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Revolutionizing Rewards and Retention: THX Network Joins Forces with GalaChain

March 19, 2024
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In the rapidly evolving game industry, where competition for player attention is fierce, THX Network (pronounced “thanks”) is making huge strides in rewarding players and engaging communities. Harnessing the power of gratitude and rewards, THX Network has developed a marketing solution to enhance player retention while also enriching gaming experiences.

Our ongoing collaboration with THX Network supports our commitment to empowering game developers and providing unparalleled experiences to the Gala community.

The Power of “Thanks”

At its core, THX Network believes in the universal language of gratitude. By integrating seamless rewards systems into gaming platforms, THX Network offers a unique approach to player engagement and retention. Their pioneering platform allows for the swift creation of growth campaigns, enabling players to get in-game rewards without the need for players to jarringly navigate to third-party platforms. This keeps the gaming experience intact while strengthening brand loyalty.

Elevating the Gaming Experience with THX Membership

The upcoming THX Membership feature will take gaming experience to new heights. Through this membership, players gain access to exclusive quests and rewards across the network, along with governance controls that further immerse them in their favorite gaming worlds. 

By staking $THX tokens, players will have the option to support the network and receive a reward shared based on network activity. This innovative approach ensures that both players and developers will benefit from the growing digital gaming economy, whatever their preference of play.

Collaboration for Growth

The ability of THX Network to integrate quests and rewards directly within the gaming experience is a game-changer. As Mieszko Czyzyk, CEO of THX Network, puts it, “Working with Gala Games to deliver unique rewards to their ‘Gala Horde’ community is an awesome way to make sure players keep coming back.”

We’re also excited to see what THX Network has in store for GALAthon as a participating team! Learn more in the blog linked below:

THX Network’s Partnership Announcment

THX Network and GalaChain: A Perfect Synergy

The integration of THX Network with GalaChain is a great example of blockchain powering up the gaming industry. THX Network’s non-custodial wallet will be integrated seamlessly with GalaChain, simplifying reward transfers and making every part of the process easier for both gamers and developers. 

The dashboard provided by THX Network allows marketers and growth managers to quickly launch and update campaigns, significantly reducing the workload on development teams. Furthermore, THX’s powerful quest SDK offers a quick and efficient way to map game events to rewards, saving invaluable development time and allowing teams to focus on what they do best.

A More Rewarding Future

The partnership between GalaChain and THX Network is more than just a technical integration; it’s a step towards a future where gaming is not just about competition but also about recognition and gratitude. The active quests powered by THX Network for various Gala products and projects are already enhancing player engagement and fostering a stronger community.

As we continue to explore this exciting collaboration, we invite the Gala community and game developers worldwide to discover how THX Network can transform the gaming experience. Together, we are not just playing games; we are building a more rewarding and connected gaming world.

For more details on how THX Network is revolutionizing the gaming industry and to join this journey, visit THX Network and become part of the future of gaming. Follow them on X and Linkedin and join their Discord community to stay updated on the latest quests and rewards.

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Welcome to the next level of gaming engagement, where every ‘thank you’ is a step towards a more vibrant and connected gaming universe.