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February 13, 2024
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One of the most brilliant aspects of web3 is the end of unnecessary secrets. Through open source creations like GalaChain that use smart contracts and cryptographic data, everyone has the freedom to access the data they want. 

In many ways, decentralized (distributed) systems are replacing the corporate idea of trust. From the trust that keeps you from questioning the energy usage required for your cloud-based storage, to the trust that your banks are actually holding the money held in your account–Real trust thrives in an environment where corporate trust is not needed. It’s easy to put your trust in transparent stored data when it’s presented in a way you can understand, so we no longer have to simply take the company’s word for it.

We love it when our community steps up to develop new ways to enrich the Gala ecosystem using the GalaChain SDK and open source blockchain data. This explorer is just another example of decentralization in action made possible by GalaChain.

You’ll find a robust GalaChain blockchain explorer at, with all the most important metrics and capabilities at your fingertips.

Create Account: Create an account for your own user dashboard (Coming Soon).

Light or Dark Mode: This community favorite will make sure your data deep dives are easy on your eyes.

Block Explorer: Browse previous blocks page by page or search by block#

Transaction Explorer: Look up past transactions and locate block numbers based on address.

Thanks to the Gytrace team for building on GalaChain, and we look forward to sharing more community built projects with you!