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GalaChain Hackathon: Meet the Judges – Kenny Li, Pioneering Community and Innovation in Web3

March 18, 2024
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GALAthon Prizes

The excitement surrounding the 24-hour GALAthon Hackathon San Francisco event on March 20th and 21st continues to build with the announcement of Kenny Li, co-founder of Manta Network, as a key member of our judging panel. With a rich background as a tech entrepreneur and blockchain innovator, Kenny brings a unique blend of expertise to the event, particularly in the realms of marketing strategy and community-building.

Kenny Li: Bridging Technology, Community, and Innovation

Before co-founding Manta Network, Kenny Li was providing solutions for enterprise and Fortune 500 companies in cloud infrastructure migration. Equipped with his MBA from MIT Sloan, this valuable experience provided him with a comprehensive understanding of both the technical and strategic aspects of tech ventures. At Manta Network, Kenny has been instrumental in driving marketing strategies and fostering community initiatives, playing a pivotal role in the platform’s growth within the blockchain ecosystem.

A Vision for the Future of GameFi

Kenny’s participation as a judge in GALAthon is driven by a clear set of expectations that align with his passion for discovery and support of innovative GameFi builders. His approach to judging will likely emphasize:

Support for Groundbreaking Projects: Kenny is on the lookout for entries that showcase technical excellence while demonstrating potential for significant impact within the GameFi space. He’s looking to uncover new possibilities for gameplay, player interaction, and blockchain integration.

Innovative Insights (Alpha): With a keen interest in the “alpha” of the GameFi world, Kenny anticipates entries that bring fresh ideas to the table, potentially setting new trends and standards in the industry.

Global Community Engagement: Understanding the power of the global web3 gaming ecosystem, Kenny values projects that prioritize community engagement and connectivity to  foster a sense of belonging shared by players and developers.

Connecting Innovators with the Global Stage

Kenny Li’s involvement as a judge highlights the GALAthon’s commitment to not just showcasing innovative blockchain gaming projects but also creating opportunities for meaningful connections within the global web3 community. This competition will identify groundbreaking innovations but also to support and elevate the builders behind them.

As participants prepare their submissions, they are encouraged to keep Kenny’s vision in mind—aiming not just to innovate but to contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the web3 gaming ecosystem. With Kenny’s expertise guiding the way, the hackathon promises to be a landmark event in the discovery and support of the next generation of GameFi projects.