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NxWorries Mystery Box: A Gala Music Exclusive

NxWorries Mystery Box: A Gala Music Exclusive

We’re thrilled to launch the NxWorries Mystery Box, a special collaboration between Gala Music and the dynamic duo NxWorries, featuring Grammy winner Anderson .Paak and producer Knxwledge. Originally announced last week as we started an epic LA popup event with NxWorries and Stones Throw Records, this exclusive offering celebrates the newly launched “Why Lawd?,” following its physical release last Friday from Stones Throw Records.

Pick up as many NxWorries Mystery Boxes as you want now for $4.99 each. The more you get, the more you’ll multiply your chances to win!

Get Mystery Boxes now on Gala Music

What’s Inside the NxWorries Mystery Box?

For just $4.99, each NxWorries Mystery Box contains three items from a curated selection, including:

  • $MUSIC
  • $GALA
  • An exclusive Gala Music remix of “Daydreaming” (Track 8 from “Why Lawd?”)
  • Gala Music Jukebox Nodes (~$2000 value each)
  • Exclusive Behind the Scenes video content
  • Drawing entry for 1 of 5 pairs of VIP tickets to an upcoming NxWorries live experience
  • Drawing entry for NxWorries limited merch
  • Drawing entry for NxWorries social follow on Instagram
  • Drawing entry for 1 of 10 signed “Why Lawd?” records
  • Drawing entry for Anderson .Paak signed collectible drumsticks with case

NxWorries Mystery Box Giveaway Terms and Conditions

NxWorries Merchandise Giveaway Terms and Conditions

Don’t Miss this Mystery

This Gala Music exclusive remix of “Daydreaming” is available only through the NxWorries Mystery Box and is a limited-time offer. Don’t miss your chance to own this special Gala Music exclusive NFT track and enjoy the potential $MUSIC rewards that come with it.

You can listen now to the exclusive “Daydreaming” remix, but you can’t get it anywhere but the NxWorries Mystery Box.

How to Get Yours

Head over to Gala Music now and secure your NxWorries Mystery Box while supplies last. Celebrate the launch of “Why Lawd?” in style and be part of this extraordinary musical experience.

If this is your first time opening a Gala Music Mystery Box, just view the unopened box in your inventory and open it directly through your collection page!

Don’t forget to listen to the exclusive remix of “Daydreaming” now on Gala Music!

Last Chance for Mayhem. Squared.

Last Chance for Mayhem. Squared.

It’s Mayhem out there. We get it. 

Here at VINC, we understand. We’re all in this together. 

We Care. Squared.

We wanted to create something wonderful out of all this Mayhem. Featuring our revolutionary ProtoVOX technology, the latest VOX Box is more than just a box… it’s what’s inside that counts. But it’s also more than just what’s inside! It’s the care and love that went into designing a box just for each and every one of you! 

VINC may be a multinational corporation, but we like to think of ourselves more as family to each human and VOX out there. Families care. No need to thank us. It’s just what we do.

Just click for wonderful.

The Mayhem VOX Box

We forgive you if the last few weeks were a blur. We sure had fun making sure that VOX were making the rounds this Mayhem, and we love getting to know new friends. 

Give yourself a pat on the back – because you dominated in Common Ground World, Legends Reborn and NFTD. I guess that’s why you’re the real hero!

Alice still hasn’t returned from her Mayhem mission. I wonder where she’ll pop up 🤔

The VOX Box can have any of your favorite new faces from Mayhem! 

  • 50% chance for Project V
  • 35% chance for Lucy the Border Collie
  • 15% chance for Alice

In addition to a “shiny” new ProtoVOX, ALL boxes will contain a Common VOX Land!

Every box will also have a 20% chance to contain the all-new FutureBoy track – Datalake Drip!

FutureBoy is making soothing LoFi metaverse grooves on Gala Music.
Post Mayhem chill time! FutureBoy has got your back

Each VOX Box costs $99.99, and only 1000 are available in this sale!

At the time of publishing, only around half of these are left 😱

Unbox the Care

This is the absolute last chance to get all these Mayhem items. Get yours before it’s too late!

We know grinding the Mayhem is hard. That’s why we made opening VOX boxes so easy! Don’t wait… open one today.

Buy a VOX Box today!

Music Mystery Magic: The Gala Music Future Box

Music Mystery Magic: The Gala Music Future Box

At Gala, this time of year holds a tradition called May Mayhem, where we pile activities, opportunities and additional rewards onto our already prosperous community. It’s one of our favorite ways to celebrate the people who make it all possible and show our appreciation.

In metaversal collaboration with VOX’s very own FutureBoy, Gala Music is pleased to announce a special promotion through the end of the month… Introducing the Gala Music Future Box! 

Get your Future Boxes now for $4.99 each!

FutureBoy and Gala Girl

Anyone who knows VOX knows FutureBoy, the laid back and stylish Lofi dynamo that has become synonymous with the VOX brand.

FutureBoy has the moves.

FutureBoy presents “VINC Sync”

In this one-of-a-kind event, FutureBoy is joining forces with a new character from the VOX realm… As the first in a brand new line of distinct personality ProtoVOX, Gala Girl was given mad DJ skills by her creators at VINC. We’re pleased to announce that DJ Gala Girl is making her Gala Music debut with a track of her own!

These fresh tracks from both FutureBoy and Gala Girl will only be found inside Future Boxes!

Gala Girl is ready to get the party started with her mad DJ skills.

Gala Girl presents “Moonbeams”

Free Future Boxes

Mystery Boxes are an exciting way for us to offer rare prize opportunities. Sometimes we drop artist specific Mystery Boxes, packed with chances to win, rare merch, limited edition collectibles and more. At other times we offer Mystery Boxes that include a variety of prizes from across the Gala ecosystems.

Purchase and pair any NFT track before the end of May to get a free Future Box reward!

For the next couple months while supplies last, this special Future Box will be available to own. Pick up as many as you like for $4.99 each. Additionally, for every NFT track you purchase(or have already purchased this month), you’ll receive a free Future Box!

To qualify for the free Future Box, you must purchase an NFT track from the Gala Music store and pair it with a Jukebox node before the end of May (PT time).

Please note that purchasing a track alone does not qualify you for a free Future Box– You must also pair your track with an active Jukebox Node (through your Collection) at no additional cost. This action will also unlock your regular $MUSIC rewards for that track.

Inside the Future Box

Inside the box, you’ll find three items from the following list:

  • Various quantities of $MUSIC
  • $GALA 
  • Jukebox Node license – valued at ~$2000 (up to 100 total throughout promo)
  • Gala Music Windbreaker – $100 value
  • One (1) Ticket to win a 1 of 1 Gala Music varsity jacket*
  • New NFT track from FutureBoy
  • New NFT track from Gala Girl
  • Gala Girl cosmetic VOX outfit

*The giveawaydrawing for the 1-of-1 varsity jacket will be held following the July 31st end of the Future Box promotion. Tickets that are revealed following July 31st will be rolled over to a future event.

Gala Music Future Box 2024 Giveaway Terms & Conditions

Gala Music Varsity Jacket 2024 Giveaway Terms & Conditions

Opening the Box

Opening your Future Box in your inventory is simple, thanks to the power of GalaChain.

  1. Set up a Transfer Code for your account (if you don’t have one yet).
  2. Locate the Mystery Box in your Collection page under Mystery Boxes.
  3. Redeem your Mystery Box using your Transfer Code and see what’s inside!

Pick up Future Boxes now for $4.99 each!

Tons of Tracks

If you haven’t been checking on the latest Gala Music NFTs, you’ve been missing out on some amazing music from a massive variety of new artists, but not to worry! You can listen to everything on the Gala Music platform and app for free, whether or not you own track NFTs. In fact, you can qualify for regular $MUSIC rewards simply for listening to music every day.

Each week, we release more than 20 Signature Edition tracks, adding to the rapidly expanding Gala Music catalog and elevating the careers of our growing artist roster. Check out this week’s new NFT tracks  in this blog.

Download the Gala Music app to listen on the go with your favorite device, customize playlists, attend virtual live shows and much more.

Learn more about how Gala Music is creating a fairer music industry for artists.