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Live With the Voyager: Ascension Team

Live With the Voyager: Ascension Team

We can’t wait for Voyager: Ascension to go live on Gala Games as the first 3rd party creator title on the platform!

Tonight on Ahead of the Game, get the inside scoop from the Voyager team themselves! This is one you don’t want to miss!

X Space Tomorrow

Join the Voyager: Ascension and Gala teams tomorrow for a deep dive into the upcoming title on X!

The conversation kicks off at 10am PT. We’ll see you there!

By the way, did you catch us flying around the moons of Saturn on Gala Games Plays the other night?

Check it out to see us hop into Voyager: Ascension for our first try getting absolutely pummeled in Challenge Mode!

Livestream First Look at Voyager: Ascension

Livestream First Look at Voyager: Ascension

We’re suited up and ready to dive into six degrees of freedom throughout the moons of Saturn tonight on Gala Games Plays!

Join us as we play live tonight at 3pm PT! Forgive our likely noobness… we’ll learn together!

Come provide moral support…. We’re going to need it!

Coming Soon

Voyager: Ascension will be the first ever 3rd party creator game released on Gala Games, coming on April 23rd! Prepare to forget dusty old concepts like ‘up’ or ‘down’ as you face zero G dogfights and treacherous terrain. 

We’re just a week away from everybody having a chance to hop in the driver’s seat of the Voyager Light Gunship for free! Join us today on the stream so you can be ready for the battle that’s coming.

Blasting Off with Voyager: Ascension and Welcoming RFLXT in a Strategic Partnership

Blasting Off with Voyager: Ascension and Welcoming RFLXT in a Strategic Partnership

Today we’re announcing a strategic collaboration that will bring RFLXT’s highly anticipated six degrees of freedom shooter, Voyager: Ascension, to the ever-expanding GalaChain ecosystem. Using the open source GalaChain SDK, the Voyager: Ascension dev team will integrate Voyager: Ascension (and other future titles) seamlessly into the Gala Games ecosystem, empowering more players around the world. 

This partnership marks a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize entertainment through blockchain technology and deliver captivating experiences to a global audience.


RFLXT is creating a new talent economy, where creators and talent can engage with their communities in entirely new ways. Built by a team of tech, gaming, and entertainment experts, RFLXT leverages the power of blockchain and AI to enable creators and talent to interact with their followers using RFLXT’s innovative Digital Double avatars.

We think RFLXT will find themselves right at home on GalaChain, a web3 infrastructure fully capable of reaching their visionary entertainment goals.

More Than Just a Game

Voyager: Ascension’s pulse-pounding gameplay will have you twisting and turning through labyrinthine underground facilities and blasting robotic adversaries into oblivion. The game promises an adrenaline-fueled experience unlike any other.

And the best part? It’s free to play! Dive into the action without barriers–If you crave even more rewards and customization, you can opt for the season pass.

But Voyager: Ascension is just the first step. This collaboration opens the door to a series of upcoming titles that will enrich GalaChain and offer an ever-evolving tapestry of decentralized entertainment.

Bridging the Future of Gaming

Alongside the innovative team at RFLXT, we are incredibly excited about this partnership’s potential. Combining GalaChain’s innovative capabilities with RFLXT’s creative prowess will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the gaming community, empowering players and fostering continued growth of a truly player-driven ecosystem.

Stay tuned for further updates on Voyager: Ascension and the exciting new horizons this partnership will unlock. Remember, the stars are no longer the limit; they’re just the launchpad!