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Gala Music NFTs on NFT Harbor

Gala Music NFTs on NFT Harbor

This week we’re proud to share some monumental progress coming from a true trailblazer on GalaChain. Swaps and trades for Gala Music NFTs at

Trading on Chain

Up to this point, only games NFTs have been available on the site, but soon anyone can list Music NFTs for swaps and trades without ever leaving GalaChain! 

We hope that this addition to NFT Harbor allows people to curate their perfect collection on GalaChain, all without the inconvenience of bridging to Ethereum. With fees on NFT Harbor set at only 1% currently on GalaChain, giving the Gala community a way to swap tracks on-chain is an amazing development for our entire ecosystem!

Bigger Discounts on Fees

You can save even more on transaction fees through NFT Harbor right now with several promotions. With the recently added ‘HODL Promotions’ on the site, users can save 40% on GalaChain fees and 20% on Ethereum fees by meeting certain criteria.

Get this sweet deal by holding above a certain threshold of $SILK, $GALA or $ETIME in your wallet, or by holding a Cruel Fate card from Mirandus! These promotions are automatically applied to your trades when you qualify.

These discounts only apply to 3 star or higher users though, which means you’ll have to make a few trades before they open up to you. Think of this as your reputation on the site. A successful trade raises your star count, but only if you respond within a reasonable time to any bids or deals. Take too long and make the user across from the negotiating table wait around and you could wind up losing a star!

GalaChain Growth

NFT Harbor was the first external project to ever dig into GalaChain, and we are overjoyed to see their progress and the growth their project brings to GalaChain. For a long time our community dreamed of a site like this to trade items with each other within the Gala Ecosystem. In the end, a long-term community member delivered by making this amazing tool!

We can’t wait to see what comes next for NFT Harbor!