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Kxng Crooked Joins Gala Music with New Track Drop “Teddy”

Kxng Crooked Joins Gala Music with New Track Drop “Teddy”

Gala Music is thrilled to announce the Signature Edition NFT track debut of acclaimed rapper Kxng Crooked.

Dominick Antron Wickliffe, better known as Kxng Crooked (formerly Crooked I), is an American rapper from Long Beach, California. As a former member of the hip-hop supergroup Slaughterhouse, Kxng Crooked has carved out a formidable solo career, making significant waves in the music industry. He is the CEO of his own record labels, Dynasty Entertainment and C.O.B. Digital, and a seasoned figure in the music business.

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“Teddy” featuring 80 Empire drops on Wednesday, April 24th, marking Kxng Crooked’s inaugural venture into the web3 music space with Gala Music. This track showcases his lyrical prowess and unique style, further enriched by the collaborative flair of 80 Empire. “Teddy” is expected to resonate strongly with fans and newcomers alike, adding an exciting new layer to Kxng Crooked’s impressive discography.

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Fans of Kxng Crooked can look forward to more than just streaming. By owning the Signature Edition of “Teddy” on Gala Music, they not only support the artist directly but also become eligible for daily $MUSIC rewards through our Jukebox Node system. When the NFT track is paired with an active Jukebox Node, both owner and node operator receive daily $MUSIC rewards. All Signature Editions are limited to only 100 copies, providing fans a rare piece of musical artistry to own.

Don’t miss out on this landmark release. Listen to “Teddy” by Kxng Crooked now and explore the future of music distribution and artist empowerment with Gala Music.

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