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Common Ground World Weekly Blog: Kimchi Craze and Upcoming Events

June 24, 2024
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Spice Up Your Town with Kimchi Craze!

Greetings, Common Grounders! This week, we are excited to introduce a new delicious twist to your town in Common Ground World. Starting tomorrow, you can sell tangy, mouthwatering Kimchi crafted from fresh Lettuce and a Shrimp-based Fish Sauce at the new Korean Restaurant. Spice up your town and ferment your way to the top with this new exciting addition!

You’ll find all the latest Common Ground World discussions in the Gala Games Discord community!

Kimchi Craze Details

  • Meta: Sell Kimchi
    • Trade Time: 20s & 1 Gasoline
    • Biome: Desert N
    • Edges: Desert N, Ocean E, Ocean S, and River W


As always, landing on the leaderboard in the Kimchi Craze will get you standard $GALA rewards at the end of the competition, depending on your final rank.

As you collect more Stars for producing and selling goods, you’ll rise on the leaderboard.

The higher you finish on the leaderboard, the greater your $GALA rewards!

New Crafts


  • Cash: $22,460
  • Stars: 518 (increased to 50K for this week’s event!)
  • Ingredients: 4 Lettuce Head, 1 Fish Sauce, 1 Sugar, 1 Rice Vinegar, 2 Seaweed
  • Craft Time: 120s
  • Affected by: Nothing
  • Craft Location: Made in the Korean Restaurant, Stored in the Storehouse

Fish Sauce

  • Cash: $8,600 (meta value this week is $21,000)
  • Stars: 174
  • Ingredients: 1 Water, 2 Salt, 2 Shrimp
  • Craft Time: 360s
  • Affected by: Nothing
  • Craft Location: Made in the Sauce Facility, Stored in the Storehouse

Cash Boosts

  • Salt: $2,250 -> $5,000
  • Fish Sauce: $8,600 -> $21,000

Star Boosts

  • Kimchi: 50k

For all standard and meta cash/star values for crafts, check the official chart.

New Sales

The Small Seaweed Farm (released Friday June 21st) will help you craft Seaweed faster using a smaller footprint!

The Wishing Well (released Saturday June 22) will clean up Dirty in a 3-2-1 area around it using less footprint!

Upcoming Events

Here’s a sneak peek into our exciting event schedule for July 2024. Please note that all dates are subject to change.

July Events:

  • July 2-5: Starlight Market Box (Apple Pie and more)
  • July 9-12: Chocolate Ice Cream
  • July 16-19: A Tasty New Cake

Free Storage NFTs:

Game Tips and Reminders

To ensure you get the best results from playing Common Ground World, here are some crucial reminders:

  • When using offline mode, make sure to log back in before the event ends to trigger fast forward.
  • Regularly check in if you use Fast Forward to keep your town up to date.
  • Ensure the game runs as the only tab in your browser for optimal performance.
  • Relaunch the game if another window covers the browser fully while playing.

Join a Guild

Guilds are live, and a great chance to enhance the Common Ground World experience with cooperative strategy while unlocking new levels of competition!

Every Common Ground World Node represents a Guild, as described in this blog. If you don’t own a Common Ground World Node, ask an operator friend to invite you to their Guild. You’re likely to find Guild leaders recruiting in the Common Ground World Guilds Discord channel. Go make some friends!

Community Feedback

We are actively seeking feedback on the lite paper released a few weeks ago. Your insights are invaluable to us. Please share your thoughts using the links below:

Watch Our Recent Town Hall

Don’t forget to catch up on the latest updates and discussions from our recent biweekly Town Hall. Watch the YouTube replay to stay informed about all the exciting developments in the Gala ecosystem.

Stay tuned, and happy crafting!