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Brray Drops “En Que Estas Tu” on Gala Music

Brray Drops “En Que Estas Tu” on Gala Music


  • The Signature Edition of Brray’s new track “En Que Estas Tu” drops March 7th at 1pm PT only on Gala Music.

Newest from Brray

We are thrilled to announce that Puerto Rican featured artist Brray is dropping a new track on Gala Music! Brray is bringing his unique sound and infectious energy to the platform with the exclusive release of his new track, “En Que Estas Tu.”

Brray on Gala Music

Brray is the stage name for Bryan Garcia Quiñones, a rising star in the Puerto Rican Urbano Latino scene, is known for his dynamic blend of hip-hop, reggaeton, and trap, often infused with catchy Latin pop hooks. He’s quickly captured the attention of audiences worldwide with his signature flow and captivating lyrics. 

Brray’s was recently featured on a collaboration track from Onyx Toca El Piano called “De Donde Soy (Feat. Ñengo Flow, Brray & John Jay)

Additionally, Brray has already released the following Gala Music tracks, some of which are still available for purchase (All are free to listen now):

Brray on Instagram

Reggaeton–A Puerto Rican Powerhouse

Originally created in Panama in the late 1980s, the reggaeton genre grew in popularity throughout Latin nations. In the early 2000s, Puerto Rico was a springboard that catapulted reggaeton onto the global stage. Today this honest and captivating Latin music is sweeping the world with the emergence of new superstars, dedicated nightclubs and massive fanbases. 

Puerto Rican Roots

Reggaeton’s significant impact on today’s music industry can’t be fully understood without acknowledging one of its most vibrant birthplaces: Puerto Rico. The island nation has served as a breeding ground for some of the genre’s most iconic figures, from Daddy Yankee and Wisin y Yandel to Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

Honest Songwriting

Reggaeton songwriters are not afraid to explore tough thematic elements in their music, such as life’s challenges, issues of sex and love, or even personal struggles like drug use. Perhaps this is why during such troubling times, reggaeton music has captured the hearts of young people all over the world.

Puerto Rican Reggaeton Stars

As the undisputed reggaeton headquarters in the 21st century, Puerto Rico has produced some of the genre’s most influential artists throughout the world, including:

  • Daddy Yankee
  • Bad Bunny
  • Wisin y Yandel
  • Ozuna
  • J Balvin
  • Rauw Alejandro
  • Anuel AA

Brray–Embracing Variety and Expanding Genres

While Brray’s music couldn’t possibly be described as strictly reggaeton, the Puerto Rico born genre has clearly inspired its creation. Brray is a skilled singer, rapper and songwriter who blends elements of several different music styles, including Hip Hop, Trap and Latin Pop.

Ultimately, Brray’s music is best described as Urbano Latino (Latin Urban), a term designed to encompass the fusion of these various Latin sounds.

Past Collaborations

Brray already has a rich history of collaborations with noted artists from different genres, demonstrating his versatility and making clear his deep love of music. Below are some of the more notable collaborations so you can join the movement and begin exploring the vast world of collaborative music in which Brray is featured.

Joyce Santana: Brray has been a frequent collaborator with Joyce Santana, who has appeared on tracks like Brray’s “Tu Break,” “En El Amor No Creen,” and “Bajo Sustancias.”

Myke Towers is a rising star known for his collaborations with Bad Bunny and other top artists in the reggaeton scene. He collaborated with Brray and others in the hit remix of Nio Garcia’s “La Jeepeta.”

Marshmello is an American EDM producer and DJ who has collaborated with Brray and Lil CaKe on “Tusi” in late 2023.

Nio Garcia is another prominent figure, known as one of the pioneers of the reggaeton movement, who features Brray on his hit “La Jeepeta.”

Rauw Alejandro is a popular Puerto Rican singer songwriter known for catchy melodies and a unique style, who collaborated with Brray on his album “Err Bambini” as well as his massively popular hit, “Lokera.”

Anuel AA is among the most successful Latin urban artists of a generation, having made vast contributions to the Latin trap movement. He has collaborated with Brray on the entrancing hit, “Corazón Roto

Most Popular Videos

Brray’s Youtube channel boasts dozens of music videos that have individually received millions of views, signifying not only the massive popularity of his songs, but the power of the reggaeton movement as a whole.

En Que Estas Tu

“This latest track by Brray boasts a smooth melody and a chill vibe. He’s trying to get to know a lady who’s already attached. They’re having fun, on the same wavelength surrounded by beautiful people. He tells her how he likes to pass the time, he’s not trying to chase her or anything, but they’re both floating on the same cloud so…”

1pm PT–Signature Edition Drop

Get ready for the first limited ownership opportunity for “En Que Estas Tu,” Brray’s latest earning enabled track on Gla Music.

First we’ll drop the Signature Edition. Often tough to cop, Signature Editions are the crowning jewels of Gala Music NFT tracks. They’re supply is limited to 100, and they come with the greatest $MUSIC reward multipliers for owners.

Shortly after that you’ll see the Pioneer Edition drop. With a supply of only 300 NFT tracks, Pioneer Edition tracks will earn rewards as well, but with a lower $MUSIC reward multiplier for owners.

For more information about Gala Music track drops, check out the Gala Music Whitepaper.

Ownership Benefits

This track is an ownership-enabled NFT. This means that when paired with an active Gala Music Jukebox Node, owners will be eligible for daily $MUSIC rewards based on the number of listens the track receives on the Gala Music platform.

Join the Movement

Stay tuned as we explore the growing influence of Latin music in the future of not only world music, but also web3 art as a whole. Look for more track drops from Brray in the future, as well as new collaborations. 

We are excited to welcome Brray to the Gala Music family, playing a prominent role in pioneering Latin music culture into the web3 world. We’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to share the rich heritage and ongoing contributions of Puerto Rican artists to the vibrant world of Latin music.

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