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Champions Arena: Nexus Update and Arena Adjustments

Champions Arena: Nexus Update and Arena Adjustments

The battle in Champions Arena keeps growing, and the updates planned for tomorrow’s patch push the glorious battle to new heights!

This update has big changes for how Summoners assemble their parties for battle, as well as how they are rewarded for glorious victory!

Nexus Update

Summoners will now be able to use an NFT Champion that was acquired through The Nexus much more. When you grab a Champion through The Nexus, you’ll now have one hour to use that Champion as much as you’d like before the term expires.

You can only take a Champion through The Nexus once per day by default, but this can be reset once per day by using 150 paid Gems. There is no way to reset this cooldown twice in a day.

When using an NFT Champion through The Nexus, you have up to 15 battles where you’re eligible to win Victory Points from victories. Please note that even lost battles apply to this limit, so make it count every time you step into the arena!

Arena VP Update

All NFT Champions will now have a limit to how many battles per day are eligible for VP as well. This limit is dynamic and will differ from Summoner to Summoner.

For each NFT Champion you own, you’ll get a certain number of battles that qualify for VP each day. Every rarity of NFT adds a different amount to this limit, and all your owned NFTs are added together to determine your daily total.

  • Common: 3 Battles
  • Uncommon: 5 Battles
  • Rare: 8 Battles
  • Epic: 13 Battles
  • Legendary: 35 Battles

For example – If a Summoner owns 2 Legendary, 3 Rare and 2 Uncommon NFT Champions, their total would be:

  • 2x Legendaries – 35 x 2 = 70
  • 3x Rare – 8 x 3 = 24
  • 2x Uncommon – 5 x 2 = 10

So this particular Summoner would be eligible for VP in their first 104 (70+24+10) battles each day.

If a Champion is acquired through The Nexus, this would still give this player those additional 15 battles during the day.

Other Reward Improvements

The above VP changes aren’t the only reward change coming in this update! 

Summoners can now get free Gems for playing daily in the arena! The amount received will depend on Arena Tier, and the maximum amount that can be received each day will depend on Summoner Level.

Winners will receive three free Gems from each battle in Gold Tier or below, or four free Gems from each battle in Platinum Tier or above.

Losers will receive two free Gems from each battle in Gold Tier or below, or four free Gems from each battle in Platinum Tier or above.

The maximum number of free Gems a player can receive in this way each day depends on their Summoner Level. At Summoner Level 1, the limit is 200. This scales up gradually to a limit of 358 at Summoner Level 80.

Arena Formula Changes

Finally, there are some alterations to how Summoners fight their way up through the ranks in The Arena.

The rating difference between you and your opponent now directly affects how much rating you could potentially gain when you are victorious. Beating a tough opponent will now be rewarded with greater rating gains than someone who is an easy match for you.

The matching formula has also been altered to complement this. You should generally now see Summoners that are closer to your rating more often.

The Battle Continues!

We hope these changes will give each Summoner new ways to strategize, progress and dominate the competition! The opportunity to use Nexus Champions more should let everyone experiment with more new techniques, and now everybody can grab some extra Gem rewards from the arena!
Battles within The Arena are constantly evolving, and the best Summoners are the ones who stay one step ahead of their enemies.

Good luck with your new attack plans Summoners… we’ll see you in the arena!