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GalaSwap: April Updates

GalaSwap: April Updates

We’ve been thrilled to see how much the GalaChain community has enjoyed the ability to easily swap tokens on chain using GalaSwap.

As we said when we first released GalaSwap, we originally prioritized getting it in users’ hands as quickly as possible. This means that we’ve got lots of updates we plan to implement, and the next round is here!

Partial Swaps

Starting with this update, you’ll no longer need to fulfill an entire swap to accept it. Likewise, this makes it so it isn’t ‘all or nothing’ for those listing swaps. 

When searching for a swap, you’ll now see a checkbox labeled “Selected Amount”. Using this checkbox, you may accept a percentage of the swap being offered.

You’ll be able to customize the amount of the given swap that you fill, and the rest will remain as an available swap.

You can use this in addition to other full swaps as well to get exactly what you need, without having to try and get an optimal combination of swaps for the exact amount of tokens. you’re looking for.

New API Functionality

We’ve added new API integrations into GalaSwap to allow developers to easily access the GalaSwap API. 

This will open the door to new developments, as builders on GalaChain can now integrate API for GalaSwap functionality authenticated directly through a user’s keys.

GalaSwap itself doesn’t have a monopoly on token exchanges within the GalaChain ecosystem. We built this tool because it was functionality that we thought everyone needed for the good of GalaChain. The end goal is always to make it more useful to those building on and using GalaChain!

Much More Ahead

GalaSwap is still in the early days. There will be a lot more coming – more tokens, more ways to swap and more use for GalaChain devs! 

For now, we hope that these few updates make your swaps a little easier. We’ll be back soon with new features!

GalaChain Hackathon: Halfway!

GalaChain Hackathon: Halfway!

The GalaChain Hackathon is in progress, and 12 hours of the 24-hour development window have now passed. 

Load up on coffee and crank up the jams, because we’re just getting started!

You can keep up with the latest news from the event on our GalaChain Hackathon liveblog!

Meet the Judges

A hackathon is about collaborative development, but it’s also about getting your work in front of the eyes of experts! We’ve assembled a diverse group of incredibly qualified professionals to help us judge this hackathon.

These are the industry veterans who will be judging projects at the upcoming hackathon. Each of them brings unique skills and experience to the table, giving a very broad perspective to analyze the innovations from the event as a group.

You don’t have to make it to this hackathon to build the future on GalaChain

Rising to the Top

Every participant in the hackathon (virtual or in-person) who submits a presentation at the end of the event will be able to have their project reviewed by our judges. 

Tons of prizes will be available – including nearly $1million in USDT, piles of AWS Credits and sweet Alienware kit!

Did we mention BIG prizes!?

It may take a while to review all the prizes, but we’ll have some word about the most successful teams when we wrap things up tomorrow!

What’s all this lounging!? There’s hacking to do!

Every attendee will be receiving an exclusive commemorative NFT as well!

See you soon, we’ve got to get back to building!

Galathon: GalaChain Hackathon Liveblog

Galathon: GalaChain Hackathon Liveblog

The Latest Buzz From the GalaChain Hackathon

The GalaChain Hackathon is here! Developers from over a hundred individual teams are squaring off starting March 20th, 11am PT in a 24-hour development extravaganza… and we’ll be right here for the whole thing! In-person at our San Francisco HQ or anywhere in the world, keep up with the latest on the hackathon here!

Follow our liveblog below during the event for on-site news, community developments and the best innovations throughout the hackathon!

Thank you for joining the GalaChain Hackathon with us!

GalaChain Hackathon – Compete in Person to Win Big

GalaChain Hackathon – Compete in Person to Win Big

Register Now

With a web3 event as legendary as GALAthon, there’s something special about coming together in person…

Maybe it’s the massively influential panel of more than a dozen judges from around the world. Look for our “Meet the Judges” announcements coming out every day until the event begins to learn more about this panel and what they might be looking for in winning entries.

Maybe it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in USDT prizes up for grabs only to in-person contestants for the coveted “Judges’ Favorite” category. Here’s a complete list of GALAthon prizes up for grabs in our 24-hour hackathon event.

GALAthon Prizes

Maybe it’s the palpable sense of camaraderie, community and cooperation toward a common goal that can only be found at a GALAthon event. We’ve always said that we’ve got the best community in the web3 world; join us at GALAthon and we’ll prove it.

Maybe it’s the awesome bag of swag including an exclusive event tee, Gala coffee mug, Legends Reborn physical card collection, Gala wrist-rest mouse pad, Tiki phone wallet and more. You know you want some Gala branded merch.

Maybe it’s just a chance to get out of your house for a couple days. You might form lifelong friendships and build strong business relationships. You might even have a chance to pick the brains of some of your favorite Gala or web3 personalities! We’d love to host your team’s dev frenzy in San Francisco, so come on out!

Register Now

Before it’s too late, get your registration in. The event is happening in San Francisco next week, starting at 11am PT on  Wednesday March 20th and ending exactly 24 hours later.

If your team already registered to participate remotely, there is still a chance to upgrade your team’s participation to onsite, but hurry! We expect to fill the space, and once enough onsite contestants have confirmed, we’ll have to shut down onsite registrations.

Register or change your existing registration at the link below!

Register Now

The GalaChain Hackathon 2024 Prize Pool– Up to $1M in USDT Prizes

The GalaChain Hackathon 2024 Prize Pool– Up to $1M in USDT Prizes

As the GalaChain ecosystem rapidly grows, the upcoming GALAthon Hackathon event will stand as a monumental showcase of ingenuity and creativity. In line with our guiding principle of bringing widespread attention to the possibilities of GalaChain, we’re thrilled to announce an extensive array of prizes. With a grand total of up to $950,000 USDT in prizes, GALAthon is not just a competition; it’s a launchpad for tomorrow’s web3 pioneers.

Register For GALAthon

Total Prize Allocation

The GalaChain Hackathon’s prize pool is structured to ensure broad recognition and reward across multiple categories. Each category is explained below in greater detail. The prize categories are:

  • Judges’ Favorites (In-Person Entries Only): $450,000 USDT
  • Category Prizes: $300,000 USDT
  • Participation and Innovation Prizes: $50,000 USDT
  • Community Favorites: $100,000 USDT
  • Mini-Challenges: $50,000 USDT
  • Grand Total: $950,000 USDT
  • Reserve: $50,000 USDT

Please note that the “Judges’ Favorites” Prize Pool is only available to in-person contestants.

Judges’ Favorites: The Pinnacle of Achievement

The crème de la crème of in-person entries will be honored as the Judges’ Favorites, with prizes as follows:

  • 1st Place: $200,000 USDT
  • 2nd Place: $150,000 USDT
  • 3rd Place: $100,000 USDT

Category Prizes: Excellence in Innovation

Category Prizes will be awarded to teams whose projects that excel in specific areas:

  • Each Category Winner: $50,000 USDT, assuming six categories, totaling $300,000 USDT.

Innovation Prizes: Celebrating Creativity

Recognizing the spirit of innovation and compelling presentations, these rewards aim to highlight outstanding contributions:

  • Most Innovative Solution: $30,000 USDT
  • Best Presentation: $20,000 USDT

Community Favorites: The Voice of the People

Gala has always looked to the community for guidance and inspiration. Reflecting the community’s voice, these rewards honor the projects that resonate most with our audience:

  • 1st Place: $50,000 USDT
  • 2nd Place: $30,000 USDT
  • 3rd Place: $20,000 USDT

Mini-Challenges: Spotlighting Skills

For those who excel in specific, skill-based challenges, we will offer ten different Mini-Challenges to all participating teams:

  • Each Mini-Challenge Winner: $5,000 USDT, with ten mini-challenges totaling $50,000 USDT.

Reserve Fund: Flexibility for Excellence

A $50,000 USDT reserve ensures we’re prepared for any scenario, from ties to rewarding exceptional innovation that defies categorization.

This reward pool is a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation, recognizing talent, and celebrating the vibrant community that makes the GalaChain ecosystem so unique. Whether you’re a developer, designer, strategist, or storyteller, this event offers an unprecedented opportunity to transform the web3 landscape. Let the spirit of innovation lead the way as we gear up for one of the most exciting hackathons the web3 realm has ever seen.

Join us, and let’s build the future on GalaChain together.

GalaChain Hackathon 2024 Terms and Conditions

DevSpeak: What the Hack is a Hackathon?

DevSpeak: What the Hack is a Hackathon?

Here at Gala… and throughout any part of the tech world, we sometimes forget that the language we use in the course of business is… well, definitely not how normal people talk. We’ve come to terms with this on a personal level, but we want to make sure that nothing ever gets lost in translation with our community

It’s not embarrassing to not know things. In fact, it’s quite normal! We want to help break down some basic jargon and concepts that are thrown around in the development world in this new series.  Welcome to DevSpeak!

A lot of concepts may be oversimplified here, but this is just some basic information to get everybody without a technical background some basic knowledge. Enjoy!

With our registration open for the March 20-21 GalaThon event during GDC, we’ve been talking a lot about hackathons this week! We suspect that there are quite a few people out there who smile and nod when that phrase comes up without really understanding what it means.

That’s OK! Not everyone is a developer or knows their jargon. Today we’re going to go over the basics of hackathons for those who may not have ever participated in one… or even heard the word before!

Hackathon Defined

A hackathon, in its most basic sense, is an event where developers and enthusiasts can gather for collaborative programming. This is an idea born out of the open source community, with decades of nuanced culture and variations.

While collaborative work has existed since long before the computer era, the first event called a “hackathon”, is typically agreed upon as the OpenBSD Hackathon in Calgary, June 4th, 1999. This was a semi-spontaneous gathering of 10 developers all working towards the goal of creating a program that would allow two devices to communicate with each other using an infrared port.

This right away set one of the standard cultural norms for hackathons – that there would be specific goals and parameters that participants were working towards. Often this takes the form of building up a particular piece of software or building tools to accomplish a specific task. In the case of our upcoming hackathon, the parameters are to build on GalaChain using the recently released SDK

Bigger and Better

As the idea of hackathons grew into the mainstream, an entire culture sprang up around them. More and more hackathons saw amazing results from their unbridled creative collaboration, more and more hackathons popped up. Now there is a robust circuit of hackathons happening all year long all over the world.

While in-person hackathons are still widely held, remote tools have allowed even more people to enjoy these short development sprints, leading to more innovation across the world of hackathons!

We’ve put together an amazing prize pool with a total value of $1m for our upcoming GalaChain Hackathon. This is a frequent feature of major hackathons in the modern day. 

While not every hackathon goes as overboard on the prizes as we did, it’s pretty normal to see multiple awards with prizes at the end of development. These prizes will usually be decided by a panel of judges after reviewing the work from each team versus the criteria of the hackathon and the requirements of each prize.

Why Hack?

While prizes are cool, they’re not the biggest reason that people usually want to jump in and participate in a hackathon. Don’t get us wrong, there are some serious devs out there who are professionals on the hack circuit winning prize after prize… but there we see the real reason that a hackathon is an amazing experience. Getting to work with people like that.

The development world is not a place where you go to school, know everything, then stop learning. Tech is changing all the time, and hands-on experience is a huge advantage to both veteran and novice developers. Self-taught devs often hone their skills at hackathons, and those with the benefit of a development education get priceless real-world experience.

Sometimes hackathons are a great way to try out brand new systems and tech (GalaChain anyone!!!), sometimes it’s just an opportunity to work alongside devs who may have more or just different experience than you. A fresh perspective is often where the best innovations start.

Often in hackathons, people will be open to new teammates for their project as well. This is a great opportunity to get in and network – meet new people with obviously shared interests and maybe find future collaborators and fellow hackers.

Last, it’s just plain fun! Development is work for a lot of people. Hackathons represent a chance to actually get out and do something you love without long-term metrics and bottom lines to worry about. At a hackathon, you can build things that never would be built by a company and you may not have time for as a hobby. Creative development and building for the sake of building can truly flourish!

Come One, Come All!

Don’t take our word for it though! If you’re even remotely interested in development and coding, a hackathon is the time to take that passion to the next level! Anyone can join!

A hackathon is a free way to get in and get your hands dirty in the industry. Most hackathons will welcome amateurs, and will provide robust documentation so that anyone can come in and learn!
Even if you don’t win in a hackathon, there’s no way to lose. No one’s efforts “aren’t good enough”. The only way to fail is to not try!

If you want to give it a go, join us on March 20th!