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Gala Film’s RZR Series Earns Primetime EMMY® Nomination for Mena Suvari’s Outstanding Performance

Gala Film’s RZR Series Earns Primetime EMMY® Nomination for Mena Suvari’s Outstanding Performance

We are thrilled to announce that David Bianchi’s RZR, the premiere series of Gala Film, has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry with a Primetime Emmy® Award nomination!

Mena Suvari has been nominated for Outstanding Performer in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series for her stellar role as Detective Thompson in this groundbreaking series.

A Vision Realized

Visionary creator David Bianchi, known for his deep appreciation for future dystopian science fiction, saw Gala Film as the perfect platform to launch RZR. As a web3 enthusiast, Bianchi was drawn to Gala Film’s innovative approach that aligns seamlessly with the technological themes explored in his series.

Gala Film’s decentralized platform, empowered by web3 technology, allowed Bianchi to deliver the gritty and compelling story of RZR in an authentic and engaging manner.

With Gala Film’s creatively empowering tools, such as unlockable Expansion content and a gamified Mystery Box reward system, Bianchi was able to craft a unique viewing experience. Additionally, fans of the show can support in a truly unique way, buying NFT “Moments” to unlock daily rewards. These web3 add-ons provided an interactive layer that takes fans deeper into the story, making the series not just a passive viewing experience but an immersive journey.

Mena Suvari’s Nomination

From the moment the Gala Film team witnessed Mena Suvari’s incredible performance as Detective Thompson, it was clear that an Emmy campaign was in order. The team’s unanimous decision to back Suvari’s performance has paid off with this prestigious nomination. We are elated to see her recognized for her exceptional talent and dedication to her role.

A Milestone for Web3

This nomination marks a monumental achievement for the web3 film industry that we are pioneering, being the first of its kind for a web3 film company. It signifies a new era where decentralized platforms like Gala Film are gaining recognition alongside traditional media giants. 

This nomination is a testament to the high-quality production and performance that Gala Film is committed to delivering, and we’re just getting started.

Celebrating the Team

The success of RZR is a collaborative victory, perfectly exemplifying the extraordinary work of David Bianchi, Mena Suvari and the entire RZR team. Their dedication, creativity and hard work have set an incredibly high standard for future projects on the Gala Film platform.

Looking Ahead

We are honored to have RZR kick off our platform, setting a benchmark for production and performance quality. This nomination goes beyond highlighting extraordinary talent to showcase the potential of what’s to come as Gala Film continues to expand its catalog of films and series.

Congratulations to the RZR team on this groundbreaking achievement. We eagerly await the September 15th Primetime Emmy results and look forward to celebrating many more milestones with our growing community. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Gala Film and continue to enjoy the captivating journey of RZR.

Join us in rooting for Mena Suvari and the entire RZR team as we celebrate this incredible achievement in the world of web3 cinema!For more information and to watch RZR, visit Gala Film.

RZR Sound Tracks & Interoperable Rewards

RZR Sound Tracks & Interoperable Rewards

With new episodes of David Bianchi’s edgy sci-fi thriller, RZR, dropping each week on Gala Film, Gala Music is ready to drop a couple more amazingly exclusive soundtrack NFTs from award winning cinematic composer Adrien Prevost. The next two tracks in the series drop today, April 26th, presale at 12pm PT and open sale (if any remain) at 1pm PT.

On Friday, April 12th (only a few days before the RZR world premiere), we dropped “Operation” and “I AM RZR.” Both tracks were sold out in less than an hour. Read on to learn why you may want to do everything you can to get a copy from this set into your collection.

Interoperability FTW

Ecosystem interoperability is one of the most important strengths of web3, and these Gala Music exclusive tracks are the perfect example of where we’re headed. Thanks to the unified power of GalaChain behind the scenes, users will have the ability to collect rewards from multiple platforms for the same items.

RZR NFT tracks will generate $MUSIC rewards not only for Gala Music plays, but also for Gala Film plays of the episode containing the track. 

Basically, episodes containing RZR tracks will count toward $MUSIC rewards for the owners of those tracks.

Learn more about $MUSIC and rewards in the Gala Music Whitepaper.


Presale for the next two tracks in the RZR Soundtrack series begins today, April 26th at 12pm PT. If any of the 100 copies of each track outlast the presale hour, the open sale will begin at 1pm PT. 

To qualify for this special presale, you must:

Hold at least 500 $MUSIC in your GalaChain wallet.

The Tracks

“Nightlife” – LISTEN NOW

This Gala exclusive track is a special bonus created in post production by RZR composer Adrien Prevost using the kickass RZR template! Viewing RZR’s trailer on Gala Film will count towards rewards.

“Grimm vs Villa” – LISTEN NOW

Another key track to the RZR series. This score is from the ultimate scene where Grimm fights his main rival, Villa. In episode 7, they drop the guns and decide to go old fashioned.

Watch RZR on Gala Film

If you own a RZR Moment NFT or operate a Gala Film Theater Node, you already have access to episode 4 on Gala Film. If not, you’ll have to wait until Sunday at 12pm PT to see what happens next.
Remember, you can’t see RZR anywhere but Gala Film, and you can’t listen to these exclusive soundtracks anywhere but Gala Music.

Filling up on POPCORN! with Gala Film

Filling up on POPCORN! with Gala Film

The first two episodes of David Bianchi’s dystopian sci-fi thriller series, RZR, are officially live, only on Gala Film. Anyone with a Gala account can watch for free, and new episodes will drop each week!

Have Some POPCORN!

Owners of RZR Moment NFTs are eligible for daily rewards based on the platform views of the series. These ownership rewards are the core of Gala Film’s empowering approach to production and distribution of exclusive video content.

The Gala Film Litepaper outlining the ecosystem’s economy and current plans for distribution of rewards has been updated to reflect the latest developments. A new reward structure will soon be implemented in which units of POPCORN! are awarded directly to users, rather than in buckets. This will take effect after all outstanding POPCORN! Buckets have been distributed to operators of Theater Nodes from before the launch.

While RZR is the only series on the platform, the NFT owner portion of all available “content incentive” rewards will be distributed to RZR Moment owners. In the future when other pieces of content (other shows and films) are added, these rewards will be proportionally weighted to those programs that receive more views.

In the long term, these rewards will be issued as $FILM, directly to owners’ accounts. However, until the initial token generation event of $FILM (coming within the next couple months), rewards will be issued via the placeholder token, POPCORN!.

When $FILM is created and first issued, it will be distributed to holders of POPCORN!, converting all POPCORN! To $FILM at a set rate. The rate of automatic exchange for POPCORN is 1 POPCORN = 10 $FILM*.

*These are the subject-to-change numbers listed in the Gala Film Litepaper.

POPCORN! Buckets

Throughout the in-development stages of the Gala Film platform, POPCORN! has been used to reward operators of Gala Film’s Theater Nodes. POPCORN! Buckets of various sizes were also found in some Common Ground World Mystery Boxes, which are no longer for sale. Operators have received POPCORN! each day for which their Theater Nodes (formerly known as a “Gala Film Nodes”) were active for the minimum 6-hour requirement. Additionally, a bonus “streak” system (described below) was employed to ensure that extra POPCORN! rewards were given to those who operated their nodes for consecutive days.

Following the platform launch going forward, both NFT owners and Node operators will receive single units of POPCORN! instead of buckets. When this switch is made, the issuance of POPCORN! Buckets will be retired. Then when $FILM is first generated, all POPCORN! (whether single unit or Bucket) will be redeemable for $FILM.

Number of POPCORN! units in each bucket:

Welcome Bucket = 1 POPCORN!

Small Bucket = 10 POPCORN!
Medium Bucket = 25 POPCORN!
Large Bucket = 50 POPCORN!
Extra Large Bucket = 100 POPCORN!
Mega Bucket = 150 POPCORN!

These “Bucket” items will remain Buckets in your Collection until the $FILM token generation event, when all owners will have the option to exchange POPCORN! Buckets for $FILM, according to the values above + additional TBA streak bonuses.

POPCORN! That Never Goes Stale

Unlike your belly, your Gala account has room for all the POPCORN! you can gather. If you’re looking to start a new POPCORN! collection in anticipation of $FILM, this is your chance! Start collecting RZR Moments as soon as you can, and consider becoming a Theater Node operator to power the future of film!

Extra Action

There are plenty of ways to get rewards in addition to collecting Moments and running a Theater Node. Certain “Ecosystem Supporting Behaviors” will also allow you to collect POPCORN!, including some that are immediately available with the RZR premiere and platform launch!

Learn more in the Gala Film Litepaper!

Early Access to David Bianchi’s RZR Now Live for Gala Film Community

Early Access to David Bianchi’s RZR Now Live for Gala Film Community

Community Early Access to David Bianchi’s groundbreaking sci-fi thriller series, RZR, is officially live! This moment marks a unique opportunity for Gala Film NFT owners and Gala Film Theater Node operators to dive into the action before the rest of the world.

Early Access Details

Those who have passionately supported Gala Film by owning NFTs or operating Theater Nodes will be the first to explore the riveting universe of RZR with exclusive access all weekend long leading up to the global premiere on Sunday, April 14th.

Unlock Early Access to:



Even if you haven’t unlocked early access, you can check out a 9-minute peek into the exciting process behind the series. “The Making of RZR” is available now on Gala Film.

How to Unlock Early Access

For Gala Film enthusiasts who have yet to acquire any Gala Film NFTs but are eager to partake in the Early Access experience, there’s a golden opportunity awaiting. By purchasing a RZR Moment Pack, which includes a single NFT collectible Moment from an episode of RZR, not only will you unlock the door to early viewing, but you will also tap into the regular platform rewards that come with owning a Moment.

The Significance of RZR Moments

These Moments embody the essence of engagement and ownership within the Gala Film ecosystem. By holding a Moment, you’re not just a passive viewer; you become an active participant in the platform, receiving regular rewards and enjoying a closer connection to the content you love.

Because the Gala Film platform has not yet launched its official utility token, $FILM, a placeholder token called POPCORN! will initially be issued as the reward for both Theater Node operators and NFT Moment owners. The incredible news is that as long as RZR is the only production on the newly launched platform, 100% of the NFT owner rewards allocated to content incentivization will go to the owners of RZR Moments.

Join the Excitement

Get in on this Early Access event to become part of the pioneering moment where film collides with cutting edge web3 tech for an explosive and game-changing combo. Gala Film is dedicated to transforming how stories are told and experienced, and through initiatives like this, we’re inviting our early adopters to a front row seat at the revolution.

We encourage every film aficionado and blockchain enthusiast to seize this opportunity; be among the first to view the first two episodes of “RZR.” Let’s come together to celebrate this milestone in Gala Film’s journey towards redefining the future of entertainment.

For those who are ready to step into the world of “RZR” and explore the benefits of Early Access, visit our platform now to secure your RZR Moment Packs. Let the countdown to Sunday’s global premiere begin, and may this be the start of many more exhilarating experiences within the Gala Film ecosystem.

RZR Mystery Boxes

If you’re not quite ready to support the production directly through reward-enabled Moment ownership, then check out our RZR Premiere Mystery Boxes! Collect the Shards within to assemble Director Cuts that take you deeper into the story. Each Premiere Mystery Box (on sale now for $3.99) contains 4 items, including chances to win exclusive prizes like $GALA, POPCORN! and more!

You’ll get a Starter Box just for watching episode one, and completing other tasks within the ecosystem will secure additional Mystery Boxes. You’ll be on your way to unlocking your first exclusive Gala Film Director Cut!

Welcome to the future of film, where your passion for cinema meets the endless possibilities of blockchain technology.

Unlock the Thrill with RZR Premiere Mystery Boxes

Unlock the Thrill with RZR Premiere Mystery Boxes

The suspense keeps building for the sci-fi tech thriller series that has everyone in web3 talking. From the visionary mind of creator David Bianchi, RZR promises to kick things off for Gala Film with a real bang, inviting you into the gritty and surreal world where computers collide with the human brain.

First off, if you’re not as psyched as we are for Sunday’s exclusive global premiere, it’s probably because you haven’t watched the new trailer. Do it now.

Mystery Boxes

Ready to dig deeper into the world and lore of RZR, giving yourself multiple shots at winning exclusive merch, creator experiences and more in the process? Then RZR Mystery Boxes are just for you.

Each Mystery Box contains four items and four chances to win.

Some Mystery Boxes will be yours for free just for completing simple tasks on the Gala Film platform, like watching episodes, sharing and more.

Some Mystery Boxes have chances at rarer items. These will cost you $3.99 in the Gala Film store. They’re called Premiere Mystery Boxes. Check out the list below for an idea of what you might find inside.

Director Cuts

Opening Mystery Boxes will primarily reveal Shards, which you can collect and assemble to unlock Director Cuts. Once unlocked, these Director Cuts reveal new video content that will pull you even deeper into the story’s labyrinth, revealing behind the scenes footage, additional backstories and more.


Shards are the building blocks of Director Cuts. Each Shard is assigned a different rarity, meaning some are tougher to find than others and some Director Cuts are more difficult to complete than others.

Learn more about Mystery Boxes and Shards on your RZR Collection page.

Bronze Shards are the most common and easiest to find in free Mystery Boxes.

Silver Shards are more rare, often found in Premiere Mystery Boxes.

Golden Shards are the most scarce, contributing to the toughest to assemble Director Cuts.

In total, there are 12 unique Director Cuts available for “RZR.”

Director Cut 1 = 2 Bronze Shards

Director Cuts 2-6 = 3 Bronze Shards + 1 Silver Shard

Director Cuts 7-10 = 1 Bronze Shard + 1 Silver Shard + 1 Golden Shard

Director Cuts 11-12 = 1 Bronze Shard + 2 Silver Shards + 3 Golden Shards

With 46 unique Shards and increasing degrees of collectible difficulty for assembling higher numbered Director Cuts, snagging them all will not be an easy feat. But if you do manage to collect every Shard and unlock every Director Cut, you’ll have unparalleled insight into the world and story of “RZR.”

Premiere Mystery Box: What’s Inside?

In addition to Shards that will unlock Director Cuts when completed as described above, you’ll sometimes find amazing prizes in Premiere Mystery Boxes. Check out the items and odds below!

Premiere Mystery Box Shard Odds

While unique numbered Shards are needed for each of the 12 Director Cuts, the odds of finding Shards is based primarily on Shard rarity:

  • 60% of Shards are Bronze
  • 30% of Shards are Silver
  • 10% of Shards are Golden

Premiere Additional Prizes

While you’ll only find Shards in the no-cost (Starter, standard) Mystery Boxes, the $3.99 Premiere Mystery Boxes may contain additional prizes from the list below. One lucky Mystery Box will even contain the grand prize of a Gala Film Theater Node License.

Each Premiere Mystery Box has a ~5% chance to reveal one of the additional prizes below. 

  • 5 Additional Premiere Mystery Boxes – .67%
  • 3 Additional Premiere Mystery Boxes – 1.792%
  • Limited Edition “RZR” Hat – .375%
  • Exclusive “RZR” Experience – Video Call with David Bianchi – .0025%
  • 70 $GALA – 1%
  • 15k $GALA – .0025%
  • 1 POPCORN! – 1.25%
  • 187.5 POPCORN! – .0025%
  • Theater Node License – .0005%

Standard Mystery Box: What’s Inside?

As mentioned above, standard (free) Mystery Boxes are awarded for completing various platform activities. These boxes only contain Shards, and at slightly higher percentages than in Premiere Mystery Boxes.

  • Each Bronze Shard has a 4.8% chance of being found in a Standard Mystery Box.
  • Each Silver Shard has a 3% chance of being found in a Standard Mystery Box.
  • A single Golden Shard has a 2.2% chance of appearing in a Standard Mystery Box.

Starter Mystery Box: What’s Inside?

The Starter Mystery Box is especially simple to obtain as a special reward for watching the first episode of RZR. Each contains 2 Bronze Shards, 1 Silver Shard and 1 Golden Shard.

We hope you enjoy Gala Film’s gamified collector system, giving you a chance to unlock additional content from your favorite films and series. 

We hope you’re as excited as we are for a new world of entertainment that empowers filmmakers and fans like nothing before.

Moment Packs

As we announced yesterday, RZR Moment Packs are here. Open Moment Packs to collect reward eligible Moments from the series. Collect enough to build a whole scene for a  handsome bonus to the POPCORN! rewards you’ll receive whenever “RZR” episodes are viewed. POPCORN will be converted to $FILM later when the official utility token for Gala Film launches.

Buy Moment Packs Now

Listen to exclusive tracks from “RZR” on Gala Music

Watch “The Making of RZR” now on Gala Film