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From the Shores of Mirandus – Join us for a Live Town Hall

From the Shores of Mirandus – Join us for a Live Town Hall

The magnificent fantasy world of Gala Games’ legendary fantasy MMO is coming to life before our eyes, moving faster than ever. Games of this magnitude are often years in the making, and some of our most dedicated community members have been patiently waiting for Mirandus since the dawn of Gala Games.

Mirandus is one of our most community hyped gaming projects, set to redefine an entire genre of gaming with a fantasy simulation as aesthetically beautiful as it is strategically challenging– A land where magic reigns, Materium flows and “dying hurts.” Players are itching to get into Mirandus more than ever… and we can’t wait for them to experience it!

Dig into the latest blog for an up-to-date roadmap with what you can expect in the coming weeks and months.

If you’re not able to catch this Town Hall live, then don’t forget to watch the replay. You don’t want to miss this one.

Join us at 12pm PT today, June 26th. Set a notification at the link below!

Live Common Ground World Town Hall and New NFT Releases!

Live Common Ground World Town Hall and New NFT Releases!

Join Us for the Common Ground World Town Hall

Every two weeks, members of the team come together for a live Common Ground World Town Hall, hosted on our Gala Games YouTube channel. We invite all players and community members to tune in, participate in the live chat, and stay informed about the latest developments in Common Ground World (CGW), our beloved farm simulation game formerly known as Town Star.

Event Details

What to Expect

  • Live Updates: Get the latest news and updates straight from the team.
  • Community Interaction: Engage with fellow players and team members in the live chat.
  • AMA Session: Submit your questions for the AMA portion of the Town Hall using this form.

New NFT Releases

We’re thrilled to announce the release of new NFTs for CGW. These unique items will enhance your gameplay experience and offer exciting new opportunities for your virtual farm.

Small Seaweed Farm (Rare): Available today at 11 AM PT

Wishing Well (Rare): Available tomorrow at 11 AM PT

In addition to the new releases, we’re upgrading and offering special discounts on some of our older NFTs. These upgrades come with significant price reductions and will be available for 48 hours starting today at 11 AM PT.

Upgraded NFTs

Nonna’s Trattoria (Epic)

Sand Mine (Rare)

Stay Connected

We’re committed to keeping our community informed and engaged. Don’t miss out on the live Town Hall event, the latest updates, and the chance to grab these exclusive NFTs. Whether you join us live or catch the replay, there’s always something new and exciting happening in the world of CGW.

Join the Gala Discord community

Play Common Ground World now

Stay tuned later today for the start of a special 48 hour sale on over a dozen Common Ground World NFT items!

We’ll see you at the Town Hall!

Gala Games Updates from Outer Space: News on Battlestar Galactica Eternity and Echoes of Empire

Gala Games Updates from Outer Space: News on Battlestar Galactica Eternity and Echoes of Empire

As we continue to explore the vast expanse of our gaming universe, it’s time to share some significant updates about our two space-themed games: Battlestar Galactica Eternity and Echoes of Empire. These updates highlight the dynamic nature of game development within the Gala ecosystem and underscore our commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

Battlestar Galactica Eternity: Farewell, and Thank You

We regret to announce that the development of Battlestar Galactica Eternity has been officially canceled. This decision was not made lightly, and we understand it may come as a disappointment to our community. Still, occasional cancellations are an inevitable part of the game development process. This move will allow us to reallocate valuable resources to other active projects, ensuring a more streamlined and rapidly growing ecosystem.

For those who have purchased in-game NFTs for Battlestar Galactica Eternity, rest assured that we will offer refunds. If you still possess these NFTs, we will require you to send them back to us to process the refund. More details on the timing and method of the refund will be provided soon. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these logistics.

Echoes of Empire: A Bright Future Ahead

While the team at Ion Games has done an excellent job building the foundation of this amazing 4X space adventure, it looks like its full potential will be realized under the guidance of a new owner. As details and agreements are still being finalized, we cannot yet say who will sit in the Captain’s chair, but our expectation is that extraordinary excitement awaits as we venture together into the uncharted reaches of space.

Development of Echoes of Empire will continue. We think you’ll be happy with the next updates and the new developers’ builds to the current roadmap.

Thanks to Ion Games

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Ion Games team for their dedication and hard work in creating such an amazing 4X game. They’ve been integral not only to the game’s development but also as points of contact for the Echoes of Empire community. We look forward to sharing more information as we can. We encourage players to reach out in the Discord community with any questions and stay tuned for further updates.

Recalibrate and Conquer

These updates reflect our ongoing efforts to adapt and improve within the Gala ecosystem. While the cancellation of Battlestar Galactica Eternity is unfortunate, it opens up new opportunities for growth and development in other areas. By heading for new horizons with a new crew, Echoes of Empire is positioning itself to finish 2024 stronger than ever.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm as we navigate these changes. Stay connected with us for more updates and join the conversation in our Discord community.

Behind the Cubes: Elliot

Behind the Cubes: Elliot

As everyone on GalaChain prepares for Project Cereberus to rear its glorious heads, we thought it was time to get to know the little-mentioned, meat and bone people under the glory of VOX. That’s right… there are people behind VOX! 

Due to contractual obligations with VINC, we’re unable to disclose further details of this human/VOX cooperation… but that doesn’t mean we can’t give everyone (Voxel and rounded) a chance to get to know each other!

Today, we’re joined by Elliot! Elliot is an actual human person, diligently working with VOX to expand their ability to experience and interact with the world around them!

Tell all the VOX out there who you are! 

Hey there! My name is Elliott Stiles and I’m the Senior Character Animator for VOX here at Gala. I am the one who creates the rigs and animations for all in game VOX characters – and a handful of social media / promotional videos. (in fact, Elliot made the animation above!)

What have you worked on before VOX?

With over 9 years of experience in animation production, I’ve had the pleasure of working on AAA titles like The Last of Us II while at Naughty Dog and the cinematics for WWE2k24

I’ve also done forensic animation, indie studio games and been a Creative Producer at Electric Monster which gives me a unique perspective when tackling our work here at Gala.

I have developed a keen eye for visual storytelling, character building, and technical skills in both 3D and 2D animation.

If you were a wrestler, what would your entrance song be? 

If I were a wrestler my entrance theme song would be “Celebration Song” by Unwritten Law.

Well played Elliot. Well played.

What do you love about working at VOX/Gala?

My favorite thing about working here at VOX is being able to bring my passion and creativity to a  highly immersive and interactive platform that combines art and design.

Every day I get to create fun animations and bring these little guys to life while keeping the “simplicity” of the design, and it has pushed me as an artist in the best ways.

What was the name of your first car? 

The first car I named was a 1972 MGB GT that I affectionately named “Samewise Gam-GT” and I loved it so so much. Miss it almost every day.

Thanks so much to you Elliot for giving us all some time today. Unlike VOX, we are aware that humans must dedicate large swathes of their time each day to mundane activities like sleeping and eating, so we know how precious your time must be!

All of us working on Project Cerberus – VOX and human alike – are laser focused on producing an amazing experience for VOX everywhere. We’ll be back soon with another Behind the Cubes! Until then, keep your eyes peeled for more updates on Project Cerberus!

Taming Project Cerberus: Anatomy of a VOX

Taming Project Cerberus: Anatomy of a VOX

Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen! Allow me to properly introduce myself. I’m Pixelworth, your servant for all matters VOX.

If I may, I would like to share with you the most formidable obstacle with which the VOX team has grappled. The integration of 35,552 uniquely crafted VOX into our game, each as playable as the next, has proven my creators’ most formidable challenge. In customary gaming designs, one might find a modest selection of playable characters, or perhaps a complex system that allows for the meticulous crafting of features like a character’s stature, skeletal structure, cosmetics, and more.

But VOX, I must confess, are quite extraordinary creatures. Indeed, while each has bones and an .FBX model, they are not prepared for the rigors of a robust game universe… yet. I shall elaborate on this matter shortly.

Furthermore, my creators have encountered a rather peculiar conundrum: If our game’s universe is tailored to accommodate beings of human proportions, what is to be done with the likes of dragons, quadrupeds, cranes, and serpents? In a more traditional setting, such entities would scarcely be given a second thought for active participation. Nevertheless, we have given our word, and by jove, we shall uphold it! The VOX shall take their rightful place in the game, come what may. 

Thank you for that introduction Pixelworth. Well spoken, and I hope we pass the audition. 

An Original VOX 

Our little friends are created in a magical laboratory. I’m sticking with that as the absolute truth. It’s what Future Boy told me. The problem with that lab was the original VOX were not created with games in mind. This is a bummer since we all know the VOX want to play. They need to play. But, to get there we had some issues to solve:

  • Poly counts for each VOX were astonishingly high
  • The skeleton structure was very basic
  • Size and shape
  • Wrong format 

These main issues made grabbing a VOX and throwing it in a game engine a suboptimal solution. To be fair, you can grab a VOX FBX, throw it into Unity and get it to work just fine, but the problems start when there are ten VOX on a screen. And if ten are a problem, what about twenty? One hundred? And this goes with all the VOX objects created in the ‘before times’. 

Taking a VOX Through the Process

The fundamental problem is this: In a game engine if I make a cube, it will have six sides only with nothing inside. The game engine only cares about the outside of the cube. So it’s eight vertices that need attention, practically free from a rendering point of view in any modern game engine. Well, with VOX and the way they were created, a cube is not just a cube. It’s made up of a bunch of little cubes, and all through the model. So eight vertices, right? No, thousands, and with materials on each of those individual cubes, you can see how quickly things become non-performant in a game. 

So we needed a way to fix this. Cull all unnecessary data from each VOX to reduce file size and at the same time regenerate the geometry so that it looks like the original. 

I’ll let BigMonet explain how the GeoProcessor Tool works. 

  1. Ingest an existing VOX .fbx file
  2. Scale input geometry to a specific scale.
    1. This ended up being a big deal because of the way the VOX were made. The more detail the bigger they get. We needed our VOX friends to follow rigid sizing for game reasons. 
  3. Delete unnecessary attributes inside the imported geometry file
    1. This step greatly reduces the file size of the exported .fbx file
    2. This step also reduces the time the tool takes to cook the outputs
  4. Clean up bad geometry
    1. Remove faces and edges with 0 length
    2. Fix overlapping geometry 
    3. Repair non-manifold geometry
    4. Fuse together unwelded verts
    5. Remove points not connected to any adjacent faces
    6. Flip all normal vectors outwards
  5. Target polygon reduction of 95%
    1. The target reduction is very aggressive.
    2. Constraints are used to ensure border edges are never changed.
    3. The aggressive target reduction + constraints ensure the geometry reduces as much as possible without changing the shape of the original model. Thus, the model will appear unchanged! 
  6. Layouts non-overlapping UVs
    1. UV coverage is greatly influenced by the padding of the UV shells.
    2. Larger padding might be required for smaller textures to prevent textures bleeding from one shell to adjacent shells.
  7. Cleanup of attributes
    1. Attributes created for the GeoProcessor tool are removed from the final output..
    2. Normals are applied to geometry faces.
  8. Texture Baking + Outputs
    1. The materials colors on the original VOX are baked into a texture and applied to the optimized mesh.
    2. Texture outputs are saved to disk.
    3. Optimized geometry is saved to disk.

For each vox, this process took about 15-30 seconds and for all 35,552 VOX the total time to process them using this tool took about 72 hours. 

The geometry and materials are all figured out. But these bones. For our intrepid animator these bones didn’t allow him to do cool stuff. We also wanted the ability to resize large or small sized humanoids to use the same rig for animation without looking whacky. 

This is where the ‘Skeletorr’ tool made by Reynarzz for Maya comes in.

This tool not only takes the VOX with the old bones and updates them to the skeletons we can use, but also takes an animation in .FBX format and converts it for the small, medium and large VOX. This saves a lot of time for our animators, since they’ll only have to do the animation once and the tool will make it compatible with the other types of skeletons.

Here is a step by step:


  • Load the T-pose of a model we want to use as a target and export this information as a .TPR file (we are using three types of models: Small, medium, and large, but we can use more if we want).
  • Use the information from the loaded T-pose (.TPR) to apply this pose to models that meet parameters such as size and body proportions.

Animation retarget:

  • Select the animations in .FBX format that we want to retarget and choose which T-pose they belong to by loading the .TPR file. This will convert the .FBX animations into intermediate .ANR format (animation reference), which will be used to retarget others types of skeletons (small, medium or large).
  • Go to the “Retarget Animations” window, select the target skeletons on which we want the animations to work. We select the animations in .ANR format and the tool will take care of the process of calculating where each bone of the target skeleton goes, depending on each frame of the animation.

The End result is…

Quadrupeds, Dragons and Snakes… Oh My!  

The last part we needed to figure out is the around 200+ non-standard VOX out there (quadrupeds and dragons for example). 

For this example we will use CraneBot. Obviously a Crane is huge, so fitting through doors and doing things like other VOX becomes either impossible, or very time consuming development-wise. Figuring out a full rig and a full gameplay-ready set of animation is all about figuring out the size. But we have a promise to keep. All VOX are playable.

We tried to do a resize, but that didn’t solve the problem of unique bones and animations for almost 300 VOX– too many for our team to upkeep as new playables complete with animations.

We considered that maybe these VOX were just “pets,” or useless the same way as the Gonk Droid was in the Lego Star Wars games. We didn’t like that either. 

Look at that useless Gonk!

So we made biped versions for all the problematic VOX… 

This is our solution to CraneBot 

Now in Project Cerberus (and any VOX game going forward), we can look at a wallet, make a call to the api and pull the correct owned VOX. For a problem that started with a few of us crying under our desks, to the elegant wizardry of our Tech Art and Engineering teams pulling off this miracle is frankly quite impressive.

Going forward we know the technical specs we want for VOX and VOX assets, so anything new we make shouldn’t need to go through all these processes to be game ready. It’s also pretty awesome that we have the VOX in a place where using them all across the Gala ecosystem should be much easier. You can bet that VOX will show up in another Gala experience real soon.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you again soon for more exciting angular updates from Project Cerberus, VOX and beyond!