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A New VOX Era | Announcing Project Cerberus

March 20, 2024
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We have seen some things in the past 6 months.

With all the GalaChain excitement, there was a moment to reevaluate the franchise.

The concept of building a giant Metaverse MMO was just not realistic for the team size or experience, so in the interest of delivering something the community can enjoy sooner than later, we decided to go smaller. Our journey to the VOXVerse will now begin with a mobile title. A ton of the same systems that we were planning for the MMO over time will still exist, such as resource gathering, crafting and world creation with self-expression.  Most importantly, VOX will still involve the crucial social interactive elements our community craves.

VOX Populi

We love hanging out with the VOX. They just have great game presence. Every time we put them in the engine, their movement and personality just comes out easily (It might just be that our animator is super talented, but I like to think they are alive—like Tron). Be it The Walking Dead VOX, Mirandus VOX or any others, they all work inside the framework we are building for them to live and explore. What we have discovered in pre-production as we played around with 1000 ideas is that VOX can do anything. They fit in every game genre that we could think of, bringing their own flavor and flair.

Project Cerberus

A mysterious thing of beauty awaits…

Our first game doesn’t even have an official name yet. StuckPixel, our Engineering Director, likes to go with Greek mythology names. We canceled Project Plutus at the end of last year, and now the vision has morphed into Cerberus, the giant 3 headed dog. While our Cerberus isn’t guarding the entrance to the underworld, it does have three “heads”: Collecting, Crafting and Social.

Version 0 is almost ready for release, bringing to life the first of these three heads. What is in V0, you ask?

  • Every player will get a Frontier on which to gather resources.
  • Every player will get a ProtoVOX who will gather those resources.
  • For players who own NFT VOX land (received as a prize or purchased on the secondary market), those pieces of land will count as Frontiers; they will be fully usable in your account. Initially for V0, only 5 Frontiers can be active at a time. This will change as the game grows.
  • All your VOX will be usable as resource collecting workers on your Frontiers.
  • VOX that were leveled up and for whom resources were collected in the preliminary VOX Idle game, VOX Odyssey, will retain their levels from that game. Additionally, all resources collected in VOX Odyssey will join your VOX in Project Cerberus.
  • VOX will continue to gain XP by collecting resources—and in later updates by other actions.
  •  And more…
Behold the breathtaking beauty and spinning glory of VOX Frontiers!

With V0, our main effort is to make sure the big promises of VOX were covered. VOX has utility. Check.

The team is hard at work building one of the main pillars, and the one with some of our biggest technological hurdles: How to make 33k unique VOX NFTs available to use in a game? That was a pretty huge one–We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Development is tough but adorable.

Vision for V1–VOX and GalaChain

Our whole game is on GalaChain. Going into V1, we will tap into expansive resources like the storefront and GalaSwap to further empower VOX owners and players to get the most of their pixelated companions within Project Cerberus. Have too much wood but need some stone? GalaSwap. Need a new ProtoVOX or land? It’s on the chain. Want to sell your VOX…it’s on the chain.

In simple terms, V1 will bring the ability to trade (to varying degrees) the following on GalaChain:

  • Resources
  • Land
  • Protovox
  • VOX
  • Souls

The Future

Moving forward we will continue to update the community on what’s coming next on our road.

For the latest community and team updates tune in to ChatterVOX, every Wednesday at 5pm PT in the VOX Discord community.

The VOXverse will grow, and we’ll continue adding new features, from building your VOXverse and hanging out with friends, to minigames, adventures for your VOX and more! The team is excited to start realizing the true potential of the VOX and where they can lead us! Once more into the VOXVerse!!