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Ryahn’s “Rick James” Elevates Music Freedom

Ryahn’s “Rick James” Elevates Music Freedom

Join us in welcoming Ryahn to Gala Music with her debut NFT track, entitled “Rick James.”

Dropping its Signature Edition on April 11th, this track is a fresh breeze from the Alternative/Indie scene, a journey of emotional liberation and sonic exploration.

“Rick James” is about those moments when you find yourself at a crossroads, choosing liberation over stagnation. The song encapsulates the essence of letting go, dancing away the ties that bind you to someone who’s unwilling to change. Ryahn’s storytelling invites listeners into a world of musical freedom, where letting go is just as much a celebration as it is a challenge.

Listen to “Rick James” on Gala Music

This Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and guitarist brings a depth to her music that is both rare and raw. Her journey from South Florida to the heart of LA’s indie scene has been marked by a relentless pursuit of authenticity. Through “Baby Boy,” her debut single, to the acclaimed “Light Blue” EP, Ryahn has not just shared her music; she has shared herself, her struggles and her triumphs.

“Baby Boy” on Youtube

“Pop Star” on Youtube

The significance of “Rick James” extends beyond its lyrical depth and musical mastery. As a Signature Edition release, limited to only 100 copies, it represents a unique opportunity for fans and collectors alike to own one of the first pieces of Ryahn’s webj3 music history.

When paired with an active Jukebox Node, these NFT tracks entitle the owner to daily $MUSIC rewards based on the track’s platform popularity. As the rarest NFT edition possible on Gala Music, Signature tracks also come with the greatest possible reward multipliers.

In its most genuine form, music has the power to transcend barriers, connect hearts and catalyze change. “Rick James” is for those wandering in the limbo of waiting, a reminder that sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is let go and dance.

As we welcome her into our rapidly growing world of web3 music, Ryahn is inviting us into her world, offering a soundtrack to our own stories of liberation and joy.

Listen now to “Rick James” by Ryahn on Gala Music, and become part of the movement that champions the raw, unfiltered essence of music and the artists who dare to bare their souls. This is more than music; it’s a revolution.

Enhanced Artist Uploads

It’s now easier than ever to become a Gala Music artist and start dropping NFT tracks, thanks to the new Artist Upload feature. Artists can schedule, price and manage their own track drops from dream to stream. This feature addition is a huge leap forward in web3 empowerment for artists, putting total control back into their hands!

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Bronze Whale Drops “How U Feeling” on Gala Music

Bronze Whale Drops “How U Feeling” on Gala Music


Gala Music is dropping Bronze Whale’s new track, “How U Feeling” as a Signature Edition NFT on Friday, March 22nd at 1pm PT.

Gala Music is thrilled to announce an electrifying addition to our musical tapestry: “How U Feeling” by the indie electronic duo, Bronze Whale. This track is poised to enchant listeners with its unique blend of indie-electronic elements and hip-hop percussion, complemented by Benny’s soothing vocals. Available for an exclusive listen on Gala Music, this song marks a significant milestone for both Bronze Whale and our community of music enthusiasts.

Listen to “How U Feeling” on Gala Music

The Journey of Bronze Whale

The Austin based duo was formed in the winter of 2011 by Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley, and has evolved from creating high-profile remixes to an unmatched pioneer of its genre. With their hands-on approach to art, mixing/mastering and promo, Aaron and Benny have sculpted a niche for themselves in the music world. Their label/collective, Magic Magic, and their debut EP, “War Of Art,” have received widespread acclaim, dominating charts and capturing hearts globally.

In 2018, Bronze Whale embarked on a transformative journey, integrating their love for singing and songwriting into their music. This pivot introduced a fresh sound that melds chill vocals with their signature indie-electronic and hip-hop influences, offering a truly distinctive auditory experience.

NFT Track Drop: “How U Feeling”

To celebrate their latest creation, Gala Music will offer “How U Feeling” in a Signature Edition NFT, limited to just 100 pieces, starting Friday, March 22nd, at 1 PM PT. NFT track ownership with Gala Music allows fans to own a piece of music history while supporting the artists directly in a meaningful way.

When you own an NFT track like “How U Feeling” and pair it with an active Gala Music Jukebox Node, you become eligible for daily $MUSIC rewards, delivered to your GalaChain wallet every 24 hours and usable to increase your collection and support your favorite artists.

Bronze Whale’s Impact

Bronze Whale’s journey exemplifies the power of artistic evolution and the embrace of new sounds. Their achievements, including multiple #1 spots on Hype Machine and widespread support from major outlets like NBA, Apple Music Chill, and Sirius XM, speak volumes about their influence and the resonance of their music with a global audience.

Previous Gala Music Drops

“How U Feeling” is joining a small collection of Sold Out Legacy tracks dropped by Bronze Whale in 2023 and another Signature Edition from earlier this year. Check them out at the links below:

Switched On (feat. Sofasound x VoxOnUs)” – Signature dropped 1/23/24 – SOLD OUT

Where We’ve Gone” – Legacy dropped 10/10/23 – SOLD OUT

Blooming” – Legacy dropped 7/6/23 – SOLD OUT

Happy Go Love (feat. Primo the Alien)” – Legacy dropped 5/11/23 – SOLD OUT
On Fire” – Legacy dropped 3/9/23 – SOLD OUT

Join the Web3 Music Revolution

As Gala Music continues to break barriers and redefine the music industry landscape, we invite you to be part of this revolution. By supporting artists like Bronze Whale, you’re not just listening to music; you’re empowering creators and participating in a movement that values artist autonomy and direct fan engagement.

Dive into the immersive world of Bronze Whale and let “How U Feeling” resonate with your soul. This is more than just a song drop; it’s a celebration of innovation, creativity, and the unbreakable bond between artists and their fans. Join us on this journey at Gala Music and experience the future of music, today.

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