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Spider Tanks Has Launched

October 31, 2022
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After months of anticipation, the incredible Web3 esport arena brawler has launched.

The arenas are open. The Tanks have assembled. Captains and Pilots are preparing to battle for victory and rewards. Will you join them?

Play Now

All players can get in the arena now absolutely FREE Even if you do not own Spider Tanks property, you’ll find many ongoing reward opportunities for Tank owners and Planetary Node operators. This ecosystem-supporting network of rewards is one spider web you won’t mind getting caught in.

For more details about Spider Tanks victory rewards, read the Spider Tanks Lite Paper here.

We won’t ramble on here for long, as you should be out there building up your spider chops in the arenas.

Pack the Servers

You may have played Spider Tanks before, but that was mere practice in preparation for this moment. This is real.

Hit the arenas. Team up with your favorite squads and fight for victory. Earn Victory Points and SILK rewards, using them to upgrade your Garage and rise into the ranks of Spider Tanks Pilot Legend!

There’s still time to pick up a Cat Ears Prop to increase your Tank’s quickness, or a Rubber Ducky Prop to enhance elemental offense and defense, at 50% off in the Spider Tanks store. Give yourself an adorable battle edge with one of these NFT Props!

If reading all this hasn’t convinced you enough to start playing for free RIGHT NOW, check out the sizzling new Spider Tanks trailer.

Chicken or Tortoise?

Play Spider Tanks!