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Galathon: GalaChain Hackathon Liveblog

Galathon: GalaChain Hackathon Liveblog

The Latest Buzz From the GalaChain Hackathon

The GalaChain Hackathon is here! Developers from over a hundred individual teams are squaring off starting March 20th, 11am PT in a 24-hour development extravaganza… and we’ll be right here for the whole thing! In-person at our San Francisco HQ or anywhere in the world, keep up with the latest on the hackathon here!

Follow our liveblog below during the event for on-site news, community developments and the best innovations throughout the hackathon!

Thank you for joining the GalaChain Hackathon with us!

Revealing the Future: Gala Blueprint 

Revealing the Future: Gala Blueprint 

We’d like to share our vision as we move out of the early days of Gala’s development and into the future of GalaChain

Five years ago, we hosted one game. This was when GalaChain was, at best, a distant dream. Now here we are with over a dozen independent projects running on our own L1 blockchain. We’re not slowing down either… more projects are continuously releasing.

We will always be Gala Games, but we’re also so much more now. GalaChain is the fabric that ties together everything that we do, and we’re planning for a future where it is at the forefront of our strategy.

Building for GalaChain

GalaChain exceeds performance metrics on similar blockchains. This is primarily because it’s been forged in fire, so to speak. Gaming is one of the most demanding activities on any tech, and the fact that we’ve built GalaChain to not only accommodate it but also excel at it is a HUGE strength.

This is the need we saw when we started working on GalaChain. Nothing out there really held up to the level of demand required by popular, high-end games. It wasn’t easy, but we optimized the chain and we made the tools.

Now those tools are huge assets to us that can be converted into tools for other developers. It’s not just games either… these tools are tested for development. Many things we’ve learned under the pressure of games translates to all kinds of development.

Building for the Future

Our chain has another vital asset that we can’t ignore– our Node Network. The Founder’s Node network itself is a massively powerful tool and one of the largest decentralized node networks in the world. Even more importantly, however, we have streamlined the creation of independent node networks on GalaChain.

This means a new developer could come in and use our tools to spin up a node network to support their project. They could utilize tools that we’ve crafted after learning hard lessons. They could utilize our existing pipelines to create new and exciting things… even better than we could have ever dreamed of!

Gala Ecosystem Blueprint

We can’t do this planning document justice in just a short article though, so dive in and check out everything that we have planned!

We can’t wait to build the future with you.