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Project Cerberus | It’s a Land Merge!

Project Cerberus | It’s a Land Merge!

So now that you’ve got all that land from the recent Plains Frontier sale or from May Mayhem– including a bunch of duplicates– You’re probably wondering what you can do with them…

What else? Smash them together to make even rarer land!

With the initial launch of Project Cerberus V1 (coming soon), all VOX landowners will have the ability to use this feature, merging and improving their collected land as they please.

For example, if you have 3 Common Plains, you can smash them together into 1 Uncommon Plains! 

But you do need a piece of special VOXTech to achieve this. 

The IsoCube

IsoCubes are what VOX use as a powersource. Need to run a teleporter? Use an Isocube. Power a starship? IsoCube. They are so powerful that they can help bind full parcels of land together and improve it! It is the purest form of a voxel cube in the universe.

There are different types of IsoCubes, from common ones that can be found in nature, to the super rare ones that can only be purchased from vendors, which are greatly coveted by all VOXkind. 


Ok, so you now have your IsoCube and your 3 identical parcels of land. What’s next? 

Here’s a step-by-step:

  1.  Select 3 duplicate lands (same type, same rarity).
  2. Add your IsoCube.
  3. Hit the merge button and watch the planet-shaking creation magic happen! 

The above image shows the merging of 3 Common Fantasy lands into an Uncommon Fantasy land. It includes all adjustments in terms of what resources can be collected and the number of workers allowed on the land.

Here’s the really cool part: This process actually creates (on the fly) a brand new land NFT.🤯

I know, right? It’s one of those smooth and convenient web3 gaming experiences we’ve all been waiting for: The ability to create and mint something in a game. No fuss, no muss. Easy peasy, geometreezy.

Just imagine the possibilities with that functionality in the future! It’s like our own real world IsoCube technological Power! Mwuahaahaa!! Seriously though, we’ll only use that power for good; in other words, to create fun game experiences that are adorable and addictive.

Till next time,

The VOX Populi

Join the team for a The Walking Dead: Empires Town Hall | July 17th, 11am PT

Join the team for a The Walking Dead: Empires Town Hall | July 17th, 11am PT

Get ready for a great Town Hall live stream with members of the team from The Walking Dead: Empires, the survival MMO set in the treacherous world of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The action starts in just 3 hours, at 11am PT. Set a notification and give an early shout in the comments at the link below and we’ll look forward to seeing you there!

Early Access Public Dev Build

Have you started playing TWDE yet through Gala Games? The game is still in development, but the team has opened it up to anyone with a Gala Games account, absolutely free.

Fight off walkers and do your best to scrape survival out of the hellish ruined world of AMC Networks’ hit TV series. You can even play as some of your favorite characters from the show!

Download The Walking Dead: Empires and start playing now on PC or Mac 👇

Download Here

Hero Cards

A series of recent NFT sales in the Gala Games store has made it possible to play as some of the most iconic and beloved characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Each Hero Card is available in the standard 6 different rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Ancient), only while supplies last.

All Heroes are sold in increasing price tiers– When each batch sells out, that item will only return at a higher price.

You’ll find more details about the sale and price structure in THIS RECENT BLOG.

NFT collector-players, take your pick from any of the following awesome Heroes:



Jesus (Paul Rovia)

Prepare for Survival

This game is your chance to collect, craft and survive your way to high status in the chaotic world of The Walking Dead. Play now and you’ll be ready when the real chaos begins!

Play The Walking Dead: Empires now

Common Ground World | Harvest Pie Hoedown!

Common Ground World | Harvest Pie Hoedown!

It’s a new week, Farmers, so get ready for a new exciting Common Ground World 3-day competition event packed with new challenges and strategies to explore and new ways to win!

Play Common Ground World now

Watch the Recent Town Hall

If you haven’t caught the latest CGW Town Hall from Friday, July 5th, check it out at the link below for the latest on community questions, new NFTs and more!

Join us this Friday, July 19th for the next bi-weekly Town Hall, just before the Harvest Pie Hoedown competition ends. We’ll be streaming live at 8am PT– If you have questions, you can submit them now at THIS FORM.

Harvest Pie Hoedown!

Start: 10am PT on Tuesday, July 16th

End: 10am PT on Friday, July 19th

This week’s meta is all about the scrumptious Fruit Pie, packed with Blueberries, Apples, Strawberries, Sugar and Dough. With all the farmers pitching in, it’s a berry good time for a bountiful harvest!

Goal: Sell Fruit Pies

Trade Time: 60s & 1 Gasoline

Biome: Plains S

Edges: River N, River E, Plans S, and Ocean W


In addition to the standard $GALA leaderboard rewards, it’s a Blueprint Week, your chance to pick up the new Crafty Candy Shop Blueprint!

Blueprint: Crafty Candy Shop

Owning the Crafty Candy Shop Blueprint will reduce craft times for all crafts in the Candy Shop, as well as Lolli and Pop Shop NFTs. Boosts vary based on Blueprint rarity:

Luxury – 20% craft time boost

Platinum – 18% craft time boost

Legendary – 16% craft time boost

Epic – 14% craft time boost

Rare – 12% craft time boost

Uncommon – 10% craft time boost

New Crops & Crafts

This week we’re introducing a new crop and two new crafts to make way for those delicious Harvest Pies!

Blueberry Field

Build Cost: $ 900
Affected by: Dirty and Salty


Cash: $300
Stars: 1
Ingredients: 3 Water
Made in: Blueberry Field
Stored in: Silo
Craft Time: 60, 120, 240, 480s
Affected by: Dirty & Salty

Fruit Pie 

Cash: $43,850
Stars: 520 (meta value this week is 50,000)
Ingredients: 1 Dough, 2 Apple, 3 Strawberry, 4 Blueberry, 1 Sugar
Made in: Cakery
Stored in: Storehouse
Craft time: 40s
Affected by: Nothing

💰 Cash Boosts

Flour: $2000 👉 $ 6000

⭐ Star Boosts

Fruit Pie: 520 👉 50k

New NFT –Blueberry Stand

Dropped on Friday, July 12th, this market stand gives passive Blueberry to surrounding buildings in a large area (3-2-1 passive Blueberries).

Price: $199.90
Supply: 200

Get your Rare Blueberry Stand now


When using offline mode you must log back in before the event ends to make fast forward happen. It is run by your computer currently, and if you do not load the game back up, fast forward will not take place.

If you use Fast Forward, check in often. The longer you stay offline, the longer it takes to bring your town up to date.

Always make sure the game is the ONLY TAB in the browser on which it’s running.

Don’t fully cover the browser window with another window or program if you are actively playing. If you do, make sure to relaunch the game before trying to play again.

Litepaper Feedback

The team is still taking feedback on the litepaper released a few weeks ago. 

Everyone is welcome to submit feedback through this form.

Don’t forget to join the Discord community for all the latest discussion and Common Ground World updates!

Good luck with your towns this week. May your Fruit Pies be the sweetest in the land!

Play Common Ground World now

Version 1 Crafting | Project Cerberus

Version 1 Crafting | Project Cerberus

Buy VOX land for a limited time and get a 100% $GALA rebate!

Hey all! Let’s take a break from our meet the team entries to chat a bit about crafting. 

Yes, there is a reason you are collecting all those resources in V0.5! It’s not just about who has the biggest pile of wood and stone. 

The Crafting Hall

First we’ll take a look at our crafting space. Our little friends needed a place to put all their trinkets together so we built them a crafting hall. Unlike fantasy games with a “Ye Olde Blacksmithy”, we went a bit more modern with 3D printing machines. We figured that if VOX can have teleportation tech, 3D printing seemed like the way to go.

We have a new friend that lives here–Nuts McBolty– who will help players with the crafting process, overseeing any VOX or ProtoVOX that are spending their time here.

Why build a 3d environment for crafting? Well, we needed to start testing out crafting on landscape for V2. Being a small team we needed to do some R&D work around that, so we might as well combine it with the crafting development that was already happening. This allows part of the team to work out the 3D aspects for the next phase of the project– creating buildings and decoration– without affecting the current development of crafting. 

Crafting at its Core for Project Cerberus

In short, crafting is the ability to create items and eventually rooms, decorations and more!

  • Each Account will have a crafting button available in the Main Map UI that opens the players 3D Print Farm.
  • 1 Printing Station will initially be unlocked for each account.
  • Additional Printing Stations will be available to unlock.
  • Each station will have a level from 1-5.
  • Each station can craft 1 recipe at a time.
  • A worker slot will require that 1 worker is equipped in order for the Printing Station to function.

Those are the rules, so what can I make? For version 1, the list is limited, and we need your help to make sure the process works before we open up the catalog. Over time we will add more and more items to craft over time– some you can learn, some you can get as rewards and some you can purchase through the store. We will talk about the store in a later dev blog. 

With the game’s initial crafting system, you’ll have the ability to craft everything from powerups to more advanced crafting parts and even some surprises.  

So How Do I Craft?

First you go to the 3D room and Select a printer and add a VOX…

Select a recipe…



It’s that simple!

Two other systems fold directly into crafting: The store (buy items needed for crafting)

and account leveling, which will allow players to unlock more advanced recipes. 

We will talk about those features in a future blog real soon! – The VOX Populi

What are We tApping Into? Huge Potential and Mass Onboarding

What are We tApping Into? Huge Potential and Mass Onboarding

  • Treasure Tapper launched just over a week ago.
  • We’ve already surpassed 500K users.
  • Soon, the $TREZ token will be minted on TON, bridgeable to GalaChain and tradable on GalaSwap.

Play now 👉 

One of the most valuable (and overlooked) aspects of web3 is sheer recruiting power.

There is more to “tapping” than meets the eye. We’re not just inviting you to tap your way into tokenized treasure– We’re tapping into an entire population of people who have not yet realized the simple value of web3, and the potential is huge.

Another tapping game, Hamster Kombat, has recently risen out of nowhere to become the most popular Telegram mini-app in the idle game genre. According to Telegram Founder Pavel Durov…

  • It took Hamster Kombat only 73 days to reach 100 million monthly users.
  • “[Hamster Kombat’s] growth shows the viral potential of the Telegram mini app platform.”
  • “A new era is arriving, and we are witnessing its arrival in real time.”
  • The Hamster Kombat Youtube channel has applied for a Guinness World Record as the first Youtube channel to ever gain 10 million subs within one week.

SOURCE – July 4th Cointelegraph article

Telegram, TON & Superpowered tApps

Telegram has long been embraced as a communication platform for web3 users around the world. Through the release of its new web3-enabled mini app platform, the messaging app cemented its position as a key player in the global mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Community curated list of trending tApps

The creation of this robust mini app platform was the fruit of a partnership between Telegram, The Open Network (TON blockchain) Foundation and Tencent, the parent company of messaging and calling app WeChat. By integrating a TON-based wallet and the ability for developers to integrate web3 functions into mini-apps, Telegram has seemingly created the most effective tool for mass web3 onboarding that the world has yet seen.

SOURCE – “What are Mini Apps in Telegram’s Web3 ecosystem?” – Cointelegraph

At Gala, we’re excited to join in the fun and do our part to open more eyes to the empowerment of web3. This is why we’ve created and unveiled Treasure Tapper over the past few weeks, which stands to bring more new users into the GalaChain ecosystem than ever before.

Let’s explore the idea that while this may not have been the type of mass adoption we expected, it’s the one that was bound to happen.

Trends Into Onramps

When you look back at the recent history of blockchain tech, you’ll see a series of trends that got people talking.

From the early days of play-to-earn gaming and overhyped PFP NFTs to the gamification of fintech with yield farming. From the more recent meme-coin craze to today’s mini app clicker game revolution powered by Telegram and TON, these frenzied trends share one important quality: They made the idea of web3 rewards easy to understand.

As a pioneering web3 company here for the long haul, we’re interested in winning users from web2 to a profound realization of what web3 can do to empower and enrich their day-to-day lives. But there are plenty of challenges inherent in getting “normies” to understand these benefits…

Web3 Jargon is Confusing

Technology innovators love their big words and lofty ideas. But for every “interoperability,” “decentralization,” “metaverse” and “paradigm shift,” there has always been a “win free tokens,” “earn crypto” or “claim rewards” to take the cake. The biggest winners in the space have been the ones who figured out a way to keep it simple.

Bottom Line Trumps Back End

The multitude of users we’re looking to empower don’t need to understand how any of it works. Instead, they need a real demonstration of its benefits in action, directly empowering them. Basically, they don’t care about what makes a blockchain a blockchain, and they’re not looking for a history lesson.

To attract a new user to the web3 world, we have to think like the new user. We aren’t all tech pioneers, after all. Some of us are elementary school teachers, delivery drivers, plumbers, accountants, etc. The vast majority of potential users need to be shown that the benefits of buying into this new technology outweigh its inconveniences. 

Where to Begin?

The average web2 user is getting mixed messages from a whole lot of companies, each claiming that their company is the place to begin the journey. But could we all have taken a more simple and unified approach?

By embracing something as simple as a clicker game powered by an open source Telegram bot, it’s starting to look like the wider web3 world has found the key to a unified onboarding approach that will prove effective, finally bringing people en masse from web2 to web3.

Getting Attention, Changing Lives

There is something special about the idea of converting your time and energy directly into tokens that are actually yours. In comparison to all the video games we have ever known, this mechanic is a breath of fresh air, promising a new level of freedom to the gamer. 

Time/Attention 👉 Tokenized “Treasure”

This conversion is perfectly representative of what web3 can do for its masses of future users. A quick examination of web2’s “social internet” will make the problems clear: Social media companies have essentially turned users into products, monetizing your attention at every turn but never sharing that money with you.

The fact is that your time and attention have value, and no matter how much the largest web2 corporations in the world want to keep it hidden from you, that tea cannot be unspilled.

As more attention is drawn to the web3 world and its benefits for everyday users, the web3 revolution becomes stronger as a whole.

The (oversimplified) Steps to Mass Adoption

  1. Get their attention.
  2. Help them understand that their attention has value.
  3. Reward them.

More than Cute and Fun

Our adorable game of Tapping for Treasure is more than a fun way to use your fingers and phones. It represents an effective solution to the web3 onboarding puzzle with all its confusion and competition.

When we mint reward tokens and they become tradable, millions of users could suddenly be rewarded for their time and attention in the form of crypto tokens.

The minting of $TREZ has the potential to become a mass conversion event, drawing hesitant normal users into the light of web3 to empower the industries of the world.

You’re Invited

Please join us in this exciting and fast-moving new chapter of cryptocurrency, which will surely be remembered for years to come.

To Play Treasure Tapper

  1. Get Telegram on Mobile
  2. Send a message to the Treasure Tapper bot.
  3. Launch the game and start collecting Treasure.

We’ll let you know as the minting event for $TREZ comes closer. We’re releasing new features all the time and new ways to multiply your in-game rewards.

Thanks for being part of the Gala community!