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Gala Music Referrals: Share the Music for More Rewards

Gala Music Referrals: Share the Music for More Rewards

Turn up the volume to empower your fellow listeners with the new Gala Music referral program!

We’re better together.

In the web3 world, that rings true like a perfectly placed power chord at the moment the crowd goes wild. That’s why we’re bringing back some classic referral rewards, encouraging each of you to share the love and spread the music, so that we can all make more music–together.

Don’t worry. This isn’t some corruptible account farming situation where the bots will come in and ruin everyone’s fun. This is just a good ol’ gamified opportunity to spread the word and earn some additional MUSIC rewards when your referred users take action and start digging into the Gala Music platform. When you come back and tell them how excited you are to get some extra MUSIC, they’ll start sharing themselves. Hey, we all love music, and with a rapidly growing catalog of awesome emerging artists, Gala Music has something for everyone.

How It Works

The daily MUSIC distribution for referrals is based on a point system, and the total amount of MUSIC in the daily pool is determined by the total amount of MUSIC spent on the platform in each 24-hour period. There are a couple different actions from your referred users that will help you stash some points:

  1. Run a Jukebox Node for the first time = 15 points

Node operators are the backbone of the decentralized ecosystems across Gala, whether they’re powering a game, forming the foundation of the network, or empowering listeners to earn rewards for the Gala Music tracks they own. When you refer a user that goes on to run their first Jukebox Node, this referral bonus is a token of our gratitude.

  1. They Pair a Purchased Track with a Community Jukebox Node = 1 point

When your referred users start collecting tracks, they’ll want to pair them with active Jukebox Nodes to unlock daily MUSIC rewards for that track based on its popularity. When your referred user pairs their new track for the first time with a Jukebox Node, you’ll get a point in that day’s referral distribution.

Please note that these referral rewards are for the first time a user you referred performs these actions

You’ll find your unique referral link in the top right corner of each track page, as pictured below:


Q: What if I already referred users to Gala using the social share link on Gala Games?

A: Those users will still qualify you for referral rewards if and when they ran a Jukebox Node for the first time or pair a track to a Jukebox Node for the first time.

Q: Is there a cookie referral window?

A: There is no cookie time duration currently. Referred accounts created are noted on your account forever as referred users.

Q: Is there a reward for referring listens?

A: No, this would be too easy to abuse, ruining everyone’s fun and rewards.

We’re psyched to offer a new way for casual users of the Gala Music platform to support their favorite artists and uplift the entire ecosystem while earning some MUSIC rewards for themselves. By referring your friends and inviting others to the Gala Music party, you can start to make some MUSIC of your own, and before you know it you’re building your Track collection!

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