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Feel the Beat: EpicFail’s New Track ‘Tonight’ Drops Tomorrow on Gala Music!

Feel the Beat: EpicFail’s New Track ‘Tonight’ Drops Tomorrow on Gala Music!

Prepare to be captivated once again as the sensational Canadian DJ group, EpicFail, returns to Gala Music with their latest progressive festival track, “Tonight” Following their hit release, “Another Night,” which took the platform by storm earlier this year, EpicFail is ready to elevate your playlists with another electrifying track.

The talented trio consisting of Fez, Mike Beatz, and Zaahir has continually dazzled the Canadian EDM scene and beyond with their dynamic blend of trance, house, electro, and progressive styles. Known for their high-energy performances and innovative soundscapes, EpicFail delivers music that not only moves the crowd but also pushes the boundaries of electronic dance music.

“Tonight” is sure to get you psyched for festival season, encapsulating the essence of progressive house EDM and characterized by its rhythmic and driving beats. It’s designed not just to be heard, but to be experienced—making it the perfect addition to any quality Gala Music NFT collection.

Listen to “Tonight” now on Gala Music

Listen to “Tonight” now on Gala Music and be ready for the Signature Edition track drop tomorrow, April 18th. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of EpicFail or a newcomer to their sound, this track is sure to enrich your musical landscape and keep you dancing all night long.

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The Dropout Returns with “Present”: An Ode to the Now

The Dropout Returns with “Present”: An Ode to the Now

Today we’re happy to announce a new release from returning electronic sensation, The Dropout. Known for his boundary-pushing soundscapes and deeply personal narratives, The Dropout’s latest track, “Present,” drops tomorrow, April 11, 2024 at 12pm PT

A Glimpse into “Present”

“Present” is a philosophy wrapped in melodies. Described by The Dropout as “a little reminder that the present is a present,” this piece serves as a beacon of mindfulness in the bustling world of electronic beats. The Dropout holds “Present” close to his heart, hoping it serves as a timely reminder to cherish the now. The authenticity and rawness of this track promise to resonate deeply with listeners, offering a moment of reflection amidst the chaos of daily life.

Listen to “Present” now on Gala Music

The Artist Behind the Beat

The Dropout’s journey is as unconventional as his music. After leaving high school to pursue a passion for guitar, he has carved a unique path in the music industry all the while. From securing a spot on the front page of The Pirate Bay to being featured in Showtime’s “Shameless” and gracing the stages of some of his favorite music festivals, The Dropout’s career is a testament to the power of following one’s passion to overcome expectations and odds.

Taking his commitment to music and adventure a step further, The Dropout has transformed his life into a journey on wheels. With a music studio built into the back of an RV, he now travels across the USA, drawing inspiration from the diverse landscapes and experiences the country has to offer. This nomadic lifestyle not only fuels his creativity but also brings him closer to his fans, embodying the essence of living in the present.

Get Yourself a “Present”

“Present” is an invitation to pause, breathe, and immerse yourself in the moment. As The Dropout continues to explore and expand the boundaries of electronic music, this latest release is both a gift to his listeners and a milestone in his artistic journey.

Join us on April 11, 2024 for the Signature Edition NFT drop of “Present.” Remember that when you own an NFT Gala Music track, you’ll earn regular $MUSIC rewards for pairing your track with an active Music Node and powering the web3 world of music. Collecting NFTs from your favorite emerging artists is the best way to gather rewards to keep enhancing your web3 music collection, and when you cop a Signature Edition track, you’ll get the best reward multipliers around.

Previous Drops from The Dropout

“Present” marks The Dropout’s fourth NFT track released on Gala Music. Listen to his other songs at the links below:

“Habits” – Signature dropped 2/29/24 – STILL AVAILABLE
“Mixed Messages” – Signature dropped 1/31/24 – STILL AVAILABLE
“How Far?” – Signature dropped 2/15/24 – STILL AVAILABLE

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Enhanced Artist Uploads

It’s now easier than ever to become a Gala Music artist and start dropping NFT tracks, thanks to the new Artist Upload feature. Artists can schedule, price and manage their own track drops from dream to stream. This feature addition is a huge leap forward in web3 empowerment for artists, putting total control back into their hands!

Dive into the depths of The Dropout’s musical world, where each note is a reminder of the beauty of now. Listen now and let the reminder find you at the right moment. Remember, in the world of The Dropout, the present is indeed a present.

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Artist Upload – Take Control of Your Music

Artist Upload – Take Control of Your Music

The collision of blockchain tech and the music industry exemplified by Gala Music is nothing short of revolutionary, empowering artists and fans like nothing that came before.

As we continue to pioneer in this space with the help of top experts from both web3 and music, we’re psyched to introduce our brand new Artist Upload feature on the Gala Music platform, making it easier than ever for musicians to share their music on a web3 scale. This is a game-changer for artists in the decentralized world of music.

Gala Music is already known for our creative approach to bridging the gap between artists and their audiences, reducing industry barriers through the power of GalaChain’s cutting edge tech.  This new feature takes a huge leap into the future, with no wallets or gas fees needed to release NFT tracks.

After securing approval as a Gala Music artist, musicians can now effortlessly navigate through the self-service portal to upload and release their tracks. Soon, they will have the ability to add music videos, assemble All Access Experiences and much more. This groundbreaking functionality empowers artists with the autonomy to schedule and price their NFT track releases to align seamlessly with their own promotional strategies and audience expectations while benefiting from the wider Gala Music audience.

The flexibility and control offered by this feature enable artists to plan their music distribution without the traditional constraints of intermediaries or record labels. Artist Upload’s ability to plan their own releases signifies a monumental shift towards artist independence, allowing them to adapt swiftly to the dynamic demands of the market.

This development represents a paradigm shift towards creating a decentralized world of music where artists and fans are empowered like never before. At Gala Music, we’re committed to breaking down barriers and fostering a vibrant ecosystem where creativity flourishes without bounds.

But this is just the beginning. As an introductory release, users can anticipate updates and refinements as Gala Music continues to develop a system that aims to empower artists worldwide, ushering them into the web3 era. This ongoing evolution promises to level up countless artists, offering them unprecedented control over their careers.For artists eager to join this revolutionary platform, the journey begins at This is a pivotal moment in the music industry, marking the dawn of a new era where artists and fans are united in a world of decentralized music, heralding an unprecedented level of empowerment and freedom.

Emerging Artist Spotlight: J.K. Mac on Gala Music

Emerging Artist Spotlight: J.K. Mac on Gala Music

From the vibrant streets of Montgomery to a meteoric rise into the metaverse spotlight,  J.K. Mac is a testament to the transformative energy of Gala Music.

With the recent drop of “Swear,” featuring the renowned YoungBoy Never Broke Again, J.K. Mac has demonstrated the power of decentralized platforms, making an explosive Gala Music debut in the ranks of Gala Music’s emerging artists.

Gala Music is leading the charge in music’s web3 revolution, offering a blockchain-based ecosystem that breaks down traditional barriers between artists and their audiences. By leveraging the unique capabilities of NFTs to blur the lines between the physical and digital, Gala Music provides artists like J.K. Mac with unparalleled opportunities to connect with fans, monetize their creations and gain the recognition they deserve.

“Swear” on Gala Music

You’ll also find the music video for “Swear” exclusively on Gala Music.

The Journey

J.K. Mac’s journey from a passionate young musician to a breakout hip hop sensation exemplifies our artist empowerment ethos. From his early days, J.K. was always deeply committed to refining his craft, a fact evident in the dedication of his rapidly growing fan base. His music, rich with classic hip hop influences and infused with contemporary production techniques, speaks volumes of his artistic depth and resilience.

The release of “Swear” on Gala Music is more than just a milestone for J.K. Mac—it’s a declaration of the platform’s commitment to nurturing talent and redefining the music industry’s future. Alongside the track, the innovative Mystery Box release offers fans a chance to engage with J.K. Mac’s work on a deeper level, featuring exclusive merchandise, additional NFT tracks, and even the opportunity to interact with the artist himself.

As we witness J.K. Mac’s ascent, it’s clear that Gala Music is not merely a platform but a movement. By aligning the interests of artists and fans through cutting edge web3 tech, Gala Music is setting new standards for artist support and audience engagement. J.K. Mac’s success story should light the way for countless emerging artists, showcasing the boundless possibilities when creativity joins forces with cutting-edge technology.

Stream “Swear” on Gala Music and be part of this exciting journey. We’re not just listening to music– we’re shaping the future of an industry. Join us in celebrating the artistry of J.K. Mac and the innovative spirit of Gala Music, where music knows no bounds, and every artist has a stage.

N8TIVE’s “Yung Warrior” Drops Tomorrow on Gala Music

N8TIVE’s “Yung Warrior” Drops Tomorrow on Gala Music

The Rising Sound of N8TIVE

Please join us in welcoming the latest Signature Edition drop from N8TIVE, a dynamic talent emerging from South East London with roots deeply entrenched in Nigerian culture. 

With a growing portfolio of Hip Hop Afrobeats on Gala Music, N8TIVE is releasing his third NFT track, “Yung Warrior,” at 12pm PT, Thursday, March 28th.

A Fusion of Cultures and Sounds

N8TIVE’s musical tells a story of the power of diverse influences to shape a singular, groundbreaking sound. Growing up in a melting pot of cultures, his early days in the choir laid the foundation for a passion that would see him explore and blend genres ranging from afro-fusion to grime and R&B. Artists like Fela Kuti, Kanye West, and Skepta have all played a part in honing his sound—a sound that’s as much about rhythm and melody as story and soul.

“Yung Warrior”: A Tale of Resilience

“Yung Warrior” is a narrative woven from the threads of N8TIVE’s personal history and his family’s legacy. It’s a call to rise above adversity, dedicated to those who face the world with courage and tenacity. Through his compelling vocal delivery, N8TIVE shares his journey of encouragement, identity and the unyielding spirit of a warrior. The song promises to be an anthem of empowerment, blending captivating hooks with lyrical dexterity.

Experience “Yung Warrior”

We’re looking forward to the release of “Yung Warrior” and the impact it will have on listeners. Dropping exclusively on Gala Music, this Signature Edition NFT offers fans a chance to own a piece of N8TIVE’s evolving legacy–one marked by resilience, rich heritage and the boundless potential of afro-fusion sounds.

Join the Journey

The Signature drop of “Yung Warrior” marks a milestone in N8TIVE’s career and in the rich tapestry of global web3 sounds available on Gala Music. As we await its release tomorrow at 12pm PT, let’s ready ourselves to be part of this unique musical experience. 

Check out N8TIVE’s previous Gala Music drops at the links below:



Don’t Miss Out

Join us on this musical journey with N8TIVE, and let’s celebrate the power of music to inspire, encourage and unite. Remember, the track drops at 12pm PT on Thursday, March 28th—Only 100 copies of the Signature Edition reward enabled track will be available!

Listen to “Yung Warrior” by N8TIVE on Gala Music.