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Squad Warfare: Guilds in Eternal Paradox

June 24, 2024
Join forces with a guild in Eternal Paradox from Gala Games!
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The Ring spins once again, and Season 5 is underway!

Have you taken your fate into your own hands in Elysium yet? The battle can’t be won alone… to rise to this great of a challenge, you need a team at your back.

Grab Your Squad

While there’s definitely individual glory to be gained in each season’s battle for dominance, Eternal Paradox is, at its core, a team game. If you’ve taken to the battle in Elysium but haven’t jumped into a guild to fight for common goals, you’re missing out!

There are many guilds in Elysium. You could peruse Discord communities to find the right one for you, or you could just grab an open spot right in the game! Each guild sets specific requirements to join. You’ll find some guilds that require a certain headquarters level or Captain level, but also others that are just happy to have any new Captain among their ranks!

To search for a new guild, just go to the “Guild” menu in game. From there, you can type the name of a guild in or scroll through the list. If you find a guild you’re interested in, you can request to join right away if there’s space. Some guilds will want you to reach out first though, and you can always contact the Guild Leader through a specific guild you’re looking at.

Team Perks

Having a guild means fighting together. You can start or join rallies with other guild members to defeat Black Sun Cultists or Shakram Legions that you could never best on your own. Keep in mind rallies against Black Sun Cults only cost seven stamina… attacking by yourself costs ten. That’s a huge advantage and let’s you save stamina for more battles!

When you’re attacked, your guild will be notified. If you’re in over your head, you can ping your guild for help. Guild members can even support your fortress, sending an entire army to help defend you.

Did you ever notice how resource sites have more than one gathering slot as you get into the higher tier sites? Guilds play a powerful part in the gathering game. If you take a gathering site, inviting five of your friends to work alongside you definitely makes you a much harder target to oust from the location.

Shared Goals

Guild Raids cannot be participated in outside a guild, and they are massively rewarding to players who give it their all.

When your guild attacks the Followers of Doom, you’ll get big rewards based on the damage you’ve dealt. It takes a while to summon the first boss, and grinding your way through each enemy is difficult. Those who persist and work with their guild to triumph, however, will receive resources, speedups and plenty more goodies!

The Guild Arena is another major aspirational task for many guilds out there. In this competition, you square off against another guild to prove you’ve got what it takes to stand tall at the final battle. No one guild member can carry the whole team. To reap the rewards, everyone will have to do their part. The first Guild Arena just started for Season 5… there’s plenty of time to get in there and fight some epic battles!

The Guild Festival also recurs throughout the season. In this event, players accept guild missions that they have 24 hours to complete. That’s not the only time pressure though, as a new mission won’t spawn until you’ve complete your current mission! The rewards for the top guilds can include Gems, titles and speedups. Everyone will get rewards along the way though, and even a guild who doesn’t land in the top of the leaderboard won’t walk away with nothing for their efforts.

The Final Battle

We can’t talk about Guilds without talking about Conquest.

Conquest is the major seasonal battle in Eternal Paradox, played out in three skirmishes throughout the season. If you’ve played but not taken part in Conquest, you’re missing one of the biggest parts of the battle for Elysium!

In Conquest, Guilds battle to maintain control of the 16 Ruins and the Ring of Ruin itself over the course of a 90 minute event. There’s lots of room for creative strategy here, as alliances between guilds and clever coordination can quickly tip the scales of power. Battles are major events, with whole guilds desperately trying to attack enemy Rally leaders to destabilize their opponents’ efforts.

Conquest is only a 90 minute event, and each happens several weeks apart – starting just before the middle of the season. They always happen on Saturdays (by UTC time at least), but each conquest rotates to another part of Saturday so that no time zone is totally left out of the fun. The first Conquest for Season 5 is coming on  Saturday, July 6th!

What Are You Waiting For?

Season 5 is just now starting its second week in a 49-day season. The first Guild Festival and Guild Arena have just kicked off, and Conquest is still weeks away. Now is a perfect time to hop in and find your team!

Dozens and dozens of Guilds active in the game are looking for more teammates! Go find a team to help you grow and prepare for the coming battle! 

We’ll see you for a glorious fight in the battle for the Ring!

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