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TWD Heroes Spotlight: Glenn Cards Incoming!

June 28, 2024
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June is finishing strong in The Walking Dead: Empires. Monthly events are underway, and the best of the best are rising the ranks on the leaderboard. There’s still some time left in the Survivor’s Trial event, so craft like your life depends on it. After all, it just may!

These weekly events will be continuing next month, with increased rewards for each leaderboard!

The beginning of monthly events isn’t the only thing to be excited about. We’re happy to announce that, starting soon, you’ll be able to acquire specific Hero Cards during limited-time sales. First up will be one of the most beloved characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead: Glenn!

Expand Your Empire with Glenn

Glenn’s tragic death in AMC’s The Walking Dead hit many people hard (us included! 😭). Starting today, however, Glenn can live on in your empire… still protecting those around him and fighting to survive.

Glenn is adaptable and resourceful. He’s capable of doing what’s necessary when confronted with the horrors of this world, while also maintaining compassion and cautious optimism.

With the Glenn Hero Card, you can play The Walking Dead: Empires in Glenn’s shoes. Lock and load to defend your base as you gain experience and build towards a better tomorrow.

Get started leveling up your Glenn. Your empire is just beginning, and building a strong foundation is crucial.

Sale Details

The sale began on Friday, June 28th at 8am PT. The sale for each Hero Card will continue until supply has run out, or the Card is removed in anticipation of new Hero Card releases. Don’t worry: We’ll give plenty of warning before removing any Hero Cards.

For this sale, only the Common and Ancient versions of Glenn will be available:

Common: $4.99 Each | 2000 Supply
$249.99 Each | 50 Supply

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This item fulfills directly to GalaChain and is playable in-game right away!

Get ready. This Friday, Glenn enters your empire.

More to Survive

Glenn is the first Hero hitting our store, but he certainly won’t be the last. Expect to see regular releases of all your favorite characters in the coming months. Share your thoughts and feedback with us so we can adjust our plans and schedules accordingly.

The Public Development Build of The Walking Dead: Empires is just getting started. Expect to see regular sales for Hero Cards alongside new events and more. As we expand content and get prepped for a full release, we appreciate the time you’ve spent playing and providing feedback. 

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