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Launch Day – Echoes of Empire

January 30, 2024
Echoes of Empire is an epic 4X space adventure in exploration and conquest, now live on Gala Games!
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Gala Games and Ion Games are pleased to announce that the 4X space adventure, Echoes of Empire, is now live for PC and Mac on the Gala Games platform.

The Empire has fallen. Overcome by greed and ambition, those who controlled the ebb and flow of the entire civilized galaxy have been destroyed by their own mistakes. Its separation into three destructive factions, each with its own ideas of how the imperium should have run, was the beginning of the end. Now the broken pieces of those factions and the technologies they pioneered must all be used to rebuild civilization or else propel humanity into a new dark age, similar to that before FTL travel was invented.

As an Echoes of Empire player, you represent one of those noble families. Your goal is not only to amass power and influence for yourself, but to guide humanity into the future and away from that dark past. You cannot let the Empire’s failure determine the fate of every living soul in the known universe. You must forge out some semblance of prosperity, with or without the elusive peace that your predecessors ironically fought so hard to maintain.

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Play on PC and Mac

Anyone with a Gala Games account can download the game now through the Gala Games launcher and play for free. The sooner you begin collecting resources and upgrading your Homebase station, the better positioned you will be when all hell breaks loose in the galactic superwars that are inevitable in the aftermath of the Empire’s decay. Glory and wealth will go to those who want them the most, to those who are willing to do anything for what they think is right.

Own Planets and Stars

The Echoes of Empire launch also marks the beginning of the Celestial Claim land rush for all players. All holders of Celestial Claim tokens (ERC-1155) will have the opportunity to claim any available Celestial Object that matches the parameters of their Claim token.

Imagine owning a Legendary Celestial Object like this one!

Celestial Object ownership is not a requirement to play, but every Celestial Object is home to multiple resource mines, which will be needed by all players to keep up with Homebase expansion and Fleet construction. When you are the claimed owner of a Celestial Object, you’re also the owner of its mines, entitling you to a portion of rewards (in the form of StarStardust) when those mines are used by other players. The more your Celestial Object is harvested, the more Stardust you can potentially receive as the owner. Stardust is then used to determine the amount of GALA you will receive in the daily reward distribution. Look for more detailed information about Stardust and rewards in the Litepaper, coming soon.

Starting Building and Conquer the Galaxy

The race to become a galactic superpower has begun, and power beyond measure is within anyone’s grasp. 

Your new empire awaits, Commander. What will you make of it?

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