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Latest and Greatest – The Walking Dead: Empires Winter Update

Latest and Greatest – The Walking Dead: Empires Winter Update

We’re shaking up the wasteland from explorable interiors to streamlined crafting and exciting features on the horizon, so let’s dive into the latest developments.

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Fresh Start, Familiar Faces

The Public Development Build was updated on February 15th, marking a significant milestone in the game’s progress. Server progress needed to be wiped, but fear not: All player XP earned with NFT heroes remains intact. Now you’re back in action with your seasoned fighters, ready to conquer the new-and-improved TWDE world.

This build is your pre-release head start to surviving in the unforgiving world of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Build a base, gather supplies, and defend yourself against walkers and players. Play with NFT Heroes to keep XP even when the servers are reset for major updates!

Immersion Unleashed

Explorable interiors are finally here, starting with a chilling police station. Multiple entry points beckon you inside, marking the dawn of truly immersive environments. Explore, scavenge, and brace yourself for what lurks within.

Base Building Revolution

Building your base just got easier! The new “pack up” feature allows you to effortlessly relocate your HQ, complete with all constructs and contents. No more tedious rebuilding, and the best part? No progress is lost when moving to a higher-rarity zone! Additionally, construct movement within your base is now a breeze, offering greater flexibility and design freedom.

Teleport to Survive

Need to return to HQ for supplies? No problem! The new teleportation feature lets you warp back to the exact spot you originated from, streamlining exploration and strategic movement.

Crafting Refined

Crafting has been streamlined for better clarity and realism. Now, you’ll need specific stations for different crafts. But fear not, the option for basic crafting remains available for quick fixes.

Quality of Life

This update is packed with minor improvements to enhance your gameplay experience. From bug fixes to interface tweaks, the team has been busy polishing the wasteland to make your survival even smoother.

What’s Next?

We’re just getting started. DeadCoin integration, earning mechanics, Founder’s Keys and premium subscriptions are all just around the corner. Stay tuned for more exciting news as we continue to build the ultimate TWD survival gaming experience.

Ready to explore the new world? Download the game now and jump into the action, absolutely free!