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Introducing the GalaChain Creator Portal

Introducing the GalaChain Creator Portal

While we’re pioneering web3 tech to prepare for the incoming masses, one of our most important long term goals has always been ease of access. We want to make the projects built on our blockchain shine, and that means making it easy for developers to create here, regardless of their level of web3 expertise. This is where the Gala Creator Portal comes in.

Our Creator Portal is an innovative and highly user intuitive self service platform that simplifies the incorporation of blockchain tech via GalaChain for creators and developers, no matter the complexity or ambition of their projects.

Ease of Use

The Creator Portal offers a user-friendly interface to anyone who creates or manages projects on GalaChain. Currently, this includes music and film artists and game developers with in development or live titles. With no complex blockchain coding required, devs can upload tracks and other files, create NFTs, or even deploy tokens onto the GalaChain network.

Live game devs use the creator portal to manage NFT sales, database items and more.

Dev Flexibility

Using the recently released GalaChain public Software Developer Kit (SDK), developers who wish to go a little deeper also have the option to customize as they please, writing their own chain code in Typescript. If the more standardized and streamlined approach suits their needs, they can simply use the Creator Portal.


Most importantly, this portal is designed for all types of developers, whether or not they are familiar with web3 tech. This is a big deal because blockchain development has previously been gated behind a wall of prerequisite knowledge and most developers are most comfortable working with systems they already understand. Essentially, the Gala Creator Portal lowers the entry barrier to get started with blockchain tech, inviting a much more diverse range of creators to leverage the benefits and abilities of GalaChain.

If you have an idea that lends itself beautifully to web3, or if you’re an innovative developer who has been hesitant to jump into the web3 deep end so far, this is your chance–We’ve made it simpler than ever.

In the spirit of democratization of some of the most cutting edge tech in the world, we’re extremely excited to offer this Creator Portal to current and future GalaChain developers. We can hardly wait to see your genius ideas come to life, and we’ll make sure you’ve got the decentralized web3 power to make it happen.

GalaChain SDK

Gala Creator Portal

Note: For a time following the Creator Portal’s initial release, developer involvement will be curated by the core Gala team.

Gala Music Referrals: Share the Music for More Rewards

Gala Music Referrals: Share the Music for More Rewards

Turn up the volume to empower your fellow listeners with the new Gala Music referral program!

We’re better together.

In the web3 world, that rings true like a perfectly placed power chord at the moment the crowd goes wild. That’s why we’re bringing back some classic referral rewards, encouraging each of you to share the love and spread the music, so that we can all make more music–together.

Don’t worry. This isn’t some corruptible account farming situation where the bots will come in and ruin everyone’s fun. This is just a good ol’ gamified opportunity to spread the word and earn some additional MUSIC rewards when your referred users take action and start digging into the Gala Music platform. When you come back and tell them how excited you are to get some extra MUSIC, they’ll start sharing themselves. Hey, we all love music, and with a rapidly growing catalog of awesome emerging artists, Gala Music has something for everyone.

How It Works

The daily MUSIC distribution for referrals is based on a point system, and the total amount of MUSIC in the daily pool is determined by the total amount of MUSIC spent on the platform in each 24-hour period. There are a couple different actions from your referred users that will help you stash some points:

  1. Run a Jukebox Node for the first time = 15 points

Node operators are the backbone of the decentralized ecosystems across Gala, whether they’re powering a game, forming the foundation of the network, or empowering listeners to earn rewards for the Gala Music tracks they own. When you refer a user that goes on to run their first Jukebox Node, this referral bonus is a token of our gratitude.

  1. They Pair a Purchased Track with a Community Jukebox Node = 1 point

When your referred users start collecting tracks, they’ll want to pair them with active Jukebox Nodes to unlock daily MUSIC rewards for that track based on its popularity. When your referred user pairs their new track for the first time with a Jukebox Node, you’ll get a point in that day’s referral distribution.

Please note that these referral rewards are for the first time a user you referred performs these actions

You’ll find your unique referral link in the top right corner of each track page, as pictured below:


Q: What if I already referred users to Gala using the social share link on Gala Games?

A: Those users will still qualify you for referral rewards if and when they ran a Jukebox Node for the first time or pair a track to a Jukebox Node for the first time.

Q: Is there a cookie referral window?

A: There is no cookie time duration currently. Referred accounts created are noted on your account forever as referred users.

Q: Is there a reward for referring listens?

A: No, this would be too easy to abuse, ruining everyone’s fun and rewards.

We’re psyched to offer a new way for casual users of the Gala Music platform to support their favorite artists and uplift the entire ecosystem while earning some MUSIC rewards for themselves. By referring your friends and inviting others to the Gala Music party, you can start to make some MUSIC of your own, and before you know it you’re building your Track collection!

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Legacy: Ice Cream, Expansions and Upgrades

Legacy: Ice Cream, Expansions and Upgrades

We’re already almost a month into a new year, and since time is money, the team has already dropped another substantial update for Legacy players to enjoy! This update has a little something for everyone, from new Guild Management features to expanded messaging abilities–even a new frozen treat for product design! Let’s dig right in, because before you know it the spring thaw will be here!

Scream for Ice Cream

The newest product line is sure to be a mouth watering hit throughout the entire Gala Games ecosystem–That’s right, we’re throwing in ice cream as a brand new product line! As all you IRL ice cream connoisseurs know, icy treats can get pretty extravagant, especially on the competitive and gourmet level. With Legacy ice cream, like all available product lines, the name of the game is creating something that really stands out in the competitions.

Start producing your own ice cream creations now to take home Gems in the Design Competitions. But we must warn you–Producing ice cream on the design table may unleash the craving, so be sure to keep your real ice cream further than arm’s length while you play!

Expansions and Pay Raises

Your town’s workers will absolutely love this first update–They’ve all gotten a pay raise, so pat yourself on the back. We’re certain that their increased motivation will make the additional expense well worth it for your growing business.

New Paints, Patterns and Stickers have been added to the Design Table’s right side drawers, enhancing your ability to customize your products! Don’t forget–You can also update your avatar with the latest colors and patterns to give yourself that business chic edge.

Guild Management Updates

The Guild Management menu has received a substantial upgrade, making it easier than ever to set your Guild rules, manage membership and send messages to your Guildmates!

More Deed Keys

Great news for Guild leaders! Every single one of you now has a lot more Legacy Keys up for grabs, so get ready to accept eager new upstarts to share your success.

To play Legacy, you must join a Guild, because you just can’t make it alone in the business world. Every Guild leader gets a number of Legacy Keys, based on the rarity of their Land Deed. With this update, every Guild leader now starts with 5 times as many Legacy Keys!

Keep in mind that the Legacy Key numbers listed below only refer to starting Keys, and owners will later have the ability to purchase more Legacy Keys for their Guilds.

Startup Deed (Common) 

Previous: 0 Legacy Keys
Now: 1 Legacy Key

Enterprise Deed (Uncommon) 

Previous: 1 Legacy Key
Now: 5 Legacy Keys

Firm Deed (Rare) 

Previous: 3 Legacy Keys
Now: 15 Legacy Keys

Corporation Deed (Epic) 

Previous: 10 Legacy Keys
Now: 50 Legacy Keys

Conglomerate Deed (Legendary)

Previous: 25 Legacy Keys
Now: 125 Legacy Keys

Heart of London (Ancient)

Previous: 100 Legacy Keys
Now: 500 Legacy Keys 

Guild leaders–Get ready for an influx of new players by making sure your Guild rules are set where you want them and your reward split is in the sweet spot! Making a good strategic decision about the Guild reward split could make the difference between packing your Guild with go-getters or good-for-nothings, so choose wisely!

That’s a wrap for this update; now get out there and build your Legacy before someone else does!

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