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Big Start to a Massive Year: GalaChain Q1 Recap

April 5, 2024
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2024 is an exciting year for GalaChain, and we’ve already hit the ground running! There’s lots coming in the months ahead, but first let’s look back on how much we’ve built so far this year.

Solid Foundation

GalaChain has been live and operational for a while, facilitating live games and transactions within the Gala Ecosystem since October 2022. GalaChain during that time of internal may have seemed quiet to outside observers… but we were in fact very busy streamlining our systems on GalaChain and refining platform and chain processes… all to open the floodgates!

The release of our GalaChain SDK and Creators Portal at the beginning of 2024 was the culmination of this diligent testing and refinement. We spent the time learning the early lessons, and served the community up with tools we knew had the power to implement real solutions to GalaChain.

While many of our experiences with GalaChain were in games, we’ve had the chance to experiment with a wide variety of applications on GalaChain. The infrastructure of the chain isn’t designed exclusively for games… it’s designed to easily live up to the heavy demands of gaming, which is one of the highest bars in the tech world.

GalaChain stood up to the task of live games and highly specialized platforms like Gala Music. The first business of the year for us was taking everything we learned and packaging them up into tools that the next generation of GalaChain builders could use.

Building Up

Just opening the gates to the chain isn’t enough. With the GalaChain SDK in hand, any developer can start crafting a project on GalaChain or plug an existing project into the wonderful web3 world. A robust ecosystem requires more than just the tools to build amazing things though.

The launch of tools like GalaSwap and the community built block explorers provided vital support to anyone innovating for GalaChain. As new projects started to pop up, each provided valuable insights on how to make the chain better for everyone.

This led us to the GalaChain Hackathon during GDC. We’ve done a few hackathons on GalaChain already, but we knew this time needed to be different. With GalaChain open to the world, it was time to think bigger and get more people building on GalaChain.

During the hackathon, we saw lots of really cool things get built on chain. From Team NFTD’s reinterpretation of the classic tower defense genre using GalaChain NFTs to Team NoREST’s creation of a more efficient rest API for GalaChain, GALAthon brought new momentum. New people are building on GalaChain and new applications are pushing the limits of what’s possible through blockchain technology.

Filling Out

We’re confident in the abilities of GalaChain. Its scalability, speed and customization potential are unparalleled, and we think its practical applications speak for themselves. That having been said, the “if you build it, they will come” philosophy is a trickle… and we want a flood.

We’ve been going on the road and telling the world about GalaChain. Aside from worldwide expansions like recently announcing our plans to build a liveops center in Chile, we’ve been getting to conferences all across the world and getting people on GalaChain to start building!

We’ve been announcing partnerships and collaborations with companies planning to be on GalaChain at a rapid pace. We’re establishing new relationships with innovators and expanding the scope of everything we’ve done prior. 

Gala isn’t just changing entertainment anymore. GalaChain can change the world.

The Future Is GalaChain

The first three months of 2024 have raced by, but there’s no checkered flag and champagne. This is just the beginning of GalaChain, and the best is yet to come.

With so many developers and businesses jumping into GalaChain and starting to build, the rest of 2024 will be exciting. We’ve got exciting plans to expand access and utility for GalaChain, but the best innovations in the future are out of our hands. 

Thank you to everyone building on GalaChain. You are the future.