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Latest and Greatest: Eternal Paradox with New Adventure in Season 2

February 6, 2024
Eternal Paradox is a unique 4X/RPG fusion from Gala Games!
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Time flies when you’re defying fate, and Mercenaries, it’s time to set your clocks again! Season 2 of Eternal Paradox started less than 2 weeks ago on January 24th, bringing with it a whirlwind of fresh content, powerful heroes, and legendary rewards. Gear up and get ready, because there’s still plenty of time this season to turn the tides of fate for the good guys!

For this next issue of “Latest and Greatest” we’re featuring Eternal Paradox and some of the latest excitement from the magically charged land of Elysium.

This game is a brilliant fusion of 4x and RPG battle mechanics, a well balanced combination of competitive PvP action and narrative-driven PvE, repeating every 49 days in a paradoxical time loop of legendary proportions. The stakes could not be higher!

Learn more about ETIME rewards and the Eternal Paradox economy in the Litepaper.

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Meet Akari 

This enigmatic new mercenary joins the fray, blades flashing and secrets swirling. Watch her dominate the battlefield with breathtaking agility and lethal grace. Even though time repeats in the Eternal Paradox, you never know what might happen, so prepare your summons and get ready to bolster the ranks!

Play with the Team

On February 6th, members of the Gala team got together to hit the Eternal Paradox themselves on the latest edition of our live show, Gala Plays! Get some great game tips and a taste of the adventure in the Paradox by watching the replay below:

Mercenary Tomes

Mercenary Tomes are currently available in the Eternal Paradox store, each one allowing you to summon a minted Mercenary of any rarity, Rare or better. The Nature’s Fury Mercenary Tome gives you an unparalleled 6% shot at one of 4 different Legendary Mercs: Torsten, Emma, Ekon or Zahra. You’ll even have a combined 2% chance to get one of the same Mercs in the coveted Ancient rarity! The best part… Nature’s Fury Mercenary Tomes are 34% off for a limited time, available for purchase by credit card, GALA, ETH or ETIME!

Buy Nature’s Fury Mercenary Tome Now

Spend Your Hard-Earned ETIME

We’re pouring time and magic into crafting thrilling new ways to use your precious ETIME. Snag an Ancient ★7 (Wind Type) while you can, a legendary warrior whose power can turn the tide of any battle. Keep your eyes peeled for more ETIME treasures to come!

Get the Torsten Ancient ★7 (Wind Type) now, exclusively for ETIME!

Power up your Fortress with another exclusive ETIME sink available now in limited supply: Fortress of the Wild. This Skin is a one-time purchase for ETIME only–it doesn’t expire at the end of the season and your enemies will tremble in fear. Additionally, because this item is connected to the Breath of the Wild tribe, your Mercenaries within that tribe will get some valuable buffs when you play with this skin!

Get your Fortress of the Wild now!

Fortress of the Wild in-game Fortress skin

Stay tuned for more news and revelations as the end of the season approaches. Mercenaries, destiny awaits! Sharpen your blades, hone your skills, and prepare to defy fate once again. The Eternal Paradox beckons!

See you on the battlefield!

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