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Gala Games Plays Voyager Ascension – May 8th 2024

Gala Games Plays Voyager Ascension – May 8th 2024

Get ready for six degrees of freedom with Gala Games’ first fully developed third party title, created by RFLXT: Voyager: Ascension!

Join members of the team for two hours of exciting gameplay as they explore labyrinthian zero-G space stations, collecting resources, completing missions and facing off against robots gone wrong.

In today’s episode of Gala Plays, we’ll take on the terrifying Nightmare difficulty so you can see what this game is capable of when the bots pull out all the stops.

Join us live from 3-5pm PT on the Gala Games Youtube channel. Set a notification at the link below!

Give your hosts a shout in the comments, then get in the game and see if you can hold your own in the depths of the more advanced difficulty levels! Voyager: Ascension is free to play for anyone with a Gala account, so what are you waiting for?
Download and play Voyager: Ascension now!

Livestream First Look at Voyager: Ascension

Livestream First Look at Voyager: Ascension

We’re suited up and ready to dive into six degrees of freedom throughout the moons of Saturn tonight on Gala Games Plays!

Join us as we play live tonight at 3pm PT! Forgive our likely noobness… we’ll learn together!

Come provide moral support…. We’re going to need it!

Coming Soon

Voyager: Ascension will be the first ever 3rd party creator game released on Gala Games, coming on April 23rd! Prepare to forget dusty old concepts like ‘up’ or ‘down’ as you face zero G dogfights and treacherous terrain. 

We’re just a week away from everybody having a chance to hop in the driver’s seat of the Voyager Light Gunship for free! Join us today on the stream so you can be ready for the battle that’s coming.