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The Mayhem Continues: Week 2 Preview

The Mayhem Continues: Week 2 Preview

Across the Gala community, we’ve got a pretty good start on the Mayhem… but we have so much further to go! Get ready for more fun and more rewards!

Before you dive into the first full weekend of Mayhem, we’d like to leave you with a sneak peek of what you can expect next week. Don’t get distracted now… there’s still so much Mayhem left in week one!

Come What May(hem)

Next week there’s another wave of Mayhem rising, so you better brace for impact!

Below, we’ll cover everything coming up in week 2! Remember there’s still a few days of week 1 left… and plenty of May still in the future!

Common Ground World

How are you faring in week 1 of Common Ground World Mayhem? Enjoy the “Everybody Is Welcome” competition while it lasts… because we’re mixing it up in week 2.

Next week, Common Ground World will bring the ‘Best of the Best’ competition. 

This week will have half the winners of a normal competition, with only 500 places walking away with any $GALA. Even with the reduction in places, this competition will feature a 5% bigger overall prize pool than normal!

Two more NFT reworks are on the way!

This time, the Hot Cocoa Chalet and Mistletoe Arch are getting rebalanced with some all-new utility. We’ll give you more details next week when these buildings are rereleased with a discounted price!

Hatchet Hank Jr. returns!

800 Hatchet Hank Jr.s were withheld in the original sale. It’s time to get these out to the great people with big dreams of big trees… and super fast lumberjacks. All 800 will be available for $150 each next Tuesday.

Remember there’s still plenty of competition left this week! There’s also some huge discounts going on in the Common Ground World Store… if you haven’t checked it out lately, it may be worth a look!

If you want the earliest details on next week’s Mayhem, make sure you don’t miss the Common Ground World Town Hall tomorrow!


The mayhem keeps going at GalaSwap! Same story this week, highest volume in each token will find a $GALA reward waiting for them. This week, however, we’re shuffling which tokens will be catching rewards a bit:

  • $GALA
  • $GUSDC
  • $MUSIC
  • $LEMIN
  • $GSWAP
  • $MTRM
  • $TOLK

Happy swapping galaxians!

Legends Reborn

Next week in Legends Reborn brings yet another competition, with $500 of $GALA rewards waiting for the top player in the same two categories as last week – Most matches played, and most matches won!

There’s still plenty of time to rack up matches to get free NFT rewards during May!

  • 50 PVP games played – Glacial Spear (Common) (NFT action card)
  • 100 PVP games played – Viridian Dragon (Common) (NFT creature)
  • 150 PVP games played – Brightscourge Phoenix (Uncommon) (NFT creature)

You better get to the tables and get practicing… Early Mayhem has a way of slowly building to something bigger…

Gala Music

Ok, this isn’t exactly MAYhem-related, but it’s still pretty Mayhem, so we couldn’t pass it up. As explained in the Gala Music Whitepaper, a Listen for Rewards program is part of the “Ecosystem Supporting Actors” allocation for $MUSIC. 

Did you know that you can already listen for rewards!? Go check it out, and you’ll rack up points for each unique track you listen to each day!

Learn More

Eternal Paradox

Eternal Paradox wrapped up a week of daily coupon codes already, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not more Mayhem on the way!

Today, the Mayhem Pass went live in EPX! This special rewards pass will let you mayhem even harder and collect extra rewards as you complete tasks throughout the month!

A Mayhem Pass can only be acquired via in-app purchase… but like the season pass, players get rewards even if they don’t purchase the pass!

Whether you purchase a Mayhem Pass or not, you’ll also still find extra Mayhem boxes that have been stolen by enemies around the map!

Go get that loot!

Keep a watch out at the end of the week, because on Friday the 17th the hunt is on!

The Gala Games Plays crew will be hiding in the field with an uber-powerful GM fortress during a special livestream that day. Basic Piñata protocol here… Find it. Attack it. Scoop up the rewards!

Gala Film

Gala Film will continue to offer increased rewards for each new episode of RZR during Mayhem!

During May Mayhem, you’ll get an additional RZR Mystery Box for the episode released that week.

Watch Now

One box will be delivered upon completing a new episode, while the second will be dropped at the beginning of each week. Get comfy and start binging!

Champions Arena

The gem discount for week 1 is wrapping up in just a few days. Catch it while you can!

The Mayhem, however, continues in the arena. All through May you can keep collecting M-tickets to load up on what you’re after in the special Mayhem Shop!


Are you frantically producing bicycles to build your growing army of VOX puppers? That competition may be wrapping up before long… but the VOX invasion has just begun!

Our latest intel says that the next place they’ll strike will be in Legends Reborn in week 2!

The top 100 leaderboard finishers in Legends Reborn in week 2 will get a shiny new limited Edition ProtoVOX! As with the previous week’s VOX item, these will only be available during Mayhem, though you’ll have a last chance to grab them in a special mystery box at the end of the month!

Mayhem… to Be Continued

Remember, this is just a preview of week 2… there’s still a whole weekend of week 1 left! Get out there and rack up those bicycle sales, match wins, m-tickets, watches, listens… ALL THE MAYHEM!

We’ll see you on the other side this time next week for a sneak peek at week 3. Good luck with your Mayhem!

Common Ground World Earth Day Art Contest

Common Ground World Earth Day Art Contest

Common Ground World isn’t just a chill farming game with deep wells of strategic nuance… it also stands for regenerative agriculture and sustainable practices for food and resource production. These are issues that affect the entire planet.

We’re all on this rock together, and it’s our responsibility to do better. With Earth day coming up, we thought it was a good opportunity to not dwell in doom and gloom, but instead celebrate the efforts to make our planet healthier, long into the future. It’s time to let the community show off some of their epic talent while also showcasing the theme of sustainability and regenerative practices that are near and dear to our hearts.

Earth Day Art Competition

Theme: CGW Celebrates Earth Day

The time has come to muster your creativity and show us your talents! We’re calling for art from our community that relates in some way to both Common Ground World as well as our planet. Note that the planet is a pretty wide category… get creative and express a unique message!

Get out your paints or pencils… we’re staying organic on this one! Any type of physical art will be fair game during this competition. This means no graphic design software of any kind should be used… this also rules out digital paint or animation, even if executed by hand.

Your art must be a physical object that you can hold… painting, drawing, diorama, sculpture – all of that fits the bill! Get in and get your hands dirty to create something totally original!

This contest will begin on April 22nd, 2024 at 12pm PT.

Last submissions will be accepted on April 25th, 2024 at 12pm PT.

How to Enter

To enter, creators will need to take a picture of their physical art and share it on Discord and/or X. You can snap a pic of yourself holding it, or place it on a background where it can be clearly seen in all its glory!

If shared on X, submissions must:

  • Tag @CommonGroundWLD
  • Include the hashtag #CGWEarthDayEntry

We don’t want to miss your submissions, so make sure you follow the instructions!

On Discord, submissions should be shared in the cgw-discussion channel.

Participants can share either place, but you shouldn’t hesitate to share both places if you’d like!

Voting and Prizes

Starting on April 26th at 12pm PT, we’ll hold votes in Discord for the top five winners. This voting period will last three days, then we’ll announce winners shortly after!

The five top creators will receive Natural Energy Plants to commemorate their work and make their towns more sustainable for the planet!

We can’t wait to see all the amazing art submitted by the Common Ground World community. We know there are some amazingly talented people around town, and we’re anxiously awaiting to see what everyone creates!

Contest Terms and Conditions