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Eternal Paradox: Season 5 Begins with Exciting New Updates!

June 18, 2024
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Your bedraggled forces stared at the sheer carnage before them, thinking back over the bloodshed and battle tactics that had led them this far in the fight against the vile forces of Shakram. One great skirmish remained, and the fate of Elysium stood in the balance.

They fought bravely, with the inspiration of the most famous Mercenary leaders lifting their banners like a proud wind, and one by one, they fell in the fight.

The Ring of Ruin roared, and as the bouts and victories of the past weeks faded into a memory that blurred with each passing second, those who still stood shared two unified thoughts… “Are we destined to do it again?” and “Maybe this time will set us free.”


Season 5 of Eternal Paradox is officially underway! This marks a new chapter in our epic hybrid 4X RPG battle game, packed with fresh content, thrilling challenges, and enhanced rewards that will keep you engaged and strategizing. Here’s what you can expect in the latest season…

Season Content

New Season Pass: Storm of the Desert

The all-new Season Pass 5 introduces the stunning “Storm of the Desert” castle skin. Enhance your stronghold’s appearance and showcase your dominance on the battlefield.

Arena Pass

The new Arena Pass will be available for two weeks, giving players additional opportunities to earn exclusive rewards and showcase their combat skills.

Mercenary Buffs

  • Torsten: +100% HP
  • Bianca: +100% ATK
  • Zarkhan: +100% ATK

Enhanced Rewards for Guild Conquests

The bonus reward previously reserved for the #1 guild in each Conquest has now been expanded to include the top 5 guilds! The specific rewards will be decided by a community vote, so make your voice heard and help shape the future of Eternal Paradox.

Fixes & Improvements

Based on valuable player feedback, we have implemented the following adjustments:

  • [Achievement Event] Eliminate Shakram and Capture Prisoners: The difficulty has been halved.
  • Guild Attendance Requests: The cooldown has changed from 5 seconds to 1 hour.
  • Guild Festival Missions: The mission to summon the Doombringer has been removed.
  • Contribution Level Prediction: We fixed a display error affecting predicted Contribution Levels for the next season.

Important Note: The error affecting Contribution Level predictions is still being resolved. Points from the previous season set to expire may cause a significant drop in your Contribution Level.

Store Updates

This update is more concise than previous seasons, reflecting our commitment to streamline communications while delivering substantial improvements and new content. Your continued support and feedback are invaluable as we strive to make Eternal Paradox the best possible experience. Thank you for your dedication, and enjoy the strategic battles of Season 5!

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