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Celestial Land Rush | Echoes of Empire

January 27, 2024
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Before global launch on January 30th, owners of Celestial Claims will rush over the vast galactic playing field to claim their own celestial bodies.

The time has come to ignite your engines and set off into the unknown. Echoes of Empire will soon be here. Where will you make your home?

With the game launching on Tuesday, January 30th, it’s about time for the great Celestial land rush to begin, bringing a new dimension of strategic gamification into the fray. Claim holders will have to make some important choices that will impact the future of the entire Echoes of Empire galaxy.

Get Ready for Land Rush!

As spacefarers everywhere make last minute preparations for launch, Celestial Claim owners will have an exclusive early period to tour space, pick out their claim and get building their empire!

To reiterate, this will not just be an early period where Celestial Claim owners can claim their planet. The game will be live and active, so new planet owners are welcome to enjoy their first hours in Echoes of Empire as soon as they stake their claim.

Celestial Claim owners will be allowed to enter early to find their dream planet based on the rarity of their claim:

    • Monday, January 29th. 8am PT: Ancients

    • Monday, January 29th, 12pm PT: Legendaries

    • Monday, January 29th, 4pm PT: Epics

    • Tuesday, January 30th, 8am PT: Rares

    • Tuesday, January 30th, 11am PT: Uncommons

    • Tuesday, January 30th, 2pm PT: GLOBAL LAUNCH

Not an Owner Yet?

The primary early sale for Celestial Claims may be over, but this game is backed by the power of GalaChain and web3 tech for a reason. You can still pick up pre-claimed Celestial Claim tokens of all rarities on the OpenSea secondary market or right on GalaChain through our friends at NFT Harbor… as long as others are looking to sell!

Choosing a Celestial Body

There is no going back from spending a Celestial Claim token to claim a Celestial Body, so make sure you take as much as possible into consideration.

By claiming as early as possible in the galactic land rush, you’ll have an opportunity to stake your claim in the most high profile Celestial Bodies. Location is important because of the travel time needed by mining fleets to reach their destinations with every deployment. Proximity to (or distance from) rival players is also important, but it will be difficult to tell early on where various players have decided to concentrate their forces. 

Homebase stations are mobile in Echoes of Empire, and players can relocate by using Teleporters. Some Teleporters are targeted (player chooses the destination) while others are entirely random.

Some players may want to wait for the first wave of claimed owners to lay their foundations, because learning from their actions will offer an advantage. Of course, those players will have a head start on you in terms of the collection of Stardust and other resources, so you’ll want to protect your Homebase accordingly.

There it is, Commander. No one said claiming ownership of Celestial Bodies came with only easy decisions to make. We will do everything we can to help inform your decisions, because no matter which faction(s) you support, we all want the galaxy to become a prosperous and peaceful place. There’s plenty of room for all… right?

What is a Celestial Claim?

Owning a token for a Celestial Claim is just what it sounds like. You don’t own a specific celestial body in the game yet, and the game  is not going to assign one to you. Instead, you will enjoy complete freedom to choose (within the established parameters of your Claim) the Celestial Body over which you will take ownership and control.

Each token represents the holder’s right to claim a specific Celestial Body in-game. There are several different rarities of Celestial Claims, each representing different types of Celestial Bodies with varying degrees of resource mining potential.

Rarity Benefits

Uncommon Celestial Bodies consist of rocky planetoids, volcanic moons and rare earth asteroids. These Bodies can have up to three mines each, generating a single resource type and an average amount of Stardust for owners. Each mine on an Uncommon Celestial Body may be leased to up to 3 players.

Rare Celestial Bodies consist of habitable planets and moons. These Bodies can have up to 4 mines which generate a single resource type and a slightly higher-than-average amount of Stardust. Each mine on a Rare Celestial Body may be leased by up to 4 players.

Epic Celestial Bodies consist of gas giants and super earths. They can have up to 5 mines of increased capacity and generate 2 distinct resource types. Mining on Epic Celestial Bodies generates an above average amount of Stardustand mines may be leased to up to 6 players each.

Legendary Celestial Bodies consist of red giants and white dwarfs. They can have up to 7 mines of increased capacity generating all 3 resource types. Legendary Celestial Bodies generate a greatly  increased amount of Stardust, and each mine can be leased to up to 10 players.

Location wise, there are 3 Clusters (quadrants) of Celestial Claims: Ember’s Grace, Aurora’s Edge, and The Pale. Early on, it’s any player’s guess where the action will take place.

How to Claim Your Celestial Land

Once you own a Celestial Claim token, claiming a Celestial Body of your choice is easy in the game:

    1. Bridge the tokenized claim to GalaChain–If you purchased your Claim in the primary sale last year or picked it up on the secondary market, you’ll need to bridge the token from Ethereum to GalaChain to gain access to it in the game.

    1. Select a Spot–Within the Galaxy Map, locate a Celestial Body of the rarity that corresponds to your Celestial Claim, in the correct Cluster. Look for the colored diamond at the top of that Body’s marker, which indicates the rarity.

    1. Choose Claim–By choosing the Claim option when you have a corresponding Claim token in your account inventory, your Celestial Claim will be spent and a GalaChain-minted deed for that Celestial Body will be issued.

Once your Celestial Claim Token has been burned, your GalaChain deed token will be fully transferable to other players within the ecosystem, or bridgeable to Ethereum, where you can trade as you see fit on the secondary market.

Countdown to Launch

The launch of Echoes of Empire is in just a few days, and we couldn’t be more excited to go explore the galaxy!

Stay tuned to hear more from us over the next couple of days as we dive into the vastness of space together!

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