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Will you Qualify for DeFi Pioneer Rewards?

Will you Qualify for DeFi Pioneer Rewards?

With the recent addition of GalaSwap and its $GSWAP token that allows and incentivizes GalaChain users to trade tokens on-chain, we wanted to do something special for the pioneers who paved the way!

Do You Qualify for the Drop?

We’re awarding past participants in Uniswap airdrops a special free Mystery Box containing $MUSIC and $GALA!

The easiest way to tell if you’ve qualified for the free Mystery Box drop? Connect your Metamask wallet to a free Gala account. Even if you don’t have a Gala account yet, you can make one now and connect your qualifying wallet to find a Mystery Box surprise!

If you’ve qualified for the free Mystery Box and already have a connected Metamask, just check your Inventory to find and open your Mystery Box.

What’s Inside?

In this massive reward drop, a total of 39 million $MUSIC will be distributed (currently valued at nearly $3 million!), divided among approximately 221K participating wallets, but you must connect your wallet to a Gala account to access the drop!

Inside the Mystery Box, you’ll find a mysterious amount of $MUSIC, the official token of Gala Music. This token is tradable for any other token offered on GalaSwap, and the fee to swap is only 1 $GALA (which you’ll also find in the Mystery Box)!

You’ll find various amounts of $MUSIC, anywhere from $5 to $100k (1 lucky winner) in these boxes, so it would be wise to check your box as soon as possible!

Step by Step

To Check:

  1. Create a free Gala account (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Connect the Metamask wallet that received a UNI airdrop in the past.
  3. Check your account Inventory under “Openable NFTs”

To Redeem:

  1. Create a GalaChain Transfer Code in your Account Settings.
  2. Open your Mystery Box using your transfer code.
  3. $MUSIC and $GALA will then appear in your token Inventory.

To Trade:

  1. Login with your Gala credentials at
  2. Wrap your $MUSIC to turn it into $GMUSIC on GalaChain.
  3. Create a swap using $GMUSIC.

GalaSwap Updates

GalaSwap is growing fast, offering the community a place to swap their favorite GalaChain-based tokens peer-to-peer without the need to bridge to another blockchain.

$MUSIC to Our Ears

Partials and API

$GSWAP: The Official Token of GalaSwap