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Legends Reborn: Economy Litepaper

Legends Reborn: Economy Litepaper

Legends Reborn is a one of a kind CCG that combines elements of a Team RPG battler, card game mechanics and a unique card draw system. Players create decks (each consisting of 5 Creatures and 30 Action Cards) then pit them against other players in competitive card battles.

In addition to its unique combination of gameplay mechanics, Legends Reborn is a far more immersive experience than a typical collectible card game. Players are represented by 3D Hero characters sitting at tables in detailed arenas, and battles are carried out by fully animated 3D creatures instead of just animated cards.

Our focus with the play-and-earn (P&E) reward economy is to make it as simple as possible for players to understand the game and potential rewards.  Legends Reborn is free to play, meaning that players don’t need an NFT to start playing the game. Additionally, great care has gone into a game balancing model that ensures a compelling PvP experience right from the start, whether or not a player chooses to own NFTs. Skills should rise to the top, incentivizing top card players to elevate their experience and empower themselves through additional web3 benefits.

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain and gaming, it’s vital to keep our tokenomics flexible, ensuring the ecosystem remains balanced and thriving. As such, adjustments to the tokenomics model may be on the cards, guided by the game’s health and the community’s prosperity. This isn’t about making changes for the sake of change but about fine-tuning the system to benefit the whole community, enhancing the gaming experience, and ensuring fairness for all. It’s a commitment to the game’s future and the vibrant community that supports it. After all, the health of the ecosystem and the satisfaction of its members are what truly drive us forward.


The native reward token of Legends Reborn is called $TOLK. This currency will help players build their collection of creatures to ensure they have all the tools needed to build decks to meet their strategic needs.

$TOLK will have a max supply of 10,000,000.

$TOLK Faucets


The amount of $TOLK generated is determined by two economy metrics: Dragon Stone purchases and game engagement, each of which is described below in greater detail. 

Tying token emission to these factors will foster a long term sustainable economy for Legends Reborn. Once the total $TOLK emission has been calculated, 99% will be allocated to the reward pool and 1% will go to the operators of active Gala Founder’s Nodes.

These are the metrics that will impact the reward pool for a season:

Purchased Dragon Stones Used in Game

The total value of Purchased Dragon Stone from the store used in game in a week will contribute a weight of approximately 57% of the total $TOLK generated for the reward pool.

Game Engagement

Total number of matches played in competitive PvP as well as the average session time will contribute a weight of approximately 43% of the total $TOLK generated for the reward pool.

Staggered Seasonal Distribution

In the interest of simplifying players’ ability to understand the rewards they can win, Legends Reborn will use a staggered seasonal distribution.

With this model, the reward pool is generated not for the current season, but the next one. This means metrics for the current season are used to arrive at a total reward pool for the upcoming season. Once this total number is available, it will be displayed in the game throughout the season so players clearly know what’s at stake.

For example, the generation metrics for season 4 would dictate the distribution pool for season 5. Similarly the metrics from season 5 impact the pool for season 6.

Currently, each season is set to a duration of 7 Days. Many gameplay systems (such as Limited Time Creature and Arena(PvP) Leaderboards) will build off this cadence, providing synergy between economy and gameplay.

$TOLK Sinks

$TOLK is reserved as the primary currency for purchasing the most desirable asset of Legends Reborn; the full 3D NFT creatures at six different rarities. The dev team plans to deliver exciting gacha-style offerings and various seasonal promotions surrounding NFT creatures following launch of the game.

Arena Points(AP)

The distribution of $TOLK rewards to players will be regulated by the Arena Points (AP) system. The system comprises a set of scoring rules, a leaderboard structure and a clear reward proposition for players.

Scoring Rules

AP are only scored by winning a competitive PvP match within an owned Venue. Using NFT creatures can provide bonus AP, with additional AP bonuses based on the rarity of your creatures. Venue owners will also receive AP for every match that is hosted on their Venue.

In an effort to simplify the AP tabulation; we will have an easy to access in-game panel that will display the exact AP a player would get based on the actions stipulated. Total AP would just be the addition of the AP scores across these actions.


As players engage with the core PvP system; all accumulated AP are tallied in an overall leaderboard. At the season’s end, the reward pool (predetermined by the previous season) is distributed to the top performers in the leaderboard.

The leaderboard resets at the end of each 7-day season, when the new season begins immediately.

The Future

This is only phase 1 of the economy plan for Legends Reborn. Additional features and ideas will be added to the game’s economy with future updates. Some examples may include innovations around NFT minting, card crafting, rental systems and enhancements to Venue ownerships, which are all in the works.

With your support, the sustainable power of GalaChain under the surface, and a rapidly growing Gala community, Legends Reborn is a thriving title in the Gala Games ecosystem. The team will continue closely monitoring the results of this sustainable economic model, adapting and tweaking as needed in future updates.

Thank you for your ongoing support and see you at the tables!

All information presented in this Litepaper is subject to change, and any significant changes will be added and noted at the bottom of this document with the date of the change.

Gala Joins Forces with the Gems Esports 3.0 Platform for GalaChain Building

Gala Joins Forces with the Gems Esports 3.0 Platform for GalaChain Building

At Gala, we’re serious about reducing the gap between web2 and web3, and we’re on a mission to make the empowerment of blockchain more accessible, versatile and simple than ever before. This is why we’re offering $1M in prizes to host our massive GALAthon hackathon event during GDC 2024.

Gaming and esports will play a huge part in the future of web3, even as the tokenization revolution crosses over into countless other industries of the world. We love the way the Gems Esports 3.0 so closely aligns with our mission to rocket web3 into the mainstream. This cutting edge esports company is building the largest alliance of blockchain gaming companies in the world, merging GameFi, Metaverse entertainment and SocialFi elements into a robust and sustainable esports platform; today we’re excited to announce that Gala has signed an MOU with them to work together and incorporate GalaChain into their vision.

Gems Esports 3.0 will be a one-stop destination for esports. It describes itself as an “Esports 3.0 aggregator platform within an O2O ecosystem,” that seamlessly blends online and offline experiences, making it the ideal vehicle for mass adoption of web3 in esports.

“Our O2O ecosystem opens up unique activities and solutions for gamers to play, compete, learn, connect, and immerse themselves online and offline. We migrate, bridge, convert, and train web 2 gamers to enter into the blockchain.”

-Koh Bin Hing Andy, Gems Esolutions CEO 

Gems Esports integrates its platform with various leading “GameFi” projects in the web3 world, and thanks to the power and scalability of our native L1 blockchain, Gala is ready for integration.

Additionally, Gems Esports 3.0 contains a FanFi studio that creates content surrounding world famous esports and games, providing valuable and entertaining content for its community.

Gems’ competitive arenas allow players to go head to head with some of the best gamers in the world, and we’re eager to see well known Gala community members climbing the ranks and winning the prizes.

Gems Esports 3.0 aims to create a comprehensive ecosystem for esports enthusiasts in the web3 era, offering various features and functionalities for gamers, streamers, and content creators.
Gems Esports 3.0 Website
Gems Esports 3.0 on X
Gems Esports 3.0 on Youtube
Gems Esports 3.0 on Discord

Launching Legends: Q&A with Govind Nair of Clash Craft Studios

Launching Legends: Q&A with Govind Nair of Clash Craft Studios

Play Legends Reborn

Today we’re delving into the exciting world of Toklheim card battles with Legends Reborn, created by the talented team at Clash Craft Studios. After its launch at the beginning of this week, players are looking forward to the Litepaper’s release and the game’s first reward season, where they’ll have an opportunity to receive $TOLK for the first time.

As a cutting-edge web3 trading card game, Legends Reborn merges the strategic depth of deck building and classic PvP TCG mechanics with the innovative ownership and reward possibilities offered by web3 tech. All this is made possible by GalaChain’s robust and scalable infrastructure.

Today, we’re thrilled to present a casual Q&A with Govind Nair, one of the leading minds behind this groundbreaking game. Govind shares insights into the game’s development, the inspiration behind it, and how web3 technology enhances the trading card game experience.

Now, on with some insights from Clash Craft Studios’ Director of Design and Product, Govind Nair!

Govind, can you share with us some of your personal gaming interests growing up? Were there any card games in particular that captured your imagination?

My first experience with games was Prince of Persia, the MS-DOS version. The moment I heard the clink of the swords in combat, I knew games would be a large part of my life. Over the years, my favorite game was Fallout 2, this probably pushed me into thinking about games like a designer.

Like many, my first brush with Card games has to be Pokemon. Just the collection of the cards was so evocative that I didn’t even really know how to play until a few years later after getting that first card. Hearthstone is the obvious introduction to Digital Card games which I thoroughly enjoyed. Lately though the Roguelite Deck Builders have really got me hooked – Slay the Spire, Monster Train and Luck be a Landlord (okay, it’s a stretch to call that a card game but the systems are definitely there) are some of my favorites. Hopefully, Legends Reborn becomes really successful and Gala Games wants us to make a Roguelite Deck Builder around the IP. Trust me, we already have designs around how to do it!

The Clash Craft Studios team has brought a unique vision to life with “Legends Reborn.” What are some of your team’s favorite games, and how have they influenced the game’s development?

From the beginning of this project, our approach has never been to be a Hearthstone or a Legends of Runterra with Web3. We believed that the game had to be unique and fun, so the game would incentivize card players to come into Web3 and not the other way around. So just taking an existing game was out of the question, it wasn’t a long term sustainable approach.

We established Hearthstone, LOTR and MTG players as the core audience for the game. In terms of complexity, we wanted it to feel somewhere between Hearthstone and LOTR.

Legends Reborn stands out for integrating web3 technology into the classic TCG format. Can you explain how this technology enhances the gameplay and ownership experience for players?

Broadly speaking, we looked at this technology as a way to mirror the aspects of a physical TCG into a digital TCG. The fundamentals of our feature set were meant to emulate what we expect from a physical card game.

Cards and Creatures – With the ability to trade and rent Creatures and Cards; we want to simulate the ability for players to buy and own cards that they can trade with each other. As one sees in real life, preparing for a tournament has one tailor their deck by borrowing and buying cards based on the requirements of the tournament and the current meta. We plan to facilitate the trading and reselling aspect through web3 features like NFT Minting and a rental system.

Venues – Currently this feature only supports the hosting of matches. But our long term vision with this feature is to simulate custom tournaments where Venue owners can set rules for their own tournament, create requirements on what cards/creatures can and cannot be used, set an entry cost and so on. Eventually, all we want to do is provide interesting card packs as developers and let players decide how to create modes of play and tournament rules; similar to a physical card game.

The concept of ownership and receiving rewards is a pivotal aspect of Legends Reborn. How do you see this changing the way players interact with and value their in-game assets?

Something we really must not forget is that you have to make a fun game first. That is absolutely a must, because only then will players care about the content of your game. But once you have a sizable engaged community, then you can start rewarding players for being good. For those who have been following gaming news; esports is struggling to find a sustainable business model. The reason is that a suitable economic equation hasn’t been created to reward esports players for the number of players they bring into the ecosystem by being awesome at the game. The advantage with web3 is that the reward structure is modeled in right from the beginning.

With Legends Reborn launching on Gala Games, what advantages does GalaChain provide, and how does it support the game’s vision and mechanics?

More than anything, it’s about easy access to and contact with the devs of the chain. We have some crazy ideas for the rental and Venue features– The equally crazy peeps on the GalaChain team are eager to entertain these ideas and innovate ways to make them a reality.

Finally, for aspiring game developers intrigued by web3 technology, what advice would you give them based on your experiences developing Legends Reborn?

Make a fun game first. Don’t rip off an existing game with web3 added on top. We need to get non web3 gamers into the fold. If someone enjoys Fortnite and has spent 100 hours in it; they aren’t going to leave that game behind so easily. Give them a gameplay-centric reason to come over, then they’ll see what they’ve been missing. 

Govind’s passion for gaming and belief in the power of web3 to transform the digital entertainment landscape is evident throughout this exciting new game. The team at Clash Craft Studios has not only created an engaging game but also paved the way for future developers to explore the limitless possibilities of web3 gaming and player empowerment.

Stay tuned for more updates on Legends Reborn and other exciting developments within the Gala Games ecosystem. As we continue to push the boundaries of gaming, remember that the future of entertainment is here, and it’s powered by web3 and GalaChain – where ownership, innovation, and community come together to create truly empowering experiences.

Download and Play for free

Gala Games Unveils a New Horizon: Our Santiago Studio

Gala Games Unveils a New Horizon: Our Santiago Studio

A Leap Into the Future

We’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to revolutionize the world of entertainment: The opening of our brand-new game development studio in Santiago, Chile. This move is more than just an expansion; it’s a bold step into the future.

By laying roots in the thriving gaming hub of Santiago, we’re reinforcing our commitment to creating empowering and immersive digital experiences, pushing the boundaries of both gaming and entertainment.

Why Santiago?

Source: Wikipedia

Santiago’s vibrant culture of innovation and its talented pool of game developers make it the ideal location for our latest studio. We’re setting the stage for an exciting expansion of our game portfolio, with a special emphasis on live service games. This studio isn’t just about accelerating our development timelines; it’s about injecting a fresh dose of creativity and innovation into the entire gaming world.

Ultimately, the Santiago studio has the potential to create hundreds of jobs in the latest gaming tech, boosting the local economy and drawing skilled game developers from around the world.

Our Vision and Leadership

Under the leadership of Pablo Mera, Studio Lead for the new location, we’re poised to make a profound impact on the gaming landscape. Pablo’s wealth of experience and vision perfectly align with our goals, setting a course for the Santiago studio to become a world center for gaming innovation. Together, we’ll draw upon the unique strengths of the Santiago gaming community to produce web3 enabled games that are not only engaging and high-quality but also resonate with players around the globe.

Empowering Local Talent

At Gala, our commitment goes beyond creating games. We look for ways to nurture local talent while making meaningful contributions to the global gaming ecosystem. By offering opportunities for local developers to work on global projects with the latest tech, we’re not just creating jobs—we’re empowering creators.

Looking Ahead

Moving at the speed of web3, we’re looking to open the doors to the Santiago studio in March of 2024. This expansion aligns with our recent shift towards a more in-person operational structure, which includes the recent opening of our global headquarters in San Francisco.

We still work with hundreds of remote professionals from all around the world, but now that we have had a taste of the collaborative and camaraderie breakthroughs that can come from onsite work, we’re thrilled to create new ways for our teams to come together in person.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we’re hiring for a variety of onsite positions. Learn more at our Careers page, and stay on the lookout for new opportunities as we hit the ground running with the Santiago studio!

Join the Excitement

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite the gaming community, developers, and web3 enthusiasts to stay tuned for updates. The Santiago studio isn’t just a new chapter in our global expansion–it’s a gateway to the next generation of gaming experiences, powered by the innovative spirit of GalaChain.

This expansion isn’t just about growing our footprint; it’s a reflection of our belief in the power of gaming and blockchain technology to create a more immersive, empowering, and decentralized world. Join us as we lead the charge towards this bright future, one game at a time.

GalaChain Hackathon: Meet the Judges – CryptoStache: Pioneering the Blockchain Gaming Frontier

GalaChain Hackathon: Meet the Judges – CryptoStache: Pioneering the Blockchain Gaming Frontier

As we continue to unveil the panel set to judge the upcoming GalaChain Hackathon at GDC 2024, we’re excited to spotlight an individual who is well-versed in the intersection of blockchain and gaming: CryptoStache. Behind the social persona of CryptoStache is Shea Newkirk, a content creator who is a leading voice across the realm of blockchain gaming.

His keen insights into gaming trends have made him a go-to source for those looking to understand and navigate the constantly growing landscape of web3 gaming.

Shea Newkirk: A Visionary in Blockchain Gaming

Shea Newkirk, better known as CryptoStache, is a steadfast advocate for the transformative potential of blockchain technology in gaming. Through his content, he has educated and inspired a broad audience while keeping it engaging and entertaining.

His content sheds light on how web3 systems can be used to level up the player experience in gaming. His contributions to the greater culture of web3 have not only fostered a wider appreciation for blockchain gaming but have also helped guide this new world of gaming towards a focus on community and the players themselves.

A Judge with an Eye for Innovation and Engagement

CryptoStache’s involvement in the GalaChain Hackathon brings an invaluable focused perspective on gaming applications of GalaChain. With his experiences as a content creator, he is uniquely positioned to see the perspective of both game developers and players. His criteria for a winning project are likely to reflect his passion for the gaming field – emphasizing creativity, user engagement, and the practical application of blockchain to make a better gaming experience.

What CryptoStache Might Look for in a Winning Entry

In the context of the GalaChain Hackathon, CryptoStache’s expectations for a winning project are likely to include:

Innovative Use of Blockchain in Gaming: Projects that creatively integrate blockchain technology to enhance gameplay, ownership and the overall player experience without breaking the loops that make a game fun! Entries that introduce novel mechanics, economies or systems will stand out.

Engagement and Community Building: Entries that demonstrate a clear strategy for engaging players and fostering a strong community around the game. Projects that understand and leverage the power of community in the gaming space are more likely to capture Stache’s attention.

Accessibility and User Experience: Projects that prioritize a seamless, accessible user experience – making web3 gaming appealing and easy to navigate for both seasoned players and newcomers to the blockchain space.

Sustainability and Growth Potential: Entries that show the potential for long-term growth and sustainability within the gaming ecosystem and communities. Projects that outline clear plans for development, expansion and adaptation to future gaming trends will likely resonate with Stache’s perspective on the pulse of gaming.

Pioneering the Future of Blockchain Gaming with CryptoStache

CryptoStache’s role as a judge is important to the GalaChain Hackathon. Not only are we hosting this hackathon during GDC, but GalaChain’s roots are in the demanding world of games. His expertise and enthusiasm for the sector will guide participants toward creating projects that not only excel technically but also captivate and engage the community on a deeper level – be they part of the open track or gaming track.

As we gear up for what promises to be an extraordinary showcase of talent and innovation, let CryptoStache’s content and personality inspire you to envision new possibilities for gaming on the blockchain. 

The hackathon is a unique opportunity to redefine gaming’s future, as well as that of web3 as a whole. With CryptoStache’s keen eye on the panel of judges, we’re set to discover projects that are intriguing, innovative, and fun! How will you create new and exciting ways to engage with GalaChain?