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The Next Act: Gala Film Roadmap

The Next Act: Gala Film Roadmap

We’ve been working hard here at Gala Film to bring a full-scale launch to you during 2024. Building out the film platform of the future does take some work, so we wanted to touch base with the community about what we have planned throughout the year as we bring Gala Film live piece by piece.

Act 1: March and April, 2024

Within the next two months, we’re planning to bring at least three films picture locked on the platform including our Launch Film which we’re targeting this time period to push live.

By the end of this period, we’re targeting Films and Series being streamable on the platform and hosted by Film Nodes. During this timeframe we also want to get POPCORN distributions online for both Moments and Nodes, incorporate Distribution Boosts and debut unlockable content experiences.

We’re also planning a comprehensive overhaul to during this time, to bring it up to the new standard set by the recent facelifts to the Games and Music platforms.

Act 2: May through June, 2024

During this timeframe we will continue to expand the platform and features in the leadup to a full release. At this time, we’re targeting having an additional six films picture locked, with releases beginning to stream out.

This is the time period when we’ll be targeting the token launch for Gala Film, incorporating bridging and implementing other token utilities to bring Gala Film more into touch with GalaChain and the greater Gala Ecosystem.

This is when users will begin to see more robust User Profiles and a community progression system on the platform as more ways to interact with Gala Film become available.

Act 3: July through End of Year

During the last six months of 2024, we plan to have an additional nine films picture locked, bringing the total on the platform to at least 18. By this time, it is our intention that films will be released regularly, with the community fully aware of the planned release cycle.

Additional token utility and site enhancements will continue to roll out during this phase as we complete the launch cycle of Gala Film. 

Building for the Future

It’s important to note that there will still be a ton more coming after this release cycle. This is a very important year for Gala Film, and we want to be as forward as possible about our plans with the community who has supported us.

We plan on putting more information out across the next few months detailing more specifically how Gala Film will work, and what we’re building towards. We’ve always been very active with our community in Discord, but we’ve moved past the beginning of this project where things are moving quickly and evolving continuously. Now that we’re laser focused on our goals, we want to build this into a readily accessible source of information on Gala Film over time.

We’ll still always be very active with our Discord community in addition to creating more documentation and information here – join us in the Gala Film Discord to always keep in the loop on the latest!

Development isn’t always a linear path, so expect some degree of the unexpected along the way. We will continue to pivot to challenges as they arise to provide the best possible experience to our users. We will try, however, to update the community  here should we deviate too wildly from this roadmap over the next year. 

Thank you all for being a part of Gala Film. Let’s build the future together.

Launch Day – Echoes of Empire

Launch Day – Echoes of Empire

Gala Games and Ion Games are pleased to announce that the 4X space adventure, Echoes of Empire, is now live for PC and Mac on the Gala Games platform.

The Empire has fallen. Overcome by greed and ambition, those who controlled the ebb and flow of the entire civilized galaxy have been destroyed by their own mistakes. Its separation into three destructive factions, each with its own ideas of how the imperium should have run, was the beginning of the end. Now the broken pieces of those factions and the technologies they pioneered must all be used to rebuild civilization or else propel humanity into a new dark age, similar to that before FTL travel was invented.

As an Echoes of Empire player, you represent one of those noble families. Your goal is not only to amass power and influence for yourself, but to guide humanity into the future and away from that dark past. You cannot let the Empire’s failure determine the fate of every living soul in the known universe. You must forge out some semblance of prosperity, with or without the elusive peace that your predecessors ironically fought so hard to maintain.

Play Now

Play on PC and Mac

Anyone with a Gala Games account can download the game now through the Gala Games launcher and play for free. The sooner you begin collecting resources and upgrading your Homebase station, the better positioned you will be when all hell breaks loose in the galactic superwars that are inevitable in the aftermath of the Empire’s decay. Glory and wealth will go to those who want them the most, to those who are willing to do anything for what they think is right.

Own Planets and Stars

The Echoes of Empire launch also marks the beginning of the Celestial Claim land rush for all players. All holders of Celestial Claim tokens (ERC-1155) will have the opportunity to claim any available Celestial Object that matches the parameters of their Claim token.

Imagine owning a Legendary Celestial Object like this one!

Celestial Object ownership is not a requirement to play, but every Celestial Object is home to multiple resource mines, which will be needed by all players to keep up with Homebase expansion and Fleet construction. When you are the claimed owner of a Celestial Object, you’re also the owner of its mines, entitling you to a portion of rewards (in the form of StarStardust) when those mines are used by other players. The more your Celestial Object is harvested, the more Stardust you can potentially receive as the owner. Stardust is then used to determine the amount of GALA you will receive in the daily reward distribution. Look for more detailed information about Stardust and rewards in the Litepaper, coming soon.

Starting Building and Conquer the Galaxy

The race to become a galactic superpower has begun, and power beyond measure is within anyone’s grasp. 

Your new empire awaits, Commander. What will you make of it?

Play Now

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Echoes of Empire: Day 1 Strategy

Echoes of Empire: Day 1 Strategy

Before the Empire crumbled, there was a lot of grumbling throughout the galaxy, and everyone seemed to have an idea of what could be done to make things better. This is how the Arbeiters, the Royals and the Garrison turned from what should have been cooperative systems toward similar goals, to factions hell-bent on each others’ destruction.

Each mad with their own takes on what was right and what was ultimately good for the galaxy and the Empire, these factions tore away at one another until nothing was left but ruin. Now that the Empire is over, the factions still remain, and the noble houses attempting to rise from the ashes of the Empire’s destruction must work within the frameworks established by each faction. 

The promised result is a new kind of galactic chaos in which every faction must be represented within each and every noble’s Homebase. If each Homebase doesn’t embrace the Arbeiters’ exploratory spirit, the Garrison’s military might, and the Royal’s noble arrogance, no Homebase will have a chance on its own. Hopefully the workers within these factions will set aside their history of conflict for the greater good of the galaxy, but only time and space will tell.

Echoes of Empire launches very shortly, and those who move quickly will establish the surest galactic footing as countless noble houses attempt to establish themselves as planetary owners and figures of power.

Don’t Miss Day 1

The wise will take time on day 1 to build a solid foundation for their Homebase. The game’s robust interactive tutorial will guide you through the most essential actions, and it is imperative that you collect your rewards for each of these actions as you accomplish them. 

Play Echoes of Empire – starting 1/30/24 at 2pm PT 


Prepare for war and galactic conquest at your Homebase!

Your Homebase is everything in Echoes of Empire. It is your lifeline to the galaxy. It contains your Command Center and manages your defenses. It maintains your regular collection of each of the three different types of resources.

The following three resources are required (in various combination ratios) to craft and upgrade ships, build and upgrade Homebase components, to purchase and upgrade blueprints, and more.




Upgrading Buildings

Every building unit in your Homebase is upgradable by spending a combination of the three resources and by taking the required amount of time to build. Every upgrade has a specific requirement of another building’s prior upgrade, keeping you from becoming unbalanced in your building upgrades. Essentially, you cannot allow any particular area of your Homebase to become overpowered while neglecting another.

By clicking the Upgrade button on any Homebase building (each building has a duplicate view on each side of the Homebase for your convenience), you can check the requirements for that upgrade to be possible. If the Upgrade button is grayed out, it means either you a) have not achieved prerequisite upgrades, or you b) do not currently have enough resources to complete the upgrade.

In order to upgrade the Royal Foundry, I must first upgrade the Composite Vault to L4, then I’m good to go.

Check the Upgrade status of your buildings one by one (as described above), tracing back to the next one that can be upgraded, and get moving. If you can help it, your worker drones should never be caught idle for long. Don’t forget to click the ✔ above the building once the upgrade timer has run out in order to complete the upgrade and unlock your next upgradeable building.


You’ll receive Credit rewards for certain actions within the game. Credits may be used to purchase resource packs in-game, but they can also expedite the upgrade process with any type of upgrade at your Homebase.

If you get impatient with early upgrades, Credits  will go a long way early on, but you’ll quickly notice that longer upgrade times require more and more Credits, so use them wisely. A smart player may even wish to save up their Credits until they are in some kind of imminent danger, then spend them all for quick upgrades to catch the enemy by surprise and overwhelm them with sudden defense boosts.

Pro-tip: Start yourself off with an FTL boost by purchasing some Credits in the Gala Games store, which will be held ready in your account, allowing you to level up early and get a valuable head start over other players!

Building Fleets

There are two main types of ships you’ll want to start building on day 1: Flagships and Support Ships. 

Flagships (or Capital Ships) are humongous, and regardless of type or faction, each of these behemoths will cost 4000 of each type of resource for every single ship. If you have the resource production to support the effort, you should crank out increasingly upgraded Capital Ships as often as you can through the three Foundries (Arbeiters, Royals and Garrison).

Support Ships are much smaller than Capital Ships. Support Ships are built in each faction’s Workshop, and they are typically built in large batches (hundreds or more at a time, with a limit that varies based on the level of the Workshop).

Harvesting with Your Fleets

I have 3 of 4 Fleets deployed. As long as I have my Homebase sufficiently defended, I should scrape together another Fleet for deployment, even before these ones return.

You’ll learn pretty quickly that because resources are needed for everything, your Homebase Extractors will only get you so far. Larger quantities of resources come mainly from the harvesting of Celestial Objects in your vicinity. You can harvest Celestial Objects outside your immediate vicinity as well, but remember that fleets can travel very slowly through the vastness of space. This is the main reason it’s so important to park your Homebase near some reliable resource mines.

More rare Celestial Objects allow more versatile harvesting and they can hold more players’ mining fleets at a time, but the busiest mines will also carry an increased risk of attack. Remember that everyone is after the same resources, and so everyone wants what you have. If they can defeat your resource laden fleet in a raid away from your Homebase, most players will jump on that opportunity.

If you find a versatile and open resource mine, go ahead and harvest it for everything it’s got, because you never know when the surrounding space will get crowded and resources scarce.

Day 1 Checklist

If you stay busy on the first day, you may find yourself in a favorable position as new players join throughout the first week, the first month and beyond. Once you’ve spent the initial first few hours upgrading and preparing your base, you can just check in every couple hours to maintain and assure your upgrades and deployments are going off without any hitches.

  • Upgrade buildings and collect resource rewards from tutorial.
  • Accomplish daily quest items.
  • Create a versatile collection of Capital Ships and plenty of Support Ships.
  • Focus on maximizing harvest and cargo capacity when sending ships to nearby planets.
  • If you have active deployments, keep a Peace Shield Handy, because you cannot Teleoprt with Fleets in travel.
  • Don’t forget to upgrade your Capital Ship Blueprints
  • Scrap old model Capital Ships in the Shipyard for additional resources.
  • Always harvest from your Extractors before they get full
  • Try to keep fewer resources than the protected amount allowed by your resource vaults.
  • Don’t go looking for fights on the first day.

Good luck out there, Commander! You’re gonna need it.

Play Echoes of Empire – starting 1/30/24 at 2pm PT 

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Celestial Land Rush | Echoes of Empire

Celestial Land Rush | Echoes of Empire

Before global launch on January 30th, owners of Celestial Claims will rush over the vast galactic playing field to claim their own celestial bodies.

The time has come to ignite your engines and set off into the unknown. Echoes of Empire will soon be here. Where will you make your home?

With the game launching on Tuesday, January 30th, it’s about time for the great Celestial land rush to begin, bringing a new dimension of strategic gamification into the fray. Claim holders will have to make some important choices that will impact the future of the entire Echoes of Empire galaxy.

Get Ready for Land Rush!

As spacefarers everywhere make last minute preparations for launch, Celestial Claim owners will have an exclusive early period to tour space, pick out their claim and get building their empire!

To reiterate, this will not just be an early period where Celestial Claim owners can claim their planet. The game will be live and active, so new planet owners are welcome to enjoy their first hours in Echoes of Empire as soon as they stake their claim.

Celestial Claim owners will be allowed to enter early to find their dream planet based on the rarity of their claim:

    • Monday, January 29th. 8am PT: Ancients

    • Monday, January 29th, 12pm PT: Legendaries

    • Monday, January 29th, 4pm PT: Epics

    • Tuesday, January 30th, 8am PT: Rares

    • Tuesday, January 30th, 11am PT: Uncommons

    • Tuesday, January 30th, 2pm PT: GLOBAL LAUNCH

Not an Owner Yet?

The primary early sale for Celestial Claims may be over, but this game is backed by the power of GalaChain and web3 tech for a reason. You can still pick up pre-claimed Celestial Claim tokens of all rarities on the OpenSea secondary market or right on GalaChain through our friends at NFT Harbor… as long as others are looking to sell!

Choosing a Celestial Body

There is no going back from spending a Celestial Claim token to claim a Celestial Body, so make sure you take as much as possible into consideration.

By claiming as early as possible in the galactic land rush, you’ll have an opportunity to stake your claim in the most high profile Celestial Bodies. Location is important because of the travel time needed by mining fleets to reach their destinations with every deployment. Proximity to (or distance from) rival players is also important, but it will be difficult to tell early on where various players have decided to concentrate their forces. 

Homebase stations are mobile in Echoes of Empire, and players can relocate by using Teleporters. Some Teleporters are targeted (player chooses the destination) while others are entirely random.

Some players may want to wait for the first wave of claimed owners to lay their foundations, because learning from their actions will offer an advantage. Of course, those players will have a head start on you in terms of the collection of Stardust and other resources, so you’ll want to protect your Homebase accordingly.

There it is, Commander. No one said claiming ownership of Celestial Bodies came with only easy decisions to make. We will do everything we can to help inform your decisions, because no matter which faction(s) you support, we all want the galaxy to become a prosperous and peaceful place. There’s plenty of room for all… right?

What is a Celestial Claim?

Owning a token for a Celestial Claim is just what it sounds like. You don’t own a specific celestial body in the game yet, and the game  is not going to assign one to you. Instead, you will enjoy complete freedom to choose (within the established parameters of your Claim) the Celestial Body over which you will take ownership and control.

Each token represents the holder’s right to claim a specific Celestial Body in-game. There are several different rarities of Celestial Claims, each representing different types of Celestial Bodies with varying degrees of resource mining potential.

Rarity Benefits

Uncommon Celestial Bodies consist of rocky planetoids, volcanic moons and rare earth asteroids. These Bodies can have up to three mines each, generating a single resource type and an average amount of Stardust for owners. Each mine on an Uncommon Celestial Body may be leased to up to 3 players.

Rare Celestial Bodies consist of habitable planets and moons. These Bodies can have up to 4 mines which generate a single resource type and a slightly higher-than-average amount of Stardust. Each mine on a Rare Celestial Body may be leased by up to 4 players.

Epic Celestial Bodies consist of gas giants and super earths. They can have up to 5 mines of increased capacity and generate 2 distinct resource types. Mining on Epic Celestial Bodies generates an above average amount of Stardustand mines may be leased to up to 6 players each.

Legendary Celestial Bodies consist of red giants and white dwarfs. They can have up to 7 mines of increased capacity generating all 3 resource types. Legendary Celestial Bodies generate a greatly  increased amount of Stardust, and each mine can be leased to up to 10 players.

Location wise, there are 3 Clusters (quadrants) of Celestial Claims: Ember’s Grace, Aurora’s Edge, and The Pale. Early on, it’s any player’s guess where the action will take place.

How to Claim Your Celestial Land

Once you own a Celestial Claim token, claiming a Celestial Body of your choice is easy in the game:

    1. Bridge the tokenized claim to GalaChain–If you purchased your Claim in the primary sale last year or picked it up on the secondary market, you’ll need to bridge the token from Ethereum to GalaChain to gain access to it in the game.

    1. Select a Spot–Within the Galaxy Map, locate a Celestial Body of the rarity that corresponds to your Celestial Claim, in the correct Cluster. Look for the colored diamond at the top of that Body’s marker, which indicates the rarity.

    1. Choose Claim–By choosing the Claim option when you have a corresponding Claim token in your account inventory, your Celestial Claim will be spent and a GalaChain-minted deed for that Celestial Body will be issued.

Once your Celestial Claim Token has been burned, your GalaChain deed token will be fully transferable to other players within the ecosystem, or bridgeable to Ethereum, where you can trade as you see fit on the secondary market.

Countdown to Launch

The launch of Echoes of Empire is in just a few days, and we couldn’t be more excited to go explore the galaxy!

Stay tuned to hear more from us over the next couple of days as we dive into the vastness of space together!

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