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GALAthon: Post-Hackathon Recap

GALAthon: Post-Hackathon Recap

Last week’s hackathon brought a wave of new innovation to GalaChain! We saw new tools and platforms come to life before our very eyes. Thank you to everyone who participated and to everyone who followed along with the development frenzy!

We’re already starting to think about future developments on GalaChain based on some of the major innovations from this event! Before we leave the GalaChain Hackathon in the past, however, we wanted to just recap some of the biggest developments from the event!

Big Names, Big Prizes

As you may have noticed over the past few weeks, we had some big names show up to help judge entries from the Hackathon!

Judge’s carousel

While our chain team and the judges are still deliberating over category prizes for the entire hackathon, the Judge’s Choice Awards for in-person participants has already made some GalaChain hackers into big winners!

Caption: (Left to Right): Jason Brink, Team NFTD, Team NoREST, Team Corgi AI3D Forever (+ data dog)

The winners of the in-person Judges’ Choice Awards took home a combined $450,000 prize pool! The awards are far from over though, as more than $500k of prizes will soon be awarded for the rest of the general category winners!

Congratulations to the winners of The Judges’ Choice awards… and a special thanks to all the judges who joined us for this major development event!

Caption: Check out the presentation for the first place Judges’ Choice – NFTD!

Innovation on Chain

Each of the three teams picked by the judges contributed massively to GalaChain, but that only scratches the surface of what came out of this hackathon!

Those in-person represented just a portion of total participants, and there were projects that we haven’t even touched on yet diligently coding away through the 24-hours. We want to give each of those projects a chance to get the attention they deserve. Expect us to be talking more about individual efforts in the near future after our chain team has had time to appreciate the nuance of each project.

Open source development isn’t just a sprint and then done. Everything that is crafted on chain creates more tools and opens the floodgates for better and better innovations. 

Those gates are open on GalaChain, and this is just the first trickle of the torrent to come.

Thanks for Joining Us!

Whether you were laboriously swatting bugs and troubleshooting code all night along with us or you were at home just following along on Discord or our livestreams… thank you!
The GalaChain Hackathon is about creating a better ecosystem for our community, and not only the techies among us benefit from that. Your comments, suggestions, support and excitement are a vital part of this process. Even if you’re not actively building on GalaChain, GalaChain is building for you!

Swag, ✔️
Little local flavor before the main event

From the Inside: GALAthon Snapshot Gallery

Many of us were traveling home from GDC and the GalaChain Hackathon over the weekend, and we’ve finally had a chance to browse back through some of those hidden gems hiding in our phones…

Check out just a quick glimpse of what the HQ of the GalaChain Hackathon was like throughout the event!

Getting Started

Time to get down to business

Wrapping up…

We hope all the hackers had a blast during the event! We know that those that made it to the HQ were only some of everyone who participated across the world… we hope everyone out there had as good a time hacking GalaChain as we did!

GALAthon: Revealing the Judges’ Favorites

GALAthon: Revealing the Judges’ Favorites

GALAthon has finally come to its close, but the innovations it spawned will continue to incubate and grow in the minds of their creators. For the past 24 hours, this event was the talk of the cryptosphere, presenting GalaChain to the world as a petri dish of innovation, collaboration, and groundbreaking developments in the blockchain world.

Before we all rest for a long nap, it’s time to ease the anticipation of the entire web3 ecosystem with the eagerly awaited announcement of our “Judges’ Favorites” winners.

A Showcase of Pioneering Talent

GALAthon brought together some of the brightest minds in the industry, giving hackers a chance to demonstrate their web3 prowess, game development and digital artistry. The diversity of projects submitted has been nothing short of remarkable, reflecting the vast potential and dynamic nature of the web.

The Role of Our Esteemed Judges

Our panel of judges has had the challenging task of evaluating these innovative projects. Their expertise and insights have been instrumental in identifying entries that not only showcase technical excellence but also embody the spirit of innovation and community engagement.

The Judges’ Favorites

The “Judges’ Favorites” segment of the GalaChain Hackathon is a much-anticipated moment, where each judge selects a project that resonates with them on a personal or professional level. These picks are not just endorsements of the projects’ current achievements but also a nod to their potential impact on the future of gaming, entertainment, and blockchain utility.

Without further preamble, let’s get into the Judges’ Favorites.

Left to right: Jason Brink, NFTD team, Team NoRest, Team Corgi AI3D Forever

3) Corgi AI3D Forever

With generative AI hot in the news, we were extraordinarily pleased to see an onsite entry with such promise that focused on generative AI using GalaChain.

This team successfully created the world’s first AI3D x LLM “AI Virtual Human” to be minted on a blockchain, and GalaChain is proud to have been that blockchain.

Basically, AI3D is a plan for a system that allows users to create and configure a 3D person that will “live forever on GalaChain.” Primary characteristics and programming for your AI can actually be stored on GalaChain with UUID (Universally Unique Identifiers), ensuring the permanence (immortality) of your AI companion.

AI3D essentially bridges the gap between Large Language Models and the blockchain ledger, allowing users to input commands and iterations for their AI that are digested and remembered by the blockchain.

While we don’t have much to share, hopefully we will see a lot more from this San Francisco based development team, pushing the limits and possibilities of generative AI in blockchain tech. Well done!

2) Team NoRest: RESTful API for GalaChain

Team NoRest clinches second place by introducing a transformative RESTful API for GalaChain. This open-source project simplifies interactions with GalaChain, offering functionalities like token balance checks, token grants and automatic minting on startup. Designed to make blockchain more accessible, Team NoRest’s API lowers barriers for developers eager to explore GalaChain’s capabilities.

Key Features and Future Vision: Beyond its current offerings, Team NoRest outlines future enhancements including user registration for custodial wallets and extended token contract functionalities. Their focus on ease of use, with a “Plug n’ Play” approach, promises a user-friendly ecosystem that invites more developers to innovate on GalaChain.

Team NoRest’s project is a notable step towards bridging traditional web technologies with the blockchain, significantly expanding GalaChain’s potential applications. Congratulations to Team NoRest for their pioneering work and for setting new standards in blockchain accessibility and developer engagement!


The overall Judges’ Favorite winner is a gaming project built by well-known members of the Gala community, collectors of Gala Games NFTs from way back.

Beautifully demonstrating interoperability with existing GalaChain NFTs, the team created a fully playable alpha playtest build for their aptly named game, Non-Fungible Tower Defence.

In addition to designing and GalaChain integrating a well planned and brilliantly executed playable project, this team presented a comprehensive and transparent slideshow presentation, complete with animated slides and aesthetic appeal. To learn more about Non-Fungible Tower Defence, check out their presentation HERE.

Incredible job to Deadily, Timboslice and Cryptograham for an extraordinary effort at GALAthon. Thanks for participating, and we hope the prize will empower your team to greater heights and innovations in web3 than you imagined!

After closing this important chapter of Gala history, we reflect on the incredible journey of discovery, growth and innovation that this event represents. GALAthon may be over, but the ripple effects of the projects showcased and the connections formed will be felt long into the future. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all participants and a special word of thanks to our judges, whose contributions have been invaluable.

Announcements about additional winners as outlined in this blog will come within the next couple weeks, as the GalaChain team has time to examine and evaluate the multitude of remote entries.

Thanks for your participation! Let’s do it again soon.

GALAthon: Post-Hackathon Recap

GalaChain Hackathon: Halfway!

The GalaChain Hackathon is in progress, and 12 hours of the 24-hour development window have now passed. 

Load up on coffee and crank up the jams, because we’re just getting started!

You can keep up with the latest news from the event on our GalaChain Hackathon liveblog!

Meet the Judges

A hackathon is about collaborative development, but it’s also about getting your work in front of the eyes of experts! We’ve assembled a diverse group of incredibly qualified professionals to help us judge this hackathon.

These are the industry veterans who will be judging projects at the upcoming hackathon. Each of them brings unique skills and experience to the table, giving a very broad perspective to analyze the innovations from the event as a group.

You don’t have to make it to this hackathon to build the future on GalaChain

Rising to the Top

Every participant in the hackathon (virtual or in-person) who submits a presentation at the end of the event will be able to have their project reviewed by our judges. 

Tons of prizes will be available – including nearly $1million in USDT, piles of AWS Credits and sweet Alienware kit!

Did we mention BIG prizes!?

It may take a while to review all the prizes, but we’ll have some word about the most successful teams when we wrap things up tomorrow!

What’s all this lounging!? There’s hacking to do!

Every attendee will be receiving an exclusive commemorative NFT as well!

See you soon, we’ve got to get back to building!

From Idea to Impact: Breakthrough Innovations Born from Hackathons

From Idea to Impact: Breakthrough Innovations Born from Hackathons

The GalaChain Hackathon 2024 teams are currently heads down, with only 24 hours total to bring to life their best GalaChain visions. With an impressive panel of guest judges from all sorts of unique web3 perspectives, hundreds of participating teams (both remote and in person), and over $1 million in total prize value up for grabs, this event has the whole web3 world abuzz with excitement.

GALAthon Prizes
GalaChain Hackathon Announcement
What is a Hackathon?

Hackathons have long been celebrated as fertile ground for innovation, collaboration, and the rapid development of groundbreaking technologies. These intensive events are often compressed into short, adrenaline-fueled sessions, and our GDC 2024 event (co-sponsored by AWS and Alienware) is no exception.

Hackathons bring together the brightest developer minds to solve complex challenges or breathe life into novel ideas. You might be surprised at how many notable products and technologies began as hackathon projects, going on to transform industries and shape our interaction with the digital world. Here’s a look at some of the most remarkable innovations that started from the a hackathon:


GroupMe, a mobile group messaging app, was conceived at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in 2010. It allows users to create private chat rooms with friends, significantly simplifying group communication. The idea, spurred by the need for better group communication tools at festivals, quickly gained traction. Within a year of its inception, GroupMe was acquired by Skype for about $80 million, showcasing the potential of hackathons to generate viable, high-value products.


Firebase, now a pivotal component of Google’s development platform, started as a hackathon project called Envolve. Initially, it provided developers with an API to integrate chat functionality into their own websites. However, the founders recognized the broader potential of their technology for providing real-time backend services, which ultimately led to the creation of Firebase. Today, Firebase offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing databases, analytics, messaging and more.

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is a pioneering virtual reality headset that has become synonymous with immersive gaming and experiences. Development of this headset was significantly propelled forward by hackathons. Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, developed early prototypes that gained attention and development momentum through community hackathons. These events showcased the potential of VR technology, leading to a successful Kickstarter campaign and eventually, a $2 billion acquisition by Facebook.

Easy Taxi

Launched at the Startup Weekend Rio in 2011, Easy Taxi is a prime example of a hackathon project that addressed a real-world problem—hailing taxis in busy urban centers. The app connects passengers with drivers, making taxi services more accessible and convenient. Easy Taxi grew rapidly, becoming a global brand operating in multiple countries and exemplifying the potential for hackathon projects to scale into significant business ventures.


Docracy, an open-source platform for sharing legal documents, was first conceived at a hackathon hosted by General Assembly. It addresses the need for accessible, reliable legal documents, allowing users to find, sign, and secretly share agreements. Docracy democratizes access to legal resources, illustrating how hackathons can foster solutions to widespread challenges beyond the tech industry.

Building a Decentralized Future

By providing a space for creativity, rapid prototyping, and collaboration, hackathons have contributed to the launch of products and technologies that impact millions of lives worldwide. Given the right environment and resources, a simple idea can evolve into a revolutionary product, driving progress across various sectors. 

We’re thrilled for the opportunity to host this GDC Hackathon, co-sponsored by Amazon Web Services and Alienware. We hope that for its participants, the experience is even more highly valued than the incredible array of prizes.