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Gala Music Brings Fairness and Creative Empowerment to Recording Artists

Gala Music Brings Fairness and Creative Empowerment to Recording Artists

As the music industry continues to grapple with the complexities of fair compensation and artist rights, Gala Music is emerging as a transformative force, championing the interests of emerging artists in a landscape often dominated by established platforms and traditional mechanisms. This is increasingly significant in light of recent developments, such as Spotify’s decision to reduce royalty payments to songwriters, which is poised to further squeeze the already modest earnings of creative professionals​​.

Spotify’s latest subscription rate hike plan to include audiobooks as a Premium tier feature, songwriters and publishers did not get the royalty boost that might be expected from a subscription cost increase. Instead, the membership restructuring will introduce a new bundle disbursement rate for royalties that includes audiobooks. As a result, US songwriters and publishers’ royalty value will drop by an estimated $150 million over the coming 12 months. SOURCE

Fair Pay for Gala Recording Artists

Gala Music, built on the innovative GalaChain, leverages cutting edge web3 tech to create a decentralized ecosystem where artists can thrive by maintaining control over their music and directly engaging with their audiences.

Unlike traditional music platforms that offer minimal royalties and limited transparency, Gala Music introduces an equitable revenue model where artists receive a substantial 70% share of the revenue from NFT track sales. This model not only ensures artists are fairly compensated but also aligns with Gala Music’s core philosophy of empowering artists rather than exploiting them for profit.

But NFT track sales aren’t the only way for artists to earn with Gala Music. Artists can also receive $MUSIC in a variety of ways, including direct tips from users, rewards based on platform track listens and more. By building a fan base on Gala Music, an artist is securing a plethora of potential revenue streams with the power to significantly boost their careers.

To learn more about Gala Music’s industry-empowering vision, read the Gala Music Whitepaper.

Gala’s partially decentralized structure allows artists to bypass the restrictive practices of the music industry that have historically undermined their financial and creative autonomy, while still adhering to high quality standards for platform offerings. Through features such as the Gala Music Jukebox Node DePIN, the Artist Upload self service portal and the All Access store that allows artists to share unique and creative experiences, artists and fans can interact in novel ways with the potential to transform an entire art form for the better. From direct sales to live concerts, special promotions and more, Gala Music is a game changer for artists’ careers.

The recent shift by Spotify highlights a broader industry trend where the economics do not favor the artist. According to reports, Spotify’s bundled subscriptions for audiobooks and other content are expected to further reduce the royalties that songwriters can earn from the platform, pressing the need for alternative solutions like Gala Music where artists’ contributions are valued and rewarded​​.

Resonating Change

Gala Music’s response to the industry’s challenges is not just about offering better pay. It’s about a revamp of the artist’s role in the music industry that puts the creators back in the driver’s seat. 

Through blockchain technology, Gala Music provides transparency, allowing artists to see exactly how their music is being consumed and ensuring that they are compensated accordingly.

Smart contracts make it possible for artists to easily manage things like releases and rev shares, and the unsurpassed security of GalaChain ensures a safe environment that uplifts and rewards artistic integrity. This level of clarity and fairness is absent in conventional music streaming services, which have often been criticized for opaque payout processes and disproportionately low payments to artists.

Gala Music is much more than a free streaming platform; it’s a movement towards a more just and artist-focused music industry. It represents a shift from a corporate-dominated space to one where independent artists can pave their own paths and receive the full value of their creative output. As the landscape of music continues to evolve, Gala Music represents hope and fairness in the future of music, promising a better deal for artists and a richer, more diverse musical culture for fans around the world.

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Drops to Watch: This Week’s Gala Music Releases

Drops to Watch: This Week’s Gala Music Releases

As Gala May Mayhem intensifies, Gala Music continues to make massive strides toward empowering the entire music industry with ownership and rewards.

$MUSIC is now listed on GalaChain’s official token swap platform, making it easy to trade Gala Music rewards for $GALA, $GUSDC, $GWETH and much more without leaving GalaChain.

With the latest platform updates and drops all week from both new and returning Gala Music artists, this is the perfect time to start discovering new sounds and unlocking new levels of fandom for your favorite musicians. 

This Week’s Highlights

Waje Returns

After making her Gala Music premiere with “I Promise” in late March of 2024, the Voice of Africa is back with a special 4 song EP– The first two tracks, “Worries” and “Odo” dropped yesterday, May 8th! Look for the other two tracks, “With You” and “Energy” two weeks later to complete the “Same Human, Different Beast” EP. If you’re a fan of the massively popular Afrobeats genre, this set will be an amazing crowning jewel for your Gala Music collection.


Consisting of billboard chart-topper & platinum songwriter Krysta Youngs and platinum singer-songwriter Zach Maxey from The Crushboys, JOIN THA KULT is about to drop a special Marzetti dance mix of “Breakin’ Up” that’s sure to get you moving. This killer collab from Gala Music favs drops today, Thursday May 9th!


Where “the supernatural meets the sonic,” the Pagansus rides, making mythical waves with its triumphant entry to web3 with “Bad Apple,” a track that will get you psyched on a superhuman level. Kicking off this week with a hefty dose of metal adrenaline, the Signature Edition dropped on Tuesday.

DJ At Dawn

Experience the fusion of gangsta and electronic house with this new track from DJ At Dawn, thriving with energy, attitude and transcendent emotion. The Signature Edition of “Gangsta House” drops on Thursday.

This Week’s Drops

With the new Artist Upload self service portal in full swing, it’s easier than ever for Gala Music artists to manage their new track drops, set pricing and set releases. Here’s a list of upcoming Signature Edition NFT tracks to check out now!

Tuesday, May 7th 👇

Pagansus – “Bad Apple”
Analea Brown – “App For That”
SEON – “let me let you go” (Gala exclusive)
RoofTalez – “Dancing”
WVM – “After the Fall”

Wednesday, May  8th 👇

Fmonkeyrock – “Nebula”
The Mad Ones – “Pretty Lights”
Waje – “Odo”
Waje – “Worries”
Louis King – “Cake” (prod. LiD)

Thursday, May 9th 👇

JOIN THA KULT – “Breakin’ Up” (Marzetti Mix)
Sarafa – “ALL”
The Dropout – “The Hive”
At Dawn – “Gangsta House”
Raf Bernardino – “Stay Alive”

Friday, May 10th 👇

Lh – “empty nothingness”
King Quan – “Feelin”
SleepSheepMusic – “Sunday Morning”
teddibear – “breaking hearts”


Are you feeling the $MUSIC flow? There are plenty of ways to start collecting $MUSIC rewards with Gala. From referring users who go on to become collectors, to engaging with live streams, tipping artists and more, you can qualify for additional rewards for your ecosystem support!

When you own NFT tracks and pair them with active Jukebox Nodes, you’ll start collecting regular $MUSIC rewards based on the success of your owned track on the platform. When an NFT track is hosted (paired with a node), it becomes available for listening to anyone in the ecosystem. Whenever that track is played, rewards are generated for the artist who created it, the node operator who hosted it, and the collector who owns the NFT!

Take the ownership and reward journey even further when you start literally powering the ecosystem by running a Jukebox Node of your own. You can even pair your own track with your own node to essentially double down on that track’s rewards!

Explore the many ways to stock up on $MUSIC rewards in the Gala Music Whitepaper.

All Access Store

Unlock exclusive experiences and merch in the All Access Store in some of the most exciting ways to make the most of your $MUSIC. From exclusive merchandise to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, look no further than the All Access Store, the natural habitat of Gala Music superfans.

This week, check out the wide variety of available All Access items from the following Gala Music artists:

  • S2art
  • Daisy Guttridge
  • Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist
  • September Mourning
  • Sandi Thom
  • Marty Grimes
  • PLS&TY
  • Just Shocky
  • Monia Ashibi

Calling Artists

Have you thought about elevating your music career to web3 with Gala Music? It’s now easier than ever, thanks to the Artist Upload self service portal. Gala Music artists keep 70% of the revenue generated from their track sales.

Artists start here

Feel the Beat: DJ At Dawn Drops ‘GANGSTA HOUSE’ Exclusively on Gala Music

Feel the Beat: DJ At Dawn Drops ‘GANGSTA HOUSE’ Exclusively on Gala Music

Gala Music is thrilled to announce the debut of the electrifying track “GANGSTA HOUSE” by the innovative electronic music maestro, DJ At Dawn. This track is set to drop on May 9th, marking a vibrant new addition to our rich and diverse music catalog.

“GANGSTA HOUSE” is a heady mix of powerful beats and intense melodies, tailored for those who crave high-energy electronic beats infused with a gangsta vibe. It’s a track that not only compels you to dance but also envelops you in a wave of emotive and euphoric soundscapes. Get ready to be transported into a world where each beat resonates with attitude and energy.

At Dawn, the mastermind behind this track, brings his unique philosophy of uniting people through music. His tracks are more than just songs; they are experiences that transcend the ordinary, celebrating life with every note.

Listen to “GANGSTA HOUSE” now on Gala Music


Gala Music is a new kind of music streaming platform, with potential rewards for everyone for various kinds of interaction. Whether you’re a casual listener, a dedicated NFT collector or a seasoned artist dropping your next album in the cutting edge of music web3 tech, $MUSIC rewards are available for your time and energy.

Gala Music’s amazing newly released Listen for Rewards system lets you collect points on a daily basis that will unlock $MUSIC rewards, turning into spendable platform tokens you can use to cop the latest track drops, tip your favorite artists, unlock once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the All Access Store and much more.

$MUSIC is like a key that unlocks an entire world of immersive web3 entertainment, powered by GalaChain. To learn more about Gala Music’s economy of $MUSIC rewards, check out the Gala Music Whitepaper.

Owning a Track

By owning a Gala Music track, you’re not just supporting our artists, who enjoy a top-notch 70% revenue share– You’re also unlocking the door to additional $MUSIC rewards. To start the daily reward flow, simply host your track by pairing it with an active Gala Music Jukebox Node. Then other users will be able to listen to your instance of the track and rewards will be generated based on how often your track is played!

“GANGSTA HOUSE” will drop tomorrow as a Signature Edition, our most limited NFT edition with just 100 total copies. Signature Edition

Make sure you’re ready to add this track to your collection when it drops tomorrow at 1pm PT. More than a good listen, it’s a part of the music revolution we are all driving forward together.

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“Breakin’ Up (Marzetti Remix)”: A Gala Music Dancefloor Drop from JOIN THA KULT Lands Tomorrow

“Breakin’ Up (Marzetti Remix)”: A Gala Music Dancefloor Drop from JOIN THA KULT Lands Tomorrow

This Thursday, the dance floors are set to ignite as Gala Music unveils an exhilarating collaboration between two powerhouse artists, JOIN THA KULT and Marzetti. “Breakin’ Up (Marzetti Remix)” brings an electrifying twist to the EDM scene, perfect for those who love to groove all night long.

JOIN THA KULT, featuring the dynamic duo Krysta Youngs and Zach Maxey of The Crushboys, have carved a niche with their unique blend of hip-hop and pop. Their path to music creation, although started with an unforeseen twist during an EP project for HBO’s “Rap Sh!t”, has blossomed into an empowering movement championing self-love and authenticity. Their sound is a vibrant echo of cultural icons like Gwen Stefani and OutKast, with a message that resonates deeply with their listeners.

On the flip side, Marzetti brings his signature Wobble, House, and Garage vibes to the table. Known for his energetic beats and internationally acclaimed remixes, Marzetti continues to be a formidable name in the electronic music landscape. His knack for transforming tracks into dance floor anthems makes him the perfect collaborator for this project.

Together, these artists fuse their talents to remix “Breakin’ Up”, turning it into an unmissable dance track that promises to get you moving. With pulsating beats and infectious energy, this track is a testament to the creative prowess that thrives on Gala Music.

Listen to “Breakin’ Up (Marzetti Remix)” now on Gala Music

Cop the Signature Edition NFT when it drops on May 9th for the massive 20X multiplier (the highest possible) to your $MUSIC rewards when you pair it with an active Jukebox Node. Prepare to experience the rhythm and pulse of “Breakin’ Up (Marzetti Remix)”. Join us on the dance floor and let the music lead the way!

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Exclusive EP Release: Waje’s African Rhythms on Gala Music

Exclusive EP Release: Waje’s African Rhythms on Gala Music

Renowned African singer-songwriter Waje is making waves with her latest release on Gala Music—a four-track EP that promises to capture hearts and move feet.

With a dedicated worldwide following and musical influences that range from Whitney Houston to Onyeka Nwenu, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Tracy Chapman, Brandy, Monica, Beyoncé, and Amy Winehouse, Waje is ready to make a major impact on the web3 music scene.

Like all Gala Music tracks, these special NFTs are limited in supply. Each Signature Edition is limited to only 100 digital copies, so securing each track in this 4-song EP will be a collector’s dream, especially for fans of Afrobeats who truly understand the significance of this moment.

Exclusively on Gala Music

If you want to hear these brand new tracks, look no further than Gala Music, where you don’t have to own to enjoy. In fact, for three weeks following the drop, you won’t be able to hear these songs anywhere else in the world. All you need to start discovering new music with Gala is to create a free account.

“Odo” and “Worries”

Presale for the first two tracks from Waje’s EP started at 12pm PT for everyone qualified, and the open sale begins today at 1pm PT.These tracks will be exclusively available on Gala Music for three weeks, so fans won’t want to miss out on this exclusive listening experience.

“Odo” is a Ghanaian word for love, capturing an upbeat love story about commitment and timeless affections. The song features sultry vocals, memorable melodies, and a feel-good Afrobeat vibe that improves with each play.

Listen to “Odo” now on Gala Music

“Worries” is an upbeat Afrobeat/pop fusion song produced by Nigerian hitmaker Mr. Soul SHIIRO. The track showcases Waje in beast mode, transitioning smoothly between English and Pidgin English, backed by melodious harmonies that are sure to get listeners dancing.

Listen to “Worries” now on Gala Music

Two More Tracks Coming May 22nd

The excitement continues on May 22nd with the release of the final two tracks from Waje’s EP. These, too, will enjoy a three-week exclusive period on Gala Music.

NFT Ownership Rewards

Each track from this EP will initially be available as a Signature Edition NFT, limited to just 100 digital reward-enabled copies. By pairing these tracks with an active Jukebox Node, fans can collect daily $MUSIC rewards based on the track’s platform popularity. And because they’re Signature Editions, owners will enjoy the max boost multiplier to their daily rewards!

“Working with Gala Music has been an amazing experience, seamless and very transparent. The whole team has been truly supportive, both technically and informative, and I am quite happy the platform is open to African artists, giving us full power to bring our music, merch, and other content closer to the core fans.”


Don’t miss out on this exclusive release from one of Africa’s most captivating voices. Head over to Gala Music to be among the first to listen and support Waje’s latest masterpieces.

Grab all four Signature Edition tracks to count yourself among the most elite collectors of Gala Music NFTs!

Learn more about rewards and $MUSIC in the Gala Music Whitepaper

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