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GalaChain Hackathon: Meet the Judges – Michele Guo, Pioneering Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

March 17, 2024
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In the group of judges we’ve assembled for the upcoming GALAthon Hackathon at GDC 2024, Michele Guo stands out for her unique innovation and strategic insight in the web3 gaming realm. Her work in the industry has made major contributions to the blockchain space since 2017. Her journey through this frontier has taken her across multiple major innovations – from co-founding the first U.S. web3 gaming expo focusing on quality B2B gaming industry leaders and game studios, to her advisory roles for early web3 startups. This visionary recognized the early fragmented gaming industry’s need to be united for a more collaborative ecosystem with emphasis on network effects in the space. We’re proud this ecosystem pioneer could join us as a judge!

Michele Guo: A Trailblazer in Crypto and Strategy

Guo co-founded the 3XP Gaming Expo which brought together the largest web3 game developers in the US for an immersive experience of gameplay demos, esports competitions, and panel content, working with industry thought leaders and gaming founders. Michele spearheaded marketing and partnerships, ensuring the conference’s attendance from notable web2 and web3 game studios and content creators for the first web3 gaming conference held in the U.S.

With Alpha Strategy Consulting, Guo’s influence extends through her angel investments and advisory for early-staged web3 startups. She predominantly focuses in the gaming space on go-to-market strategy, marketing, partnerships, growth, and finding product-market fit, whilst facilitating network effects within her web3 gaming ecosystem, especially rooting from 3XP’s funnel.

Prior to starting Alpha Strategy Consulting, Helios Capital further showcased her adeptness in navigating the nuanced landscape of the tech investment world. In her time there, she not only sealed critical deals and partnerships, but also managed high-profile relationships and supported portfolio companies to thrive under the Helios banner.

Starting her crypto career on the operating side at her first startup in 2017, Guo was the first employee and later became Chief Strategy Officer at Axon Trade, where she demonstrated an immediate knack for partnerships, business development, and strategy, proving essential for the startup’s success. 

A Judge with an Eye for Strategy and Scalability

Michele Guo’s multifaceted experiences equip her with a unique perspective to evaluate the GalaChain Hackathon entries. Her background suggests she will value projects that exhibit technical innovation and a clear, compelling product-market fit.

Guo understands the crucial interplay between technology, market positioning and strategic partnerships that can boost a project’s success and scalability.

What Might Michele Guo Look for in a Winning Entry?

Given Michele Guo’s experience, her criteria for a winning GalaChain Hackathon project likely include:

Strategic Innovation: Projects that go beyond GalaChain’s technical powers and demonstrate innovative approaches for solving real market needs within the web3 world.

Market Readiness and Scalability: Entries that show a clear path to market adoption, including an actual strategy for implementation and scalability that is potentially attractive to partnerships and funding in the future.

Impact and Viability: Projects that present a sustainable business model with real potential for long-term impact, including how the project plans to maintain relevancy and adapt to evolving web3 space. 

Community and Partnership Potential: Initiatives that understand the value of community with a clear path on how to build a strong and sustaining community in the web3 space, whilst being well positioned to leverage strategic partnerships to enhance their reach and go-to-market strategy.

Beyond Technology: Strategy as Key to Success

Michele Guo’s involvement in the GalaChain Hackathon is a testament to the importance of strategic vision in the success of blockchain initiatives. Her perspective will push participants to think beyond the code, considering how their projects fit into the broader web3 landscape. Innovation for the sake of innovation isn’t enough… a project must be practical and have real applications.

As we inch closer to the hackathon, let Michele Guo’s journey through web3 inspire you to blend innovation with strategic acumen. The hackathon presents a unique opportunity to showcase how GalaChain can serve a home for projects that are technologically innovative while also solving practical problems. 

Michele Guo’s presence on the judging panel elevates the GalaChain Hackathon, and we’re excited to see what projects stand out to her during judging. Innovative tools need to serve a real purpose if they are going to be adopted. What problem will your project solve?

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