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Joining Forces With Phantom Arena: Cross-Chain Gaming Comes to GalaChain

Joining Forces With Phantom Arena: Cross-Chain Gaming Comes to GalaChain

PvP Brawling With Phantom Arena

The mission of GalaChain may be far-reaching, but we haven’t forgotten our roots in games. Games are one of the most demanding applications for any tech stack, which is why we’re proud to have built GalaChain to withstand all the rigors of modern gaming.

We know that a blockchain built to handle games and as customizable as GalaChain is can handle pretty much any application you throw at it. There’s still plenty of room for fun, though! We didn’t make a blockchain perfect for games only to stop bringing great gaming experiences to players worldwide! There’s always a place on GalaChain for games, which is why we are thrilled to announce that Gala has signed an MOU with Phantom Arena to bring their game into the GalaChain Ecosystem!

The Battle Comes!

Phantom Arena is a fast-paced, web3 PvP game where up to 50 players can face off in thrilling battles. In each battle, use your skills and strategic cunning to stand until the end. The top 15 players in each match will reap the rewards! Players can join the BTC Arena, ETH Arena or TOX arena to receive rewards in those tokens.

Using any of 24 different NFT Characters released in Phase 1 of Phantom Arena’s NFT collection, you’ll jump into battle with its unique skills. Choose wisely, as each of the four clans has unique advantages to certain elements which can affect your optimal strategy. Each individual character brings their own unique special attack to the table. How will you use your unique skills to dominate the competition?

Didn’t fare so well in this battle? No worries! Those who finish in the bottom will receive power-ups that they can use to catch some momentum in the next fight. 

Phantom Arena on GalaChain

Phantom Arena hasn’t arrived quite yet, but their team is excited to start building soon on GalaChain!

The game currently operates on Matchain, but multi-chain flexibility is a very important goal to the Phantom Arena team. In the near future, they plan to build a version of Phantom Arena on GalaChain.

We’re always thrilled for great games to come to GalaChain. Welcome, Phantom Arena!

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