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Gala Games Unveils a New Horizon: Our Santiago Studio

Gala Games Unveils a New Horizon: Our Santiago Studio

A Leap Into the Future

We’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to revolutionize the world of entertainment: The opening of our brand-new game development studio in Santiago, Chile. This move is more than just an expansion; it’s a bold step into the future.

By laying roots in the thriving gaming hub of Santiago, we’re reinforcing our commitment to creating empowering and immersive digital experiences, pushing the boundaries of both gaming and entertainment.

Why Santiago?

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Santiago’s vibrant culture of innovation and its talented pool of game developers make it the ideal location for our latest studio. We’re setting the stage for an exciting expansion of our game portfolio, with a special emphasis on live service games. This studio isn’t just about accelerating our development timelines; it’s about injecting a fresh dose of creativity and innovation into the entire gaming world.

Ultimately, the Santiago studio has the potential to create hundreds of jobs in the latest gaming tech, boosting the local economy and drawing skilled game developers from around the world.

Our Vision and Leadership

Under the leadership of Pablo Mera, Studio Lead for the new location, we’re poised to make a profound impact on the gaming landscape. Pablo’s wealth of experience and vision perfectly align with our goals, setting a course for the Santiago studio to become a world center for gaming innovation. Together, we’ll draw upon the unique strengths of the Santiago gaming community to produce web3 enabled games that are not only engaging and high-quality but also resonate with players around the globe.

Empowering Local Talent

At Gala, our commitment goes beyond creating games. We look for ways to nurture local talent while making meaningful contributions to the global gaming ecosystem. By offering opportunities for local developers to work on global projects with the latest tech, we’re not just creating jobs—we’re empowering creators.

Looking Ahead

Moving at the speed of web3, we’re looking to open the doors to the Santiago studio in March of 2024. This expansion aligns with our recent shift towards a more in-person operational structure, which includes the recent opening of our global headquarters in San Francisco.

We still work with hundreds of remote professionals from all around the world, but now that we have had a taste of the collaborative and camaraderie breakthroughs that can come from onsite work, we’re thrilled to create new ways for our teams to come together in person.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we’re hiring for a variety of onsite positions. Learn more at our Careers page, and stay on the lookout for new opportunities as we hit the ground running with the Santiago studio!

Join the Excitement

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite the gaming community, developers, and web3 enthusiasts to stay tuned for updates. The Santiago studio isn’t just a new chapter in our global expansion–it’s a gateway to the next generation of gaming experiences, powered by the innovative spirit of GalaChain.

This expansion isn’t just about growing our footprint; it’s a reflection of our belief in the power of gaming and blockchain technology to create a more immersive, empowering, and decentralized world. Join us as we lead the charge towards this bright future, one game at a time.