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RingWatch: EPX Season 2 Recap

March 14, 2024
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Another battle for The Ring of Ruin has completed… yet we find ourselves back at the beginning of the battle.

The paradox continues, as the actions of Karls and Shakram echo through time itself in the never ending battle. That all ends in Elysium are also beginnings doesn’t have to be a curse… another chance to rise to the call of battle is here! Will you succeed this season where you failed before? Will you rise to the occasion and master time itself… along with the future of Elysium?

Welcome Mercenaries, to the conclusion of Season 2!

Alex: I, for one, welcome more battle. This cannon isn’t just for show, you know?

Torsten: Wha– how did I get here again?! I know I defeated you this time Alex… during the final battle for the ring!

Alex: No… not me. Probably just another impersonator. You see, I’m quite popular on account of how utterly gorgeous I am. Bwahahahahahah!

Torsten: …

Alex: At any rate, people aren’t here for just my chiseled good looks… let’s get to the results of Season 2!

Conquest: The Victorious

This season, the three different Conquest events were vicious. S12 took home the title this season, but with so many Captains catching their stride after the first season, strategy was cohesive and nuanced for many guilds. Competition was fierce, but the following players rose to the top repeatedly to dominate the leaderboards!

  1. Firstblood
  2. Nandoca
  3. Win
  4. KingNerd
  5. Goodnight

Most Powerful Captains

Conquest is one thing, but a Captain’s overall power relies less on their allies and more on their long-term strategy and organization throughout the season. The following Captains built their empires up to staggering heights, inspiring fear in their enemies across Elysium!

  1. PalafinHF
  2. Firstblood
  3. KingNerd
  4. Win
  5. Burgundy

Arena Victors

The Arena is not conquest. In Arena battles, your Mercenaries have no soldiers to hide behind. The raw power of your lineup and your strategy in battle reign supreme, and only the most diligent and dedicated Captains have what it takes to dominate the competition. 

  1. PalafinHF
  2. Firstblood
  3. Melio_das
  4. Kazuto1995
  5. Nandoca

Most Honorable Mentions

The following Captains were the only ones to finish in the top 10 in all season rankings!!!

  • PalafinHF
  • Firstblood
  • Win

Season 3 Is Live!

Season 3 is officially live. If you haven’t started building your empire yet, what are you waiting for!?

Behold! The Doombringer!

This season there’s tons of new features to look out for… new Mercenaries, new ways to rack up DPP, and the long anticipated Doom Bringer guild raids!

This season goes through April 30th. If you haven’t started rallying your forces yet, there’s still time to get a great start in your quest for glory!

Caption: Season 3 brings the all-new Mercenary Wang to the battle!

The Paradox Continues

Alex: So… big plans this season, Torsten?

Torsten: Yeah… I’m going to find the real you, and punch him repeatedly until–

Alex: Hey, that’s great buddy. I’m sure you’re going to have a lot of fun with that.

Torsten: How can you possibly be so annoyi –

Alex: And that’s all the time we have. Time to play us out, mysterious disembodied voice!

Thanks Alex. We hope every Captain out there – win or lose – had tons of fun in Season 2. Season 3 is going to have even more epic battles and more ways to play…

We’ll see you at the battle for the ring!