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Ahead of the MUSIC – The Latest from the Gala Music Ecosystem

Ahead of the MUSIC – The Latest from the Gala Music Ecosystem

There’s no better place to start dialing into Gala ecosystem news than Ahead of the Game–Join us this week for a special Gala Music “takeover” episode!

We’re not surprised if the last few weeks had too much GalaChain news for you to follow. With a 24 hour GALAthon hackathon event during GDC 2024, big news about Gala Film, a superstar Hip Hop drop on Gala Music and more, March was a record breaking month at Gala.

Each week for nearly the last year, we’ve brought the latest updates together on a weekly basis for a fantastic live stream event that we lovingly call “Ahead of the Game.” But it’s more than just a title. This is literally your chance every week to get ahead of the game. If you watch closely, you’ll often hear things on the show even before we’ve officially announced them in Discord or on other official Gala channels.

In today’s special Gala Music edition of Ahead of the Game, we’ve got updates and news from across the Music team. This is your chance to hear about the latest drops, newest artists and some exciting exclusive All Access Experiences!

Remember to check out the music video for “Swear,” viewable exclusively on Gala Music.

Music Mystery

In addition to the excitement of drops, artists and major updates, Gala Music is hosting a special giveaway event during the show. In honor of the recently released “Swear” from Hip Hop emerging artist J.K. Mac and industry veteran YoungBoy Never Broke Again, we’ve put together an exclusive $9.99 Mystery Box sale.

Each box, containing three prize items, is your chance to win exclusive artist experiences, bespoke merchandise, piles of $MUSIC or $GALA and much more.

"Swear" is the new NFT track from Gala Music, but J.K. Mac and YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Get a Mystery Box for a limited time, packed with exclusive prizes!

Win Some Mystery

Just by tuning into the live show this week, you’ll have an opportunity to win one of 20 J.K Mac x YoungBoy Never Broke Again Mystery Boxes.

Get really lucky and you might find 500,000 $GALA in one of those boxes.

Listen to “Swear” on Gala Music

If you haven’t checked out the new track on Gala Music, what are you waiting for? You’ll also find the “Swear” music video, exclusively on Gala Music.

Listen to “Swear” on Gala Music

It’s not too late to get your own NFT copy of this groundbreaking exclusive track. Once the Pioneer Edition (300 max) sells out, it’s on to the Limited Edition, and there’s no telling when these NFTs will be secondary market only.

Make sure you join the fun on today’s episode of Ahead of the Game, at 3:30pm PT on the Gala Games Youtube channel!

Billyracxx’s “Aliens Cry” Lands on Gala Music

Billyracxx’s “Aliens Cry” Lands on Gala Music

Houston rapper Billyracxx made his Gala Music debut with his newest track, “Aliens Cry (prod. Mike Santana)”, dropped today (March 19th) at 12pm PT.

Billyracxx is redefining the boundaries of music and visual artistry with his innovative tracks and dynamic visual productions. This Houston rapper continuously sets new standards, crafting visually captivating and forward-thinking music videos that perfectly complement his avant-garde musical style.

Taking charge as both the writer and creative director of his ventures, Billyracxx’s solo creation, the album “Religion” (2019), showcased his ability to conceive and pen an entire project. The album, featuring eight tracks produced by ChaseTheMoney—who has worked with Yeat, G Herbo, J. Cole, and Chance The Rapper—cemented his status in the industry.

Billyracxx broadened his international reach with the 2021 release of “Creature,” a collaboration with platinum Russian producer WhitePunk, paving his way into the European music scene. The following year, his “Creature” persona inspired the “Creatures” NFT collection. Currently on the lineup for performances at Rolling Loud and the Wireless festival in the UK, Billyracxx’s “Seeing Red” mixtape is gaining traction on TikTok, alongside his buzzworthy Rolling Loud LA 2023 appearance. His work has earned the endorsement of DJ Semtex, one of the UK’s most iconic DJs.

“Aliens Cry” is the first of six freestyles under the same banner, showcasing a collaboration with producers such as LaynoProd, AGkeyz, SaamP & Charlie Johnstone, Roy Smith, and SgKidHazel – the talent behind 21 Savage’s “I AM I WAS.” This release marks Billyracxx’s debut on Gala Music, bringing his unique blend of music to our decentralized platform designed to empower artists like him.

Listen to “Aliens Cry” now on Gala Music

Track Description

Billyracxx is not just a rapper; he’s a phenomenon. His music transcends ordinary genre labels, weaving narratives that pull listeners into an otherworldly experience. With “Aliens Cry,” he continues to challenge expectations, blending aggressive beats with introspective lyrics to explore the dualities within us all. This track, along with its upcoming freestyles, represents a pivotal moment in Billyracxx’s career, offering a glimpse into the depth and versatility of his artistry.

Follow Billyracxx on Social Media:

Join us in welcoming Billyracxx to Gala Music, where his innovative tracks not only find a home but also a community eager to embrace and support his journey. Be ready to support Billyracxx as he elevates to new heights within our ecosystem.

The Signature Edition of “Aliens Cry” (a reward enabled NFT track), a cosmic event not to be missed, is available now on Gala Music while supplies last.

Listen now on Gala Music and discover why Billyracxx is the name on everyone’s lips in the world of hip-hop and beyond.

Join the movement

Welcome Bingx to Gala Music with “Conversations After Midnight”

Welcome Bingx to Gala Music with “Conversations After Midnight”

Listen to “Conversations After Midnight” on Gala Music

This week we’ve got an electrifying addition to our diverse artist roster: Bingx. With an impressive 18-year journey through the realms of Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Pop, Rock, and Alternative music, Bingx has masterfully crafted over 2,000 songs, showcasing unparalleled versatility and an intense passion for music. As Bingx himself puts it, “Music is and has always been my soul. Without music, life would have less purpose.” This sentiment resonates deeply with Gala Music’s mission to empower artists and listeners alike, creating a space where music truly sets the soul free. We think Chan will find himself right at home in web3 with Gala Music.

This Friday, March 15th, at 1pm PT, we’re excited to drop Bingx’s NFT debut, “Conversations After Midnight.” This track is a testament to Bingx’s multifaceted talent. In addition to being a  performing artist, Chan also served as producer alongside the Emmy nominated Rod The Producer. “Conversations After Midnight” is a harmonious blend of catchy melodies and witty, conversational raps that fans of Drake, and indeed all listeners, will find themselves gravitating towards.

First to drop at 1pm PT is the Signature Edition of the track, limited to a supply of only 100 NFTs.


Bingx, born Chanler Hendrickson in Seattle in 1990, grew up deeply influenced by the lyrical complexity of hip-hop and the raw emotion of grunge. His music beautifully bridges these two worlds, drawing inspiration from icons ranging from 50 Cent to Third Eye Blind. Bingx’s diverse influences and innovative sound make him a perfect fit for Gala Music, where breaking boundaries and exploring new horizons in music is celebrated.

Popular Vids

Reward Enabled

“Conversations After Midnight” isn’t just another track drop; it represents the evolution of music distribution and artist empowerment in the web3 era. Eligible for $MUSIC rewards when paired with a Gala MUSIC Jukebox Node, this track invites listeners to be more than just passive consumers.

Jukebox Nodes and the $MUSIC reward structure (explained in the Gala Music Whitepaper) offers both fans and artists a chance to actively support and engage with the music they love, heralding a new chapter in the music industry where artists and fans come together to redefine the music experience.

We invite all music enthusiasts, creators, and dreamers to join us this Friday to welcome Bingx to the Gala Music family. His journey is a vivid reminder of the transformative power of music, and “Conversations After Midnight” is a beacon of what’s possible when talent meets innovation in the web3 space.

Stay tuned to Gala Music and don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience Bingx’s “Conversations After Midnight.” Let’s embark on this musical journey together, one note, one artist, and one fan at a time, setting the stage for a future where music knows no bounds.

Be sure to follow Bingx on YouTube at Bingx’s Official Channel to dive deeper into his musical world and stay updated with his latest releases and behind-the-scenes content. Join us in celebrating the arrival of “Conversations After Midnight” and explore the boundless possibilities that Gala Music and web3 offer to artists and fans alike.

‘Famous in the Metaverse’ Final Track Drop: Anthem 4 the Underdogz (feat. DMX)

‘Famous in the Metaverse’ Final Track Drop: Anthem 4 the Underdogz (feat. DMX)

The finale of Louis King’s Famous in the Metaverse is here! Today at 1pm, “Anthem 4 the Underdogz (feat. DMX) will drop on Gala Music, bookending Louis King’s epic 1-month release schedule for this album.

Echoes of a Legend

This track is incredibly special – featuring a rare posthumous collab made possible through DMX’s estate.

Since the renowned rapper/actor’s tragic passing in 2021, fans have had only one chance to hear any of DMX’s work published. 2021’s Exodus was the 8th studio album recorded by DMX.  The artist would unfortunately never see the final product of his work, as it was released nearly two months after his death.

Exodus was the swan song for many – an essential part of grieving for fans who had deep personal ties to DMX’s work after his monumental 36-year career. The release “Anthem 4 the Underdogz” represents the first time that new music from DMX’s catalog releases since his final album. If Exodus was mourning, it’s now time for a celebration of DMX’s life and art.

‘Famous in the Metaverse’

Louis King’s new album has been trickling out for a month now, and the theme has been one of collaboration and the creative magnification that comes when brilliant minds work together. We can’t think of a better conclusion than “Anthem 4 the Underdogz.”

King has taken us across the spectrum of his musical wheelhouse. We’ve been surprised, touched and amazed as each track has hit our ears, and we sincerely hope that everyone in the community has thoroughly enjoyed this auditory exploration that Louis King has taken us on.

This album’s title is apt for what we’ve been served over the past month. Louis King has not only created a cohesive yet diverse work of art, but he’s also brought new collaboration and brilliance to web3. He’s exhibited the power that working together with new technologies can have to push the musical zeitgeist into a better future.

Drop the Beat

We’ve just dropped this latest track! If you want to grab a signature edition of this track, hurry over to and grab it now!

Like with other tracks on the album, 100 Signature Editions will drop initially. The price for each will be $200.

These tracks will provide the most $MUSIC rewards for listens when paired with a Jukebox Node. Since this is a Gala Music exclusive drop, you know where people will be going to hear it!

If you miss out on the Signature Edition, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for news about further drops if you want to get your hands on this track. 

What are you waiting for? Go listen to this amazing track!

Louis King | Famous in the Metaverse

Louis King | Famous in the Metaverse

Louis King is making major noise with his triumphant return to the Gala Music ecosystem. This time, he’s bringing a list of major heavy hitters from the hip hop world.

Famous in the Metaverse

This 10-track Gala Music exclusive album is jam packed with all stars. The list below should speak for itself.

  • DMX
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Wiz Khalifa
  • Pusha T
  • Benny the Butcher
  • Ab-Soul
  • Big Krit
  • Royce Da 5’9
  • Conway The Machine

Boasting a combined 105M+ monthly listeners on Spotify and 120M+ Instagram followers, this roster of featured artists is nothing short of legendary for a web3 exclusive album drop.

Each track on “Famous in the Metaverse” is a testament to Louis King’s prowess and adaptability, blending unique styles seamlessly with the futuristic beats that characterize the album.  Rap and Hip Hop artists have historically been the pioneers that have pushed the music industry forward and this album is doing just the same. This iconic album serves as a beacon, guiding the way for future generations of artists to embrace the limitless possibilities that technology and artistry can achieve together.

Drop Details

Check the Drops

With hip hop stars like these on the featured list, we couldn’t resist spreading out the excitement a little. Let’s give each new weekly exclusive track pair the attention it deserves and invite the followers of hip hop megastars to empower themselves for the first time with web3 track ownership on Gala Music.

Individual tracks hit the store in limited supply (Only 100 of each Signature Edition track) at a price of $200 each. Keep in mind that these tracks are reward enabled—When paired with a Jukebox Node, owners receive $MUSIC rewards based on the number of listens. With nowhere else to hear them, you better believe these tracks will get some serious listening action from Gala Music OGs and newcomers alike.

What’s Already Dropped?

February 6 – 1pm PT

Stand Out (feat. Conway the Machine & Monia Ashibi)

Signature Edition Sold Out

Next drop: Pioneer Edition (300 Supply)

“Stand Out” is a smooth yet high flying shoot out of a Hip Hop introduction featuring Griselda Records’ own Conway the Machine & Gala Music’s Monia Ashibi. “Stand Out” transcends genres, taking elements of hardcore Hip Hop, conscious rap, and contemporary R&B. The chorus, beautifully sung by Monia, serves as a melodic interlude that adds a touch of vulnerability to the track. Her soulful voice carries a sense of longing and hope, providing a contrast to the explosive verses of Conway and King. The soothing vocals act as a musical bridge, connecting the diverse elements of the song into a cohesive and emotionally charged experience.

4Eva in LA (feat Big K.R.I.T)

Signature Edition Sold Out

Next drop: Pioneer Edition (300 Supply)

“4Eva in LA” is a monumental collaboration between two rap titans, Big K.R.I.T. and Louis King, paying homage to their shared experiences and celebrating their rise in the rap game. The beat kicks off with a soulful, bouncy southern-inspired melody, layered with deep bass lines and smooth percussion, creating a hypnotic backdrop that captures the essence of their Mississippi and California origins. As the track unfolds, the production mixes classic Southern vibes with West Coast, along with innovative elements, setting the stage for the lyrical mastery to come.

February 11 – 1pm PT

Sweet Music (feat. Snoop Dogg and Hope)
Signature and Pioneer Editions Sold Out

Next drop: Limited Edition (1000 Supply)

Welcome to the sonic landscape of “Sweet Music”, a collaborative masterpiece that brings together the iconic Snoop Dogg, the poetic brilliance of Louis King, and the ethereal enchantment of Gala Music’s own Hope. This soulful rap symphony harmoniously blends West Coast Bounce with introspective lyricism creating a smooth and jazz-infused backdrop in an otherworldly atmosphere.

February 20 – 1pm PT

Answers (feat. Royce 5’9 & Alianna)
Signature Edition dropped

Two lyrical maestros bringing together the timeless essence of Nostalgic LoFi Hip-Hop with an infusion of radioactive lyricism and soulful vocals from Alianna. As the beat kicks in, a smooth, laid-back groove takes over, echoing the golden age of hip-hop with a modern twist. Royce da 5’9 and Louis King effortlessly ride the wave with their intricate wordplay and reflective storytelling. The chemistry between Royce’s gritty, seasoned flow and King’s introspective cadence creates a dynamic interplay, elevating the track to new heights.

Best Life (feat. Benny the Butcher & Leven Kali)
Signature Edition dropped

Benny the Butcher & Louis King ignite the metaverse with this interstellar street anthem dressed with creamy vocals from the talented Leven Kali. A poignant reflection of the struggles and triumphs of life in the streets, blending Benny’s raw street narrative with King’s introspective storytelling. The track explores the complexities of life, offering listeners an experience that is both profound and exhilarating. “Best Life” is a testament to the power of collaboration, as three of the industry’s most innovative artists come together to create an ambient treasure.

What’s Up Next?

February 27 – 1pm PT

Dorothy (feat. Pusha T & Courtney Mimz)

Anybody (feat. Ab-Soul)

March 5 – 1pm PT

Spotlight (feat. Curren$y)

Make it Pay (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

March 8 – 1pm PT

Anthem 4 the Underdawgz (feat. DMX)

Q&A with Louis King

Why was this project created? 

Famous in the Metaverse breaks through the boundaries of traditional projects and sets the tone for a world where artists are given the opportunity to take back control of their ownership, where artists are judged for who they are and what they are bringing to the world instead of how much clout they have on social media.

Why did you choose these featured artists? 

Each specific artist was chosen based on a connection I have to the artist or their music. Something in each of these artists speaks to me and the message I wanted to send in Famous in the Metaverse. Also these legendary artists were bold enough to take a chance on an independent artist, prioritizing my music, lyrics and who I am as an artist over the fame (or lack thereof). 

What was it like working with these collaborators? 

Ab-Soul and Krit were the first to jump on the project. Soul doesn’t do many features in general so that was very special! Krit said he wasn’t doing any features because he was focused on his album but said once he heard the song he couldn’t help but write a verse. 

Snoop has always been a great support in my career and he was a dream to work with on this project. I will always value kindness over fame. A coach of mine used to say “it’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice,” and Snoop is an excellent example of that. 

How has it been working with Gala?

Working with Gala Music has changed the way I think about music, art and entrepreneurship. Gala helped me to shape my vision and execute it every step of the way and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with such a fantastic, innovative and hardworking team.

Louis King on Gala Music