’s coming up in Mirandus? Enough that we’d like the team to be able to tell you themselves!

Join us for a Town Hall meeting on June 26th where we have some exciting updates for you.

We look forward to talking more about what we’ve been working on, but also really dive into what’s happening right now and into the future.

We’ve internally solidified our roadmap throughout the rest of the year and it’s time to share with you where the journey will take us. Don’t miss this Town Hall!

Join us on June 26th!