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Gala Games Updates from Outer Space: News on Battlestar Galactica Eternity and Echoes of Empire

June 14, 2024
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As we continue to explore the vast expanse of our gaming universe, it’s time to share some significant updates about our two space-themed games: Battlestar Galactica Eternity and Echoes of Empire. These updates highlight the dynamic nature of game development within the Gala ecosystem and underscore our commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

Battlestar Galactica Eternity: Farewell, and Thank You

We regret to announce that the development of Battlestar Galactica Eternity has been officially canceled. This decision was not made lightly, and we understand it may come as a disappointment to our community. Still, occasional cancellations are an inevitable part of the game development process. This move will allow us to reallocate valuable resources to other active projects, ensuring a more streamlined and rapidly growing ecosystem.

For those who have purchased in-game NFTs for Battlestar Galactica Eternity, rest assured that we will offer refunds. If you still possess these NFTs, we will require you to send them back to us to process the refund. More details on the timing and method of the refund will be provided soon. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these logistics.

Echoes of Empire: A Bright Future Ahead

While the team at Ion Games has done an excellent job building the foundation of this amazing 4X space adventure, it looks like its full potential will be realized under the guidance of a new owner. As details and agreements are still being finalized, we cannot yet say who will sit in the Captain’s chair, but our expectation is that extraordinary excitement awaits as we venture together into the uncharted reaches of space.

Development of Echoes of Empire will continue. We think you’ll be happy with the next updates and the new developers’ builds to the current roadmap.

Thanks to Ion Games

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Ion Games team for their dedication and hard work in creating such an amazing 4X game. They’ve been integral not only to the game’s development but also as points of contact for the Echoes of Empire community. We look forward to sharing more information as we can. We encourage players to reach out in the Discord community with any questions and stay tuned for further updates.

Recalibrate and Conquer

These updates reflect our ongoing efforts to adapt and improve within the Gala ecosystem. While the cancellation of Battlestar Galactica Eternity is unfortunate, it opens up new opportunities for growth and development in other areas. By heading for new horizons with a new crew, Echoes of Empire is positioning itself to finish 2024 stronger than ever.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm as we navigate these changes. Stay connected with us for more updates and join the conversation in our Discord community.