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Web3 Worlds Collide–Exclusive Soundtrack NFTs from “RZR”

Web3 Worlds Collide–Exclusive Soundtrack NFTs from “RZR”

Gala Music is thrilled to announce an electrifying new addition to our collection with the upcoming release of two exclusive soundtrack NFTs from “RZR,” the much-anticipated sci-fi thriller by David Bianchi.

Premiering on Gala Film Sunday, April 14th, “RZR” delves into a dystopian Los Angeles, introducing us to Grimm and his revolutionary neural implant, the “Acumen,” which allows him to access data instantaneously directly into his cerebrum. This new found power grants him unprecedented leverage in the criminal underbelly of the Grid Zone. As Grimm navigates a violent and unforgiving  landscape, he fights to build a better future for humanity. “RZR” explores themes of technology, power, and redemption in a world where artificial intelligence intersects with human ambition.

Drop Details

  • Date: Friday, April 12th
  • Editions: Signature Edition
  • Availability: 100 copies of each track, exclusively on Gala Music
  • Price: $100 each, offering lifetime exclusivity

Featured Tracks:


Composed by Adrien Prevost, this track captures the essence of the “RZR” series, serving as both the inaugural and concluding theme of the season..

Prevost’s composition is dark, energetic and balanced. His blend of classical and synthetic sounds create an intensity with sophistication. The score combines electronic music as well as a small chamber ensemble. Synths, industrial sounds and live musicians create the “RZR” soundscape. 

“Operation” – LISTEN NOW

Central to the series, this score underscores a pivotal scene that defines Grimm’s quest. Symbolizing death and redemption, the track mirrors the internal conflict and traumas faced by the protagonist, offering listeners a deep dive into the series’ thematic depth.

Why Gala Music?

By acquiring these NFT tracks, you’re not just owning a piece of the “RZR” universe; you’re also unlocking daily $MUSIC rewards when you pair your NFT with an active Jukebox Node.

This unique reward structure of Gala Music allows fans to directly support and engage with the creative talents behind “RZR,” fostering a closer connection between artists and their audience.

Listen Now

Experience the world of “RZR” through its hauntingly beautiful soundtrack before the world premiere on Sunday. Dive into the dystopian future envisioned by David Bianchi and brought to life by Adrien Prevost’s exceptional musical talent. Get ready to be part of this groundbreaking moment in entertainment, exclusively available through Gala Music.

Join us on this journey into the future, where music meets the frontier of storytelling. Be among the first to own a piece of “RZR” and support the artistry behind this groundbreaking series.

Early Adopter Prep: Redeeming Collectible NFTs for RZR Moments

Early Adopter Prep: Redeeming Collectible NFTs for RZR Moments

In anticipation of the much-awaited launch of Gala Film with the first two episodes of David Bianchi’s sci-fi tech thriller, RZR, we’re ready to launch our novel gamified collectible reward system centered around NFTs, aptly named Moments. This innovative feature is set to redefine engagement on the new Gala Film platform, offering users a unique and immersive way to connect with their favorite cinematic experiences.

Genesis of RZR NFTs

The first generation of RZR NFTs will soon be removed from the Gala Film store, but the adventure is only beginning for collectors. These NFTs, including “Blades,” “The Genesis,” “Concept Vision Boards,” and “The Warehouse,” have not only served as exclusive collectibles but also as foundational pillars for our community of early supporters. Their value is about to evolve in an exciting new way.

“The Genesis” Early Adopter RZR NFT

Introducing Ethereum to GalaChain Bridging

With the recent enabling of bridging for Gala Film NFTs, we’re ushering in a new era for these collectibles. By bridging your RZR NFTs onto GalaChain, you’ll soon have the ability to exchange them for RZR Moment Packs, a process that will enhance their collectible experience while retaining the original commemorative artwork.

As soon as RZR Moment Packs are released (tomorrow, April 10th), you will be able to exchange your GalaChain RZR NFTs as described below through your Gala Film Collection page.

Please note that early adopter collectible NFTs must be exchanged for the owner to be eligible for $FILM rewards with the platform launch. As the Gala Film economy has evolved, so have the capabilities of Gala’s L1 blockchain, GalaChain. So get ready for the Moment NFTs that will unlock your ability to receive regular POPCORN! rewards.

  • Your “Blade” NFT is redeemable for 4 RZR Moments
  • Your “The Genesis” NFT is redeemable for 8 RZR Moments
  • Your “Concept Vision Boards” NFT is redeemable for 27 RZR Moments
  • Your “The Warehouse” NFT is redeemable for 144 RZR Moments

For exchanges of “Blades” and “The Genesis” NFTs, RZR Moments will come in packs of 1 Moment, allowing the owner to open each Moment individually. For bulk owner convenience, Moment Packs received for the exchange of “Concept Vision Boards” and “The Warehouse” NFTs will be delivered and opened in packs of 4. 

The unique exchange rates for converting RZR NFTs to Moment Packs ensures that early adopters are handsomely rewarded for their initial support.

Daily Rewards and the Power of Moments

Upon the activation of the new reward system that kicks off on April 11th, Moments holders will be eligible for daily rewards, adding an exciting layer of incentive to the collectible experience.

Until the official creation event for $FILM, the GalaChain token of Gala Film, POPCORN! will be awarded as a placeholder reward that will later be swapped for $FILM.

By collecting individual Moments, you’ll get daily rewards based on viewership of series or film content. Completion of an entire Scene will result in additional $FILM rewards, and completion of the entire set of available Scenes will get you the maximum possible reward boost.

Lights, Camera, Action

We’re counting down now to the launch, and we invite all Gala Film enthusiasts to bridge their RZR NFTs to GalaChain and be ready to start your Gala Film Moments collection. This initiative represents a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize the film industry, embodying our commitment to innovation, community engagement and the democratization of cinematic experiences.

At Gala Film, we’re more than just a place to watch awesome films and series. We’re a creative community dedicated to enriching the filmmaking process, connecting fans with creators to make a more cinematic and empowering experience than ever.

Tomorrow is the day to start your RZR Moment collection off right!

RZR: Watch the Trailer for Gala Film’s Premiere Series

RZR: Watch the Trailer for Gala Film’s Premiere Series

Gala Film proudly announces the release of the official trailer for RZR, our exclusive sci-fi tech thriller series from the visionary David Bianchi. This groundbreaking event coincides with the launch of the Gala Film platform on Sunday, April 14th, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital storytelling and web3 entertainment as a whole.

RZR anticipation has reached a fever pitch, and we’re thrilled to finally offer a glimpse into the adrenaline-fueled world that awaits. The series unfolds a narrative rich with suspense, with a deep and gritty dive into cutting edge tech, exposing the dark sides, making you face some of the toughest questions the world doesn’t want you to ask.

From the moment you press play, you’re an integral part of the Gala Film ecosystem. The platform’s debut brings more than just the premiere episodes; it introduces a revolutionary way to engage with content. As viewers indulge in the first two episodes available on day one, with subsequent episodes released weekly, they also step into a realm of interactivity and rewards.

Every free Gala Film account holder unlocks the potential to gain rewards for their activity. Collecting Shards to unlock exclusive Director Cuts, purchasing Moment Packs that harbor unique NFTs, and receiving daily $FILM rewards are just the beginning of this immersive journey into the future of entertainment.

In anticipation of RZR’s premiere, we invite you to experience the captivating official trailer. Join us as we reveal the future of cinema, enriched with the unique opportunities that only Gala Film can provide.

Gala Film Platform Launch: A New Era Begins April 14th!

Gala Film Platform Launch: A New Era Begins April 14th!

Get ready for an exciting leap forward in cinematic experiences with the launch of our much-anticipated film platform on April 14th. 


We’re kicking things off with the Gala Film exclusive world premiere of the sci-fi thriller series, RZR, created by the visionary David Bianchi. At launch, RZR will be the singular title available, showcasing the first two episodes, with subsequent releases following a weekly schedule until all eight episodes have been released. While traditional streaming services are saturated in binge-watching culture, we’re aiming to recapture the magic of anticipation as you wait for each new week’s RZR episode.

A Unique Viewing Reward System

Gala Film is introducing an innovative approach to viewing: For every episode of RZR watched, viewers will be awarded a special RZR Mystery Box. Each box contains shards that viewers can assemble to unlock director cuts, offering extra exclusive content and deepening the RZR experience. This system rewards engagement and provides a tangible connection between our viewers and the content they love.

Powered by GalaChain’s DePIN

The cutting-edge technology of GalaChain is crucial to the Gala Film ecosystem’s operation. GalaChain’s Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) leverages idle GPU and CPU power across the globe to deliver high-quality cinema through a decentralized content delivery network. The DePIN ensures a smooth, scalable, and secure viewing experience even as the amount of content on the platform multiplies, democratizing access to cinematic content like never before.

The Role of Gala Theater Nodes

By hosting the video content that is distributed to viewers, Theater Node operators contribute significantly to the platform’s performance and resilience. In return, these operators will receive rewards in $FILM, the official token of Gala Film’s decentralized ecosystem. This model fosters a community-driven approach, where everyone has the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the ecosystem’s success.

More Titles on the Horizon

Gala Film is committed to expanding its library with more films and series in the coming months. Our platform is designed to empower creators and audiences alike to create a vibrant community where innovative storytelling thrives. From blockbusters to indie gems, Gala Film is a beacon for diverse and compelling cinematic experiences.

Join us on April 14th for the world premiere of RZR, blending the art of storytelling with the power of blockchain tech. Witness the future of cinema unfold, where every view counts, and every viewer is rewarded.

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