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GalaChain Hackathon: Meet the Judges – Kent Byers, Shaping the Next Generation of Gaming

March 17, 2024
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In the buildup to the much-anticipated GALAthon Hackathon during GDC 2024, we are proud to introduce as one of our judges – Kent Byers of Directive Games!

Kent Byers serves as the Chief Product Officer at Directive Games, where he oversees the development of two major blockchain games: The Machines Arena, powered by the Ronin network, and Civitas, a 4X strategy MMO with cutting-edge advancements in the blockchain gaming industry. With nearly two decades of experience in Games & Film Industry, Kent is a seasoned veteran who has contributed to iconic franchises such as Star Wars, Avatar, Transformers, and Battle Angel Alita. His leadership and expertise drive innovation and excellence, making him a valuable asset in the realm of gaming and entertainment.

Byers’ experience positions him squarely at the crossroads of gaming and blockchain tech. His insight into what makes a project both engaging and commercially successful is invaluable to any developer looking to make an impact in the web3 world.

Kent Byers: A Beacon of Gaming Innovation

Kent Byers earned his reputation being at the forefront of gaming innovation. He’s spearheaded projects that have captured the imagination of gamers around the world while also pushing the boundaries of what’s technically possible in gaming.

Directive Games has developed titles under his guidance that are known for their immersive experiences, cutting-edge graphics and innovative gameplay mechanics. His expertise in blending engaging content with strategic economic models has been setting new standards in the gaming industry.

A Unique Perspective on Blockchain Gaming

As a judge for the GalaChain Hackathon, Byers brings a wealth of knowledge in game design, development and market trends. He is likely to focus on entries that leverage GalaChain to elevate the user experience, offering innovation as well as a compelling hook.

What Kent Byers Might Look for in a Winning Entry

Given his background, Byers is likely to prioritize hackathon projects that:

Innovate in Game Design and User Experience: Entries that present fresh, compelling gameplay mechanics or user experiences that can uniquely benefit from blockchain technology.

Demonstrate Technical Excellence: Projects that showcase exceptional technical execution – including the use of GalaChain to enhance user interaction, monetization and overall appeal.

Exhibit Market Viability: Initiatives that account for current gaming trends but also demonstrate an understanding of their target audience and a plan to excel beyond market standards.

Emphasize Community and Engagement: Projects that build or enhance gaming communities, encouraging sustained engagement through innovative features, multi-title synergy or rewards.

Pioneering the Future with Kent Byers

Kent Byers’ involvement in the GalaChain Hackathon brings a professional and experienced perspective to find projects that push the industry forward, without compromising the fundamentals. His expertise offers participants a unique opportunity to gain insights into what it takes to create a successful gaming product in today’s competitive landscape. 

Byers represents the bridge between traditional gaming excellence and the potential of blockchain integration. What can you build that’s seriously innovative while also seriously fun?