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The Next Act: Gala Film Roadmap

February 5, 2024
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We’ve been working hard here at Gala Film to bring a full-scale launch to you during 2024. Building out the film platform of the future does take some work, so we wanted to touch base with the community about what we have planned throughout the year as we bring Gala Film live piece by piece.

Act 1: March and April, 2024

Within the next two months, we’re planning to bring at least three films picture locked on the platform including our Launch Film which we’re targeting this time period to push live.

By the end of this period, we’re targeting Films and Series being streamable on the platform and hosted by Film Nodes. During this timeframe we also want to get POPCORN distributions online for both Moments and Nodes, incorporate Distribution Boosts and debut unlockable content experiences.

We’re also planning a comprehensive overhaul to during this time, to bring it up to the new standard set by the recent facelifts to the Games and Music platforms.

Act 2: May through June, 2024

During this timeframe we will continue to expand the platform and features in the leadup to a full release. At this time, we’re targeting having an additional six films picture locked, with releases beginning to stream out.

This is the time period when we’ll be targeting the token launch for Gala Film, incorporating bridging and implementing other token utilities to bring Gala Film more into touch with GalaChain and the greater Gala Ecosystem.

This is when users will begin to see more robust User Profiles and a community progression system on the platform as more ways to interact with Gala Film become available.

Act 3: July through End of Year

During the last six months of 2024, we plan to have an additional nine films picture locked, bringing the total on the platform to at least 18. By this time, it is our intention that films will be released regularly, with the community fully aware of the planned release cycle.

Additional token utility and site enhancements will continue to roll out during this phase as we complete the launch cycle of Gala Film. 

Building for the Future

It’s important to note that there will still be a ton more coming after this release cycle. This is a very important year for Gala Film, and we want to be as forward as possible about our plans with the community who has supported us.

We plan on putting more information out across the next few months detailing more specifically how Gala Film will work, and what we’re building towards. We’ve always been very active with our community in Discord, but we’ve moved past the beginning of this project where things are moving quickly and evolving continuously. Now that we’re laser focused on our goals, we want to build this into a readily accessible source of information on Gala Film over time.

We’ll still always be very active with our Discord community in addition to creating more documentation and information here – join us in the Gala Film Discord to always keep in the loop on the latest!

Development isn’t always a linear path, so expect some degree of the unexpected along the way. We will continue to pivot to challenges as they arise to provide the best possible experience to our users. We will try, however, to update the community  here should we deviate too wildly from this roadmap over the next year. 

Thank you all for being a part of Gala Film. Let’s build the future together.