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GalaChain Hackathon: Meet the Judges – Snoop Dogg, A Renaissance Man in Web3

March 19, 2024
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GALAthon Prizes

Web3 is a tech space, but it contains so much more. As we innovate within the scope of blockchain, it’s absolutely crucial to hear voices that not only understand the tech side, but also bring a well-rounded and creative perspective to the table. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Snoop Dogg as one of the judges for GALAthon, the upcoming GalaChain Hackathon during GDC 2024!

A true renaissance man, Snoop Dogg spent decades weaving his legacy into the fabric of music and entertainment. He was an early adopter of web3 entertainment, always working at the cutting edge of blockchain technology.

Beyond the Music

Snoop Dogg is synonymous with musical innovation and cultural influence the world over. He has grown beyond even his role as a global superstar over the past few years to become a key figure in the web3 space.

His collaboration with us on Gala Music wasn’t his only foray into the world of web3, but it definitely spotlighted his versatility and highlighted his genuine interest and belief in the power of blockchain technology. His journey into this new frontier is marked by an enthusiastic embrace of NFTs and virtual experiences. Snoop is someone who understands the broader scope and potential influence of decentralized technology.

A Unique View on Innovation

Snoop Dogg’s involvement in web3 goes beyond mere participation – he has actively shaped the conversation around entertainment, art, and technology. His approach to innovations in the web3 world is characterized by a blend of creativity, community engagement and a unique sense of what captures the imagination of real people.

For the GalaChain Hackathon, Snoop’s criteria for a winning entry are likely to reflect these values.

The Next Big Thing

In a winning GalaChain Hackathon project, Snoop Dogg would likely be searching for innovation that transcends traditional boundaries between art and tech. He would appreciate projects that not only demonstrate technical proficiency and utility but also embody a strong sense of community and entertainment value.  An ideal project might leverage GalaChain’s capabilities to offer immersive experiences. Perhaps it will integrate music, virtual spaces and social engagement in ways that we haven’t ever seen.

The Snoop Dogg Stamp of Approval

Winning over Snoop Dogg as a judge means impressing him with creativity, usability and perhaps most importantly, the fun factor. He knows the importance of delighting and engaging an audience, so projects that can capture the imagination while pushing the envelope of what’s possible within web3 will definitely stand out. 

Think bold, think disruptive… and most of all, think about how to bring joy and connectivity to the community.

Join Us and Impress the Legends

Having Snoop Dogg on the judging panel is not just a testament to the GalaChain Hackathon’s prestige — it’s a challenge to all participants to dream bigger and dare to innovate. As we gear up for this exhilarating event, let Snoop Dogg’s journey beyond music icon to web3 pioneer inspire you to blend your technical skills with creativity and passion.

Stay tuned for more updates on the GalaChain Hackathon at GDC 2024, and prepare to show us (and Snoop!) what you’ve got. Let’s change the game together and forge the future of gaming on GalaChain. How will you build to transform the world?

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