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2024 Trends: What the World Wants to Hear in a Web3 Music World

2024 Trends: What the World Wants to Hear in a Web3 Music World

Web3 technologies is quickly reshaping how artists connect with fans, manage their careers and redefine the industry’s future. As the leading pioneering force in this decentralized music world, Gala Music sits at the forefront of these changes. 

We’re proud to give tomorrow’s most compelling musical artists a new way to build their careers and get rewarded for all their hard work. With our help, the future of music is not only empowering to the artists who share their souls and the fans who make it possible, but borderless, giving musicians from across the globe new opportunities to participate in music’s rapidly rising ownership economy.

Today, let’s look through the lens of Gala Music to explore some of the top trends of 2024—Specifically, Latin Urban music, Afro Beat, and Collaborations.

Latin Music Hits Web3

Rich with dynamic rhythms, vibrant cultural roots and heartfelt songwriting, Latin music is experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity all around the world. Artists like Bad Bunny and Karol G have especially demonstrated the massive global appeal of Latin Urban, paving the way for new Latin artists in the web3 space.

In 2023, Latin music had a second consecutive year as the fastest growing US music market, reaching a massive $1.4 billion in revenue, 16% growth over 2022. Additionally, according to 2023’s US Latin Music Revenue Report from the Recording Industry Association of America, Latin music accounted for its highest ever market share within US music at a massive 7.9%. SOURCEArticle

Emerging artists on Gala Music have clearly recognized these trends, actively engaging with the platform in 2024 to mint and distribute their tracks as NFTs.

Explore Latin Artists on Gala Music

Brray – Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Brray, known for his work in urban, hip-hop, and trap genres, is enthusiastic about the web3 space with Gala Music. He values the new opportunities to connect with fans and has collaborated with stars like Bad Bunny and Ozuna.

Dvice – With his NFT track drop of “Hablame” (feat. Anuel, Bryant Myerz, Juanka, and Lyan), Dvice brought a global smash hit into the web3 music world, with over 13 million streams on Spotify alone.

These are just a couple examples of the wealth of Latin music you’ll find on Gala. Thanks to Gala Music, Latin artists from all over the world can enjoy new opportunities to preserve the authenticity of their sound while retaining significant control over their creations. If you haven’t yet, start exploring the wide variety of Latin sounds on Gala Music today. 

Afrobeats: Pulsing Through the Veins of Web3

Afro Beat’s infectious energy and deep cultural resonance have found a new home in web3, where artists can leverage platforms like Gala Music to reach an international fanbase without the traditional barriers posed by mainstream music labels. The genre’s growth is supported by its communal roots, which align perfectly with the decentralized and community-focused nature of web3. Platforms like Spotify have reported a 2000% increase in Afrobeat listeners over the past decade, signaling a ready and growing audience for this genre.

For the last decade as contemporary streaming platforms have risen to prominence, Afrobeats has swept the world with popularity. In a Q&A for Aljazeera from mid 2023, Spotify’s Chief Executive for sub-Saharan Africa offered some valuable insights on the rising popularity of the genre and its impact on the worldwide music scene, referring to Afrobeats as “one of Africa’s biggest cultural exports.”

Thanks to Afrobeats’ embrace of streaming tech to reach worldwide audiences, it’s no surprise that the genre has already found a comfortable home in the emerging world of web3 music. Gala Music is thrilled to host a variety of Afrobeats artists, providing them a new way to reach global audiences with these infectious and uplifting sounds.

Explore Afrobeats on Gala Music

Waje – Lovingly known as “The Voice of Africa,” Waje’s music exudes soulfulness and electricity. Her sound seamlessly blends Afro fusion with soulful melodies, incorporating Afro beats that reflect her cultural roots. Through her music, she expresses the highs and lows of her African experience, showcasing a constantly evolving artistic journey.

N8tive – This South East London performer of Nigerian descent was exposed to a variety of musical influences. N8TIVE does an excellent job of providing his audience with stories about his life, upbringing, heritage, identity, and emotions while retaining captivating hooks, clever lyricism, and opulent flows through his masterful vocal delivery.

Collaborations: The New Frontier for Artists on Web3

Collaborations have always been a staple in music, bringing together diverse sounds and audiences. In 2024, web3 platforms like Gala Music are taking this to the next level by facilitating easier and more transparent collaborations across borders. 

Blockchains and smart contracts encourage collaboration by their very nature with self-enforcing contracts, automatic payments and reduced need for trust. By utilizing smart contracts, artists can automatically split royalties, ensuring fair compensation without the need for costly intermediaries looking to take a cut. The platform’s ability to connect artists globally not only encourages creative partnerships but also amplifies their reach and impact, as seen with recent hits that blend genres and cultures.

Already in 2024, Gala Music has seen a wide range of collaborative track drops, many of which cross genre borders to create truly unique pieces of music. For example, check out the special extended version of “Swear,” by JK Mac and YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

Join the Revolution at Gala Music

As these three trends explored above demonstrate, the future of music is vibrant and incredibly diverse. Gala Music is not just a participant but a leader in this revolution, offering a robust platform for artists to engage directly with their fans through NFTs, live performances, exclusive releases, All Access Experiences and much more

By joining Gala Music, artists have the opportunity to thrive at the forefront of the music industry’s transformation, which has already begun. When we look at the fact that the most popular and rapidly growing genres in the world today are already establishing themselves within web3, we can get an idea of where music is headed in the coming months and years. The future of music is decentralized, with more ways than ever for artists and fans to empower themselves and join the movement. 

Artist Upload for Success

Our revolutionary new self service portal allows Gala Music artists to manage their own releases with minimal friction. If you’re making music, you’ve done the hardest work already and we don’t want you getting wrapped up in red tape when all you want to do is get your music into the world. 

Start here by applying for a Gala Music artist page of your own. Once approved, you’ll unlock the ability to start dropping your own NFT tracks, naming your price and tapping into the thousands of eager listeners awaiting your jams.

Whether you’re an artist looking to explore new frontiers in your career, or a fan eager to support your favorite musicians in a more impactful way, Gala Music offers the tools and community to make that possible. Join us today and be part of shaping the future of music, one track, one collaboration, and one beat at a time.

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